Aldrich Family Prologue


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Aldrich Family Prologue

  1. 1. The Aldrich Legacy The Prologue
  2. 2. “Here we are, Phoebe. This is our new home. Do you like it?” Holden Lam asked his fiancée. Phoebe Aldrich looked around the empty house. “It’s beautiful!” She exclaimed. “But I wonder how Melanie is getting along,” she added.
  3. 3. “Well,” Holden said, “the last time that I heard from her, she was living in a tent.” “What?!?” Phoebe cried.
  4. 4. Phoebe raced over to the window that overlooked her twin’s land. She saw a little shack over there instead of a tent. “Holden! Don’t ever say that again!” Phoebe scolded. Holden chuckled and replied, “I didn’t expect you to believe me. Did you honestly think that your twin would ever live in a tent?” “No. But I do wonder how she was able to pay for that shack,” Phoebe responded. “She probably sold a lot of the stuff that her boyfriends in college gave her. She had three hot tubs, two telescopes, and a piano after all,” Holden remarked.
  5. 5. “Ah…college. I loved college. It was the most fun I‟d had in years. Mel and I got our rooms side-by-side,” Phoebe reminisced.
  6. 6. “Then I met you, Holden. Gosh. You were so different looking back then. With your fake tattoos and your hair in a ponytail,” Phoebe teased. Holden just laughed.
  7. 7. “And the Melster met the Talinator. Do you think that they‟ll get married one day, honey?” Phoebe wondered. “They might. You never know what will happen,” Holden responded. “It would be oh-so-wonderful if they got married. They make such a cute couple,” Phoebe said.
  8. 8. “I remember when you first flirted with me. You looked so nervous,” Holden remarked. “Oh, but I was nervous. I had a million scenarios going through my mind. Did you like me too? Would you totally turn me down? I didn‟t know what would happen,” Phoebe agreed. “Neither of us knew where life was going to lead us,” Holden said sagely.
  9. 9. “I‟m just glad that we got out of the dorms after awhile. Although, when we moved into the house, we sort of ended up with barely any furniture,” Phoebe muttered.
  10. 10. “I loved that house because I finally got to move in with you two,” Holden said. “And you finally got a much needed makeover,” Phoebe added. They both laughed.
  11. 11. “Mel sure was a romancer, though. Twenty lovers. I still can‟t believe she did it. She even flirted with one of her professors. At least he was cute,” Phoebe commented. “Hey! What do you mean he was cute?” Holden asked. “You know exactly what I mean, sweetie,” Phoebe answered laughing.
  12. 12. “I enjoyed being around my sister, despite her romancing ways. Although, even if she were a serial killer, I‟d still love her,” Phoebe said. “Hmm. She isn‟t one, is she?” Holden inquired jokingly. “Actually, she is,” Phoebe answered sarcastically.
  13. 13. “Of course, she got caught cheating twice,” Phoebe sighed. “Yeah. Serdar stopped knocking over the trashcan after awhile but Ian just wouldn‟t cut it out,” Holden grumbled. “At least we didn‟t get a roach infestation,” Phoebe replied.
  14. 14. “I think that the best day of all was when you proposed to me, Holden,” Phoebe changed the subject. “Yeah. I was so nervous,” Holden mumbled.
  15. 15. “I remember my exact words to you were, „Phoebe Aldrich, I love you so much. You have a wonderful personality and you‟re incredibly beautiful.‟”
  16. 16. “I looked at you and replied, „Oh, Holden. Is this what I think it is?‟”
  17. 17. “Then I proposed. I was relieved when you said, „Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!‟ Speaking of which, the wedding is coming up soon, isn‟t it?” Holden completed the story. Phoebe nodded. “Yeah. Just four more days,” she answered.
  18. 18. They went on to discuss Phoebe’s sudden obsession with toy making. She also collected bugs and she had all but two butterflies in her collection.
  19. 19. College life for them was made interesting by Melanie constantly having guys over. She was the type of woman that could get whatever she wanted.
  20. 20. In fact, she completed her lifetime want with just fifteen hours to go before she had to go take her final to graduate. Her twentieth woohoo was with a Mr. Shea Centowski.
  21. 21. Holden was a semester behind the sisters, so he and Phoebe were apart for twenty- four hours after the twins graduated.
  22. 22. Phoebe promised to wait for him and she did as she promised. Melanie just wanted to get away from college life and go head first into reality. They were ready to begin their own families. Even Melanie felt the need to have children. “Three kids. Then we’re done, right?” Melanie had asked. “Yeah. Are you sure you can handle that?” Phoebe answered. “I’ll try,” her twin sister replied. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  23. 23. Author’s Note: So, the way that this legacy came about was…I was bored one day and I was messing around in CAS. I was playing around, mixing up the faces together, and that was when I created the facial structure for the twins. I decided to create twins. Then I said, “Hey, why not do a legacy using two founders?” So, I created the neighborhood of Duo Borough. Then I went into the university of La Fiesta Tech and created Melanie and Phoebe. I got their names from a name website that suggested those names for twins. I got their last name, Aldrich, from my yearbook. Thus Melanie the Romancer and Phoebe the Family Gal were created. They look exactly alike but they have different aspirations and personalities. Anyway, that’s enough of my blabbering. Go to the next slide if you wish to know the aspiration, zodiac sign, and such about the twins. I hope that you enjoyed this prologue!
  24. 24. Name: Melanie Aldrich Name: Phoebe Aldrich Aspiration: Romance/Popularity Aspiration: Family/Grilled Cheese LTW: Woohoo with 20 Different Sims LTW: Become Captain Hero (completed)/Become Professional Party Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Guest Personality: 4/3/5/7/6 Zodiac Sign: Leo Majored in: Biology Personality: 3/8/5/6/3 Hobby: Nature Majored in: Literature Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and dark blue Hobby: Music and Dance Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and dark blue