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IAB AMC Steering Group Meeting Feb 2012


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  • 1. Affiliate Marketing CouncilSteering Group meeting23rd February 05 March 2012
  • 2. Agenda Role of the IAB Research Current legislation update AMC 2012 programme: responsibilities Standards: Voucher Codes conduct audits Collaboration, eg A4U awards etc AOB
  • 3. What we do for our members Establish and then amplify the voice of the industry representing its commercial and regulatory interests across industry, to government, consumers…• Lobbying• Standards & best practice• Research• Events & networking• Training & education• Marketing & mediaIAB:
  • 4. How you benefit• Overall raises the stock of the industry, establishing its integrity and value (commercial and economic) and elevating its perception – an industry to be proud of• Supporting corporate development aims – reputation, financing, A&M, governance…• Individual benefits: ― Council membership: opportunity to shape futures ― Event contribution… and company-wide attendance ― Research resources ― Training & education ― PR & marketingIAB:
  • 5. What makes it work External communications Chair IAB Programmes AM industry Steering Group IAB Resources Working Groups Research Media Training Regulation / Lobby Assembly Events
  • 6. Performance sizing 05 March 2012
  • 7. What is the size of the UK performancemarket?• USA — Old, but entertaining data: in 2005 affiliate marketing-driven sales were expected to accountfor some ―20 percent, or $53 billion, of e-commerce sales‖ /Forrester as quoted on ClickZ • Apr13, 2001/• Worldwide — In 2006 affiliate commission payouts were estimated at $6.5billion worldwide./MarketingSherpa • Feb 22, 2007/• USA — Affiliate marketing spending stats & forecast: 2009 – $1.94bn, 2010 – $2.15bn, 2011 –$2.53bn, 2012 – $2.99bn, 2013 – $3.47bn, 2014 – $4.01bn/Forrester Research • Sep 25, 2009/• USA — Affiliate marketing is a ―multi-billion marketing channel, which comprises more than200,000 businesses and individuals‖/Performance Marketing Association • 2009/• UK — 2004-2010 growth: 2004 – £0.6bn, 2005 – £1.35bn, 2006 – £2.216bn, 2007 – £3.13bn, 2008– £3.82bn, 2009 – £4.13bn, 2010 – £4.62bn /Econsultancy • Aug, 2010/• UK — ―Affiliates are driving increasing volumes of sales for merchants in a sector expected todrive more than £5bn in e-commerce revenue during 2011― /Econsultancy • Oct 19, 2011/• USA — ValueClick (owner of Commission Junction, and a number of affiliate sites) reported thefollowing affiliate marketing revenue: 2010 – $124,126k (net profit – $69,552k), 2011 – $139,409k (netprofit – $84,573k) /ValueClick • Feb 7, 2012/
  • 8. The idea• A new report from the IAB of greaterscale and impact than anything wehave ever done before Performance is• To prove the ‗actual‘ size of the UK £xx billion to the UK economyonline performance sector and growing(affiliate, lead gen, email, search)• A detailed audit of the industryconducted by the IAB with a reputable Affiliate3rd party Email Lead Gen Search• Producing the definitive stat for theperformance sector to use as
  • 9. The benefits• IAB throwing significant muscle behind our performance members• Delivers the most positive story the AMC could generate for Government, businesses and press• Directly addresses PR and marketing concerns• Provides our performance members with a report to judge actual success in comparison to market• Sets our performance councils up to potentially repeat the report on an annual basis (also shared with other IAB‘s)
  • 10. The next steps1. Performance councils to nominate one representative each to help us shape this project in the coming months2. Clare to present business case internally to seek funding with a view to begin research in April3. Sub-group continues to advise IAB on what we are measuring, definitions etc.4. A view to deliver in October ahead of Engage – the biggest digital marketing platform in
  • 11. AMC Council 2012 activity framework Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 J F M A M J J A S O N DRegulation Guidance / advice / status updates…/ ePrivacy DirectiveStandards Product Affiliate feed/ Practice guides payments FAQs / WIKIResearch /events / IAB training opp? AMC AdSpend updatetraining PwC Develop further research concepts Performance marketing event?Mktg / Website / blog integration with new IAB websiteComms Case study development… PR framework Whitepapers new & updated