Aldrich Family: Chapter 6


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Aldrich Family: Chapter 6

  1. 1. The Aldrich Family Chapter 6: Happiness
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Aldrich legacy! In the last chapter, generation two went off to Twikki Island. But their vacation was cut short due to the fact that they ran out of money. Luckily, Noah found a treasure chest and all was well when they got back to SSU. Back at home, Janae met Joe Carr and they quickly started dating. While on an outing with Joe and Phil, Janae saw a man that made her skin crawl. She told Lark all about it. Janae told Joe about her family and Lark did the same thing with Aren. Leon has all but lost hope in finding a girlfriend since every girl he flirts with rejects him. Finally, at the very end of the chapter, the members of the Council were revealed. Two of them disagree with the others but they’re outnumbered. Also, the mysterious man from the diner turned about to be one of the Council members. And that was chapter five in a nutshell.
  3. 3. “ Row ye mates, row ho, row ho, row hooo…” “ Hey…”
  4. 4. “ Land ho! Land ho! Arrrr…” “ Gemma?”
  5. 5. “ Glub, glub, glub…we’ve struck a sandbar! We’re sinking! Gluubbb…” “ Gemma! Get out of the bathroom! Some of us have to use it, you know!” “ There’s two other bathrooms, Lark!” “ And they’re being used! Get out!”
  6. 6. College was moving right along. There were some old friends invited over and some new friends made. The Aldriches got a nice pool installed. Marco Polo was played and cheated at. Life was nice and boring and happy for the college students.
  7. 7. Then, one day… “ Do you really think this will work?” Leon asked his twin. “Yes! You just needed a new look. You looked too much like a teenager in that sweater,” Noah answered smiling.
  8. 8. Noah’s encouragement made Leon decide to invite over a young woman he’d met awhile back. He was afraid to flirt with her, though. He kept worrying about whether or not she’d like him. With his past experience, he figured she wouldn’t like him.
  9. 9. Things were going well, though. Monica seemed to like him but Leon had been wrong before…
  10. 10. Eventually, he threw caution to the wind and flirted with her.
  11. 11. Monica actually liked him.
  12. 12. Finally, Leon got his first kiss.
  13. 13. As the night wore on, Leon found himself wondering if this was all just a dream. Monica almost seemed too good to be true. After so long of being rejected, it was understandable that Leon would feel this way.
  14. 14. It was definitely true love…
  15. 15. … and everyone else around them knew that.
  16. 16. The next morning, Leon walked up to Noah and said, “Hey, thanks for being there for me.”
  17. 17. Aah…sweet brotherly twin love. Nice, isn’t it?
  18. 18. Naturally, college moved right along. Okay. It moved rather slowly. Way too slowly. It was so slow that I almost gave up and dropped everyone out. But then it occurred to me that…
  19. 19. Lark was finally a Senior! Oh, the joy and happiness I felt when this occurred! Maybe it just seems to be taking so long because there are 7 Sims I have to graduate as opposed to three when I sent Melanie, Phoebe, and Holden through college.
  20. 20. Naturally, big events began to take place during Senior year. “ Lark, I love you with all of my heart…”
  21. 21. “… so it would be wonderful if you’d marry me, Lark.”
  22. 22. “ YES! Of course, I’ll marry you!”
  23. 23. Of course, Lark and Aren weren’t the only ones with marriage on the mind. “ Nicole, we’ve been together since high school. Now, I hope we’ll continue to share our lives together forever.”
  24. 24. Honestly, I would’ve been shocked if she’d said, “No.” But she didn’t. So, that makes two kids of generation two that are engaged. I waited until their Senior years before they proposed. Cooper has had the want to propose to Nicole since his Junior year, though.
  25. 25. Later on that night… “ Hey, Jeanie. Listen, I’ve been thinking and, since I’m the youngest, I get to choose our placeholder. So, I’ve chosen you. You seem like you’d be great at this. So, what do you say?”
  26. 26. “ I think I’d be honored to placehold. So, what does this entail?” “ Living here until you graduate.” “ Living here?” “ Yeppers.” “ Wow! Thank you!” “ It’s no problem, Jeanie.”
  27. 27. The next day, Cooper went out on a date with Nicole. But while he was talking to her, he got a strange feeling. A shiver went up his spine and he said to Nicole, “Come on, let’s go back to the house.” “Uh…okay. But why?” Nicole replied. “It’s just…it feels like something evil is here,” Cooper responded.
  28. 28. As they left, they passed by someone that made Cooper walk a little faster. The woman gave him such an odd feeling even though she looked harmless enough (it might have been her pink dress, though). But Cooper felt that she wasn’t even close to harmless.
  29. 29. Their futures are jeopardy, aren’t they? Well, I can’t wait to see what happens. It will be…enthralling. (What’s funny is that her name is Judith Evil. Yeah. I wasn’t too creative with the last names.)
  30. 30. Back at the SSU house! “ Okay, Cooper. Yeah. I understand. I’ll tell Lark.” “ Hey, Janae. Get off the phone. I want to call Monica. Besides, we live with Cooper. Why couldn’t he wait until he got home to tell you whatever it is he just told you?” “ Leon, shut it. Okay. I’ll see you later. Bye, Coop.”
  31. 31. Leon did get to call his lady love, though. ---------------------------- (The above is to show that something exciting this way comes.)
  32. 32. Janae had a lot on her mind when she met Joe at Londoste. But one of these things on her mind was marriage.
  33. 33. “ I have a feeling that you called me here for a reason,” Joe remarked. “Yes. I did. I called you here for two reasons. Number one will come up in a moment. Number two is that…well…” Janae told Joe all about the creepy Sims that kept showing up wherever they went. So far, there were only two of them but Janae had a feeling that there were more.
  34. 34. “ Now that you know all of that, I want to get to the first thing on my mind. So, Joe, even after I’ve told you all of these things about my family and some creeps who apparently don’t like us…”
  35. 35. “… would you mind marrying me?” Janae waited anxiously. She had no idea whether or not he’d say yes after all that he’d heard.
  36. 36. But he did say, “Yes.” He jumped up and shouted it out. Then he scooped Janae up in his arms and he twirled around the restaurant with her. Janae couldn’t be happier. Wouldn’t it be cool if Joe could actually spin her around the restaurant? That’d be interesting…
  37. 37. So, to celebrate life and love and family and friends, the Aldriches threw a party. Noah invited most of the guests, actually. You’ll see Terry Ryman again and some girl in a pink hat named Lindsay. He also invited over Sam (who you can see in the window). Sam was one of Melanie’s many lovers. Oops…
  38. 38. Noah had been friends with Lindsay for the longest time. They met when she walked by the house one day and Noah greeted her. And now…Noah thought that it was about time that he found love.
  39. 39. Naturally, Noah got exactly what he wanted. (Yes, she did have on a pink hat but I thought that this hairstyle looked a little better.)
  40. 40. The party went on and on. And, apparently, Monica and Noah are Popularity Sims. Who would’ve thought?
  41. 41. Beth Gibson is probably the only teenager at school that can say that she went to a college party.
  42. 42. Holden apparently loves parties. Oddly enough, no one went swimming in the pool.
  43. 43. As you can tell, some guests began to disappear one by one. Like Terry and Sam. You’ll also notice two couples making out. And I just realized that Aren wasn’t at the party. Or, at least, he wasn’t in any pictures.
  44. 44. Jeanie got to know some of the other guests, such as Monica.
  45. 45. All in all, the party was a roof raiser.
  46. 46. College life went on. However… “ Hey, Leon. Since this is my last assignment ever and we have the same class, would you mind if I cheated off of you?” “ Lark, do your own work.” “ Mean little brother…”
  47. 47. Oh, yeah! You read that correctly! Lark is ready for her final exams…after a water balloon fight, of course.
  48. 48. Lark graduated with the highest honors. And she grew up into…that. Wow. At least it’s not neon colors.
  49. 49. Aren also graduated with honors. He grew up in orange. Apparently, that’s his favorite color since, before he got a makeover when he moved in, he had on an orange sweater. I shall keep this in mind for his makeover…
  50. 50. Cooper also graduated with…okay. They ALL graduated with honors. There we go. Of course, Cooper probably grew up into the best outfit so far. Ignore Gemma melting into Janae in the background…
  51. 51. Cooper and Nicole got brand new looks (Nicole didn’t graduate). They got married but…that wasn’t until after Lark’s wedding. Speaking of which…
  52. 52. “ Oh, hell no! It’s not going to rain on MY wedding day!”
  53. 53. Thus, Lark and Aren got married in sunny weather. Although…Leon doesn’t look too thrilled about the wedding and Phoebe is facing the wrong way…
  54. 54. So, let’s just ignore the guests for now and bask in the adorableness that is Lark and Aren. I just realized that they both have 4 letters in their name.
  55. 55. This is by far one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. I got all of the guests facing the right way and I got in an adorable kiss (the suck face one). You can see that on one side is Melanie’s kids and the other side is Lark’s immediate family. I didn’t even plan that out. They did that on their own. Aww…such smart little pixels.
  56. 56. Now, this picture is cute but…I really wanted Aren to shove the cake into Lark’s mouth. Will I ever get a Sim that does that? I hope so…
  57. 57. I would just like to point out that Cooper and Aren have on the same suit. That is all.
  58. 58. Smustle line! You should know who everyone is. But check out Noah’s formalwear. It’s quite…interesting…
  59. 59. So, the wedding was over and the guests went home. And Lark decided to trim their apple tree. I’m sure I’ve mentioned already that Phoebe’s house has an apple tree and Melanie’s has an orange tree, right? Yeah. The apple tree is a pain to take care of.
  60. 60. Why am I not surprised that Aren completed his LTW after only one day of work? Oh, because he graduated from college.
  61. 61. Have I ever mentioned that Phoebe’s secondary aspiration is Grilled Cheese? So, of course, that painting got hung up on the wall after she was done.
  62. 62. Keeping true to my word, I gave Aren an orange shirt. Aww…they’re such a cute couple.
  63. 63. Even better than a cute couple? A baby on the way!
  64. 64. Even as a pregnant adult, Lark still enjoys her MP3 player.
  65. 65. Back at college, Leon and Gemma were dirty dancing with each other while Janae and Noah…weren’t. Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t recognize the names Gemma, Janae, and Aren. But it recognizes Microsoft as a name. Hmm…
  66. 66. Jeanie moved in! Oh and Noah proposed to Lindsay. She accepted, of course.
  67. 67. Leon wanted to prove the whole Twins Do Everything Together theory by proposing to Monica the same day as Noah’s proposal. But Leon did this outside. Ooo…a rock!
  68. 68. FINALLY! At long last, Janae, Noah, and Leon graduated!
  69. 69. Janae grew up into the best outfit for the females so far.
  70. 70. Noah and Leon grew up in the same exact spot but into two different outfits. I’d say that Noah’s is the best outfit so far.
  71. 71. They got married to their significant others at the same exact time. It was amusing to watch their weddings.
  72. 72. Just to throw this out there, that’s not snow on the ground, it’s hail. Oh! And Joe moved in!
  73. 73. Joe got an outfit change shortly after I remodeled the house. Their bedroom is just right off the living room, close by the stairs. For those of you who might be wondering how to pronounce Janae well…the website I got her name from said it’s pronounced like the name Jane, that it’s just a fancy spelling for Jane. However, I pronounce her name as ja-nay. Because that’s what it looks like it says to me. I mention this now because…I just realized I never mentioned how to pronounce her name…
  74. 74. The big day was about to happen. Janae checked herself in the mirror one last time before she went outside.
  75. 75. Janae and Joe got married in small, fenced-in part of the backyard.
  76. 76. They were certainly meant for each other.
  77. 77. Janae’s family approves this message. As does Phil, her best friend. I think that Noah and Cooper are the only ones not clapping, though. But they’re excited about the wedding I’m sure.
  78. 78. Seriously? No cake-shoving? None? Maybe next generation…
  79. 79. Janae appears to be the center of attention. Phil is also wearing the same suit as Joe. Wow.
  80. 80. Lark, as you may remember, is still pregnant. And the cake icing kind of matches her dress a bit.
  81. 81. Right after cake, Joe and Janae decided to try for a baby. And I heard a lullaby.
  82. 82. Funnily enough, Noah has on the same exact suit that Leon has on. I didn’t notice this until just now.
  83. 83. “ Gemma, Mel, I need to pee. I’m old. My bladder is weak. So, please, leave the room. Now.”
  84. 84. Even Gemma knows that her outfit is hideous. She graduated with honors, blah, blah, blah.
  85. 85. I changed her outfit to this because…she’s a Popularity Sim and she’s single. That and I liked this outfit despite the…er…lack of shirt.
  86. 86. Lark is having a baby! By the way, I made sure that Lark was two days older than Janae but I also made sure that Phoebe and Melanie stayed the same age. Back to the baby!
  87. 87. It’s a…it’s a…BOY! It’s a boy! Also, I’d like to note that Lark had her baby the day after Janae’s wedding (if you want to be technical here.)
  88. 88. Meet Caden Aldrich! He has his mother’s brown hair, his father’s brown eyes, and his daddy’s skintone. Is it just me or does he look smug? Like he knows he’s the first born of generation three…
  89. 89. Holden loves being a grandpa. I’m sure that he and Phoebe missed having children in the house.
  90. 90. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Lark is pregnant again. This means that her baby will be a day younger than Janae’s baby. And that’s the end of this chapter! Stay tuned in for more! In fact, I’ve already started chapter 7! The stats of our heiresses and their spouses are on the next two slides in case you’re curious.
  91. 91. Name: Lark Aldrich Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Personality: 7/3/9/4/4 Majored In: Drama Hobby: Sports Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and dark blue Name: Janae Aldrich Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Become Celebrity Chef Zodiac Sign: Aries Personality: 7/8/5/3/2 Majored in: Philosophy Hobby: Music and Dance Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and brown
  92. 92. Name: Joe Carr-Aldrich Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Become a Prestidigitator Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Personality: 6/5/8/3/3 Majored in: Nothing Hobby: Sports (Seriously?) Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and light blue Name: Aren Santander-Aldrich Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Become Mad Scientist (completed) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Personality: 2/3/9/7/4 Majored in: Physics Hobby: Sports (UGH!) Hair and Eye Colors: Blonde and brown