Aldrich Chapter 5


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Aldrich Chapter 5

  1. 1. The Aldrich Family Chapter 5: Good Times
  2. 2. “ So, miss, how many people are with you?” “ There’s six.” “ Six? But you’re only checking in two rooms?” “ Yep. We’re kind of low on money. See, I didn’t realize that, you know, vacations end up costing more than you expect…” “ Oh. Well…er…enjoy your stay, Miss Aldrich.”
  3. 3. Gemma went straight for the hot springs just outside their hotel. Noah went off and he dug up some buried treasure. Unfortunately, he was unable to sell the chest of treasure until they got home.
  4. 4. Janae had read about an old pirate ship that was marooned on Twikki Island in a brochure. So, she took everyone there since it sounded fun AND it was free.
  5. 5. “ Land ho!” Noah called up from the crow’s nest. “No, really? We’re on a freaking island, what did you expect to see?” Leon said sarcastically. Noah reached into his pocket and he threw a good-sized rock at Leon. Leon then fell into the ocean, cursing his twin all of the way down. Because we all have rocks in our pockets meant for throwing at people.
  6. 6. Meanwhile, Janae, not wanting to watch Leon clobber Noah after he climbed out of the ocean, wandered into the captain’s cabin.
  7. 7. “ Have a nice swim?” Lark asked Leon as he walked by her. “Shut it,” Leon grumbled.
  8. 8. Cooper raised the Jolly Llama and then…
  9. 9. … he proceeded to sing a ridiculous song. Leon left the ship, officially ready to go back to the hotel.
  10. 10. Gemma had discovered the joy of sword fighting shortly after she wrestled the sword away from an old woman. Actually, Gemma waited behind the lady until she got creeped out and ran off.
  11. 11. A shrill scream coming from the captain’s cabin made everyone stop what they were doing. Janae raced off of the ship, shrieking something about pirates and bones and an eye patch.
  12. 12. Lark noticed the ghost right away and she went over to talk to him. “ Good afternoon, Mr. Pirate Captain. I’m Lark Aldrich. Did you…er…scare my cousin?” She inquired. “ Yes! You should’ve seen the look on her face! Although, I do feel a little bad. Anyway, I’m Captain Edmund. You said your name was Lark?” The pirate replied. “Yes. I did,” Lark responded. “Tell your cousin to come here,” the pirate ordered. Lark reluctantly did so.
  13. 13. Janae cautiously made her way over to Captain Edmund. “You call?” She asked. “I don’t call. I beckon, Janae,” the captain answered. “Wait…did Lark tell you my name?” Janae demanded. “No,” he replied simply. “ Hey! Janae! We’re finally getting out of here! So, stop talking with the ghost and get down here!” Leon shouted. “Erm…bye then…” Janae muttered.
  14. 14. “ Hehehe…I love being a ghost,” Captain Edmund chuckled to himself.
  15. 15. “ I really wanted to stay longer,” Gemma grumbled as she made her way off of the ship.
  16. 16. Night fell and they soon found themselves at the Boardwalk.
  17. 17. “ Nice sandcastle, Coop.” “ Tha—is Janae playing with fire?” “ Yep.” “ Oh. Well…that’s nice…I guess.”
  18. 18. “ When do I get to light my stick thingy on fire?” “ Um…when you’re no longer on the island.” “ Hmm…you’re kind of hot. Are you single?” “ Er…um…anyway…you twirl the baton like this…”
  19. 19. “ Holy mother of pearl! What IS this?”
  20. 20. Lark laughed at Cooper and then she noticed that her marshmallow was on fire. “I hope it tastes charred and disgusting,” Cooper said as he came up behind her.
  21. 21. After what felt like ages, Gemma joined Lark and Cooper at the fire. “How long does it take to learn how to fire dance? Geeze!” She complained. “Hmm…let’s leave her,” Lark suggested. So, that’s exactly what they did.
  22. 22. “ Thanks a lot for leaving me alone on the beach. I loved having to find my own way back to our hotel in a foreign place in the dead of night,” Janae grumbled the next morning. “At least you know how to fire dance now, right?” Cooper said. “Yes. There’s that,” Janae sighed.
  23. 23. “ Who is that radiate, black-haired beauty?” The redheaded tourist asked the front desk man. “I believe her name is Gemma Aldrich. I also believe that she is not interested in red heads such as ourselves,” the bellhop answered. The tourist seemed very put off after that remark.
  24. 24. Gemma learned how to do a massage. She’d been hoping that a handsome guy would be showing her the ropes but she ended up with a fairly easy-to-look-at woman instead.
  25. 25. Even Leon managed to find something that he actually enjoyed doing.
  26. 26. Unfortunately, their vacation was cut rather short considering the fact that they were short on money. Once they got back to SSU, though, Noah sold his treasure chest for a whopping 5000. I can’t believe he couldn’t see it while they were on vacation. ------------------------------
  27. 27. Cooper invited Nicole over the moment he stepped back onto SSU soil. He proceeded to tell her all about their vacation.
  28. 28. Aren came by on his own later that evening to see Lark.
  29. 29. Janae, still without a boyfriend, called up the matchmaker. Janae and Phil, it turns out, aren’t compatible.
  30. 30. She got Amin Sims, who looks way too much like Talin. That and he didn’t even like Janae. So, Janae dismissed the matchmaker and decided to find her own match downtown.
  31. 31. Janae had a lot of luck downtown. She met Joe Carr at a local joint where one can crone out a song in an enclosed, soundproof room.
  32. 32. She and Joe talked for quite awhile. They were, you might say, meant to be.
  33. 33. Later on, Janae invited Joe over to her house. He agreed to go on a date with her.
  34. 34. They danced and did all of the other things that one does on a date.
  35. 35. Finally, after a very long wait, Janae got her first kiss. This just made me like Joe even more. That and he has light blue eyes.
  36. 36. Janae had to go to class, so Lark went over to scope out Joe. “ That hair. It’s too…Mr. Big. You should change it,” she remarked. “Well…maybe you could change it?” Joe suggested wisely. Cooper chimed in as he walked by them, “Be glad you don’t have to live with her.”
  37. 37. “ What do you think of it?” “ I actually like it.” “ Good. You’d better. I worked hard to make you look better.”
  38. 38. Joe only left Janae a single rose but he at least left her something.
  39. 39. So, time went on. They hung out, rocked out, and made out. Lark and Cooper are only in their Sophomore year at this point. Joy and happiness.
  40. 40. On one of the many long college days, Janae got together with her two best friends, Joe and Phil, and they went to Red’s Famous 50s Diner. Joe sat across from Janae and Phil sat next to her.
  41. 41. Joe was a little apprehensive about another man sitting beside his lady love. But, well, at least he could look into Janae’s eyes across the table.
  42. 42. As he gazed into Janae’s eyes for a moment, Joe saw her eyes suddenly widen with both fear and surprise. Janae sensed that something was terribly wrong. It was as though some malevolent force had entered the room.
  43. 43. “ Are you alright, Janae?” Joe asked. He saw the look in her eyes temporarily disappear and he smiled at her reassuringly.
  44. 44. But then the look returned when she saw a man dressed in all black pass by their table. She quickly ducked her head. Phil noticed something was wrong now. The two men stared at their mutual friend, wondering what was going on.
  45. 45. Janae sneaked a glance at the dark figure. He was sitting in the booth behind them, facing away. Joe looked over his shoulder at the man and Phil looked too. They both barely suppressed shudders. Janae quickly drew their attention away from the man by deciding it was time to go.
  46. 46. As they hurried out of their booth, the man closed his eyes and he smiled to himself. So, that girl was an Aldrich. Wonderful. Now we know for sure that they’re here. Now…we just have to wait for them to mess up in some way. ------------------------------
  47. 47. “ Good morning, Leon!” Noah chirped happily. “Buzz off,” Leon grumbled. “Come on, now! You know I can’t do that! We share a room, after all!” Noah said. “And you get to clean today,” he added. At that, Leon seemed much more cheery.
  48. 48. “ Still cleaning away, are we?” Noah asked. “I thought that I already told you to go away,” Leon responded. “Oh, no. Not today. When you’re done cleaning, we’re going out to have lots of fun,” Noah rejoined.
  49. 49. “ Okay. When you’re done eating, we’re definitely going out and doing something,” Noah said two hours later. He noticed that Gemma was having some trouble on the treadmill. “Hey, Gemma? Are you okay over there?” He asked. “Just peachy,” she replied as she nearly fell off of the treadmill again.
  50. 50. Later that night (after Leon dodged Noah all day, thus ruining any plans that Noah had), Lark invited Aren over. Aren immediately confronted Lark. “I’ve been thinking…” he began. “I mean, we’ve been together…awhile. And I was wondering if you would like me to—” “Move in?” Lark completed. “I’d love that!”
  51. 51. So, they embraced and it was official. Aren moved in with everyone, becoming the seventh member of the house at SSU.
  52. 52. By the way, Joe is awesome. He left them a karaoke machine! Which is ironic since he and Janae met a restaurant with karaoke machines.
  53. 53. The next morning… Aren was just about to start washing off his bowl when someone, a little too close, said, “Good morning!” Aren nearly dropped the bowl as he spun around to face whoever it was.
  54. 54. “ Hi! I’m Noah, Lark’s brother, as I’m sure you know. Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to force my twin outside of the house because I know that he wants his first kiss but he’s been avoiding me since he knows that I know what he wants and—” Noah said. “Whoa! Hold on! You scared me half to death to ask me for advice?” Aren asked. “Yeah. Sorry about that. Now, about the advice…do you know what I can do?” Noah responded.
  55. 55. “ Hmm…have you tried bribing him?” Aren inquired. “Uh…Leon doesn’t take bribes. He says that would be an affront to his character or something like that,” Noah answered. “Had to check…hmm…oh! I have an idea!” Aren said. Then, very quietly, he told Noah what he should try to do. Noah loved his idea and he wandered off happily. Aren went back to washing his bowl, wondering if Noah would try to sneak up on him again.
  56. 56. “ Here’s your Chinese food, miss.” “ Thanks! Our fridge ran out of food and we were too lazy and hungry to get groceries. We are college students, after all. Not that all college students are lazy it’s just…well…yeah.
  57. 57. “ Leon, we’re going to the museum later on today. Doesn’t that sound exciting?” Noah exclaimed as Leon hungrily ate his Chinese. “Da mooum?” Leon said, his mouth still full. “Yep. The museum,” Noah confirmed. Leon swallowed hard and he remarked, “I never thought I’d see the day that you’d want to go to a museum.”
  58. 58. Janae snickered and Cooper smiled to himself. They knew that Noah was lying. He wasn’t exactly the best liar but, apparently, Leon didn’t notice.
  59. 59. That night… “ This does not look like a museum. It does not sound like a museum either,” Leon declared. “Oh? I could’ve sworn this was a museum. Well, we’re already here so there’s no sense in not going inside, right?” Noah replied, already strolling around the car and inside.
  60. 60. Leon reluctantly went inside and he spotted the bar straight away. Maybe there is a positive side to everything, he thought.
  61. 61. Now, why would Noah bring me here? Leon wondered. Then it hit him. This is where Janae met Joe! Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!
  62. 62. “ So, basically, you brought me here to find a woman,” Leon grumbled. Noah grinned and he sang, “Pretty woman, walking in the karaoke bar, pretty woman…”
  63. 63. “ I really will kill you one day, Noah.” “ Oh, you look so scary sitting on that couch and glaring at me. I’m shaking in my sandals.” “ We’re going home. Now.”
  64. 64. Once they were in the car, Leon noticed that they weren’t going in the direction of home. “Where are you taking me now?” He demanded. “It’s a magical place. We’ve been there before. You cleaned the bathroom sink in the men’s room for them,” Noah answered.
  65. 65. It turned out that the Four Corners Shoppe had plenty of women to choose from. Leon, harnessing his charm, went up to a blonde woman. She clearly did not seem interested in what Leon had to offer. In the background, you can see Noah talking to Terry Ryman from the Ryman legacy by Mzyra.
  66. 66. Leon did manage to find a vaguely attractive woman who seemed interested in him.
  67. 67. Unfortunately, it turned out that she really wasn’t interested in him. He didn’t care. Okay, he did but he didn’t show it. All he could think about was how Cooper had Nicole and Lark had Aren and Janae had Joe. Who would he end up marrying, huh? A Fortune Sim has to have someone to provide for. And he wants his first kiss before he graduates college. But why didn’t anyone seem to like him? Why did they all like his twin brother?
  68. 68. Leon and Noah came home as Cooper and Nicole were slowing dancing. “Stupid lovebirds,” Leon grumbled as he walked by. Noah sighed. He hoped that Leon would find someone one day.
  69. 69. By the way, Lark has yet another new look. She got it after Aren moved in.
  70. 70. Most of these guys wanted a party, so I gave them one. Phoebe, Holden, and Joe were the first ones to arrive.
  71. 71. “ Hey, guys, you can start the party now. We’re here.” “ Mel, I think that it’s already begun.” “ Hmm. I don’t see anyone smustling.”
  72. 72. And that is how the smustle line got started. Janae and Joe were kind of preoccupied, so they weren’t involved.
  73. 73. I would just like to note that Aren looks adorable in this picture. That is all.
  74. 74. “ Seriously, people? I have to pee! Stop slow dancing and vamoose! And Noah! Don’t you DARE come in here! I see you lingering in the doorway wanting to hug me!” The party was a roof raiser, of course.
  75. 75. “ There must be a reason why you called me out here in the freezing cold, so out with it, Janae. What’s going on?”
  76. 76. “ It’s a funny story, kind of.” “ Right. Just tell me.” “ Well, I was eating out with Joe and Phil not too long ago. And then…then I got this strange feeling. It was like…some evil force had appeared in the room. But it was this man, an ugly man to say the least. He had on all black. I got the feeling that he knew who I was and stuff. It was creepy, so we left.”
  77. 77. “ Shouldn’t you tell your parents and my parents about this?” “ No. We’re adults now. You and I are the heiresses. We can handle whatever this is.” “ I know, I know. But you should give our parents a heads up.” “ Maybe later on. It could have been nothing.” “ True. At least, I hope it was nothing.” “ I hope that I never see that man again…”
  78. 78. Time went on. Leon found his joy in cleaning. Cooper, despite his 4 nice points, still made nice, happy snowmen. Aren found his love for drums. Gemma met a young woman who will probably end up placeholding for the next generation. Cooper made out with his girlfriend and Gemma learned a few pointers from them. However, not everything was just fun and games.
  79. 79. “ Joe, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” “ Yes. Of course I do.” “ Good. I’m glad. I mean, I knew you’d say that.” “ Then why ask?” “ Because there’s something important that I must tell you before we get married. I know it’s a long way off from now but I’m confident that we’ll always be together so…”
  80. 80. She told him everything that her mother had told her. About Lilian, the curse, the Council, the legacy, and everything.
  81. 81. It went well. Joe understood. He didn’t mind having to have three children at all. Janae was quite happy.
  82. 82. “ I envision us being together forever, Aren. So, there are some things that you have to know about me first.” “ I feel the same way. Except…what do I need to know?” “ Well…”
  83. 83. Lark told him everything. It was very much like the conversation Janae had had with Joe.
  84. 84. Lark decided to get a new hairstyle! I promise that this is the last time her hair will change. XD
  85. 85. “ You want to come over?” “ Who’s coming over?” “ Shut it, Noah! Okay. You can come over then. But…er…alright.”
  86. 86. Hmm…it seems that Leon is talking to a woman. Eh. I don’t really like her.
  87. 87. “ Just ignore my twin brother over there. He’s just being weird and creepy.” “ I’m not being weird or creepy!” “ Noah, go inside. Now.” “ Fine then.”
  88. 88. Things were going great for Leon. Christa seemed to genuinely like him.
  89. 89. She seemed to really like him right up until he tried to flirt with her. I kid you not. He’s been rejected every time he tries to flirt with someone. I’ve never had this happen before.
  90. 90. She left him. And Leon couldn’t believe it. Every. Single. Woman. Every. Single. One. At this rate, he would never get his first kiss or get married or have children or do anything like that.
  91. 91. “ Why?!? Why does this happen to me?” He shouted, looking up at the sky.
  92. 92. Then Leon, despite his usually mean demeanor, broke down crying. He felt an arm wrap around his shoulders and he knew, without looking up, that it was Noah. Noah didn’t have to say anything. The fact that he was there was enough.
  93. 93. When Leon finished crying, Noah said to him, “You just haven’t found the right woman. None of those women were worth your time. Trust me, Leon, there’s someone out there for you.”
  94. 94. “ Thanks, Noah. But I doubt there’s anyone for me,” Leon replied, hugging his twin. “Nah, Leon. Don’t think that way. There’s someone for everyone. Some people just have to look harder than others,” Noah responded. Leon couldn’t help but find himself believing Noah.
  95. 95. Meanwhile, in a place called Covington Valley…
  96. 96. “ So, we’re in the right place then. Just outside Duo Borough, where those insufferable cretins are. Those descendants of that witch Lilian. But they have to mess up before we can do anything,” the blonde at the head of the table said. She was clearly the leader.
  97. 97. “ Honestly? I don’t think that we should continue holding this grudge. It has gone on for far too long. Maybe Lilian awakened us so that we could watch her family and learn from them,” a dark-haired woman in a red dress suggested. The blonde man next to her stared at her like she was crazy and he muttered, “You’re kidding, right?”
  98. 98. The brunette across the table scoffed. “Do you see this scar on my beautiful face? Lilian Aldrich caused it. She attacked us after she awakened us,” she stated. The blonde man beside her said nothing. But the black-haired man beside her said, “It’s true. Lilian did attack us.” “Only because you all vowed revenge against her and threatened to kill her,” the lady in the red dress responded.
  99. 99. “ I think that our time should be better spent watching the Aldriches rather than trying to figure out loopholes that we can get through in order to harm them,” the lady in the red dress continued. She noticed that the silent blonde man was agreeing with her. But he wouldn’t dare outwardly show that. “That’s your opinion, Dorothea, not ours. However, you are still part of the Council, so I will respect your opinion even if I don’t agree with it,” the woman at the head of the table stated. With that, Dorothea left the gloomy meeting room.
  100. 100. If only they could see the beauty of life. Maybe they would understand why I feel the way that I do. No. One of them does know. He has grown accustomed to this life. He doesn’t mind them. In fact, he once loved one of Lilian’s descendants. But she died before he could think of marrying her. They were so ashamed of him. But I wasn’t. Maybe…maybe he and I could form our own Council. Surely, there are… But Dorothea got a strange, familiar feeling in her chest that brought her out of her thoughts.
  101. 101. Dorothea turned around, her eyes closed. Images flickered through her mind, images of the future. They won’t be able to do anything yet. Not unless they choose to use mortals. … but even immortals can be destroyed, can’t they?
  102. 102. That’s a wrap! I’m sure there are a lot of things that you’re wondering right now. One thing that I’m wondering is…when are they going to graduate? Seriously. Lark, Cooper, and Aren just became Juniors. Janae and the others aren’t too far behind, though. And for those of you wondering…
  103. 103. After Aren moved in, I saw that he was just a Freshman and Lark was well into her Sophomore year. My first thought was, “Well, what can I do?” Then I realized that all I had to do is move Aren back out and onto a random lot. There, I built him a hut and fast-forwarded through his Freshman year and some of his Sophomore year so that he was only three hours behind Lark. Obviously, he moved back in. And that is why Aren will graduate at roughly the same time as Lark…when they eventually graduate.