eMarketing Techniques Series - Online Video by Steve Petti


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Steve Petti, President of New Image Media, discusses the Power of Online Video at the eMarketing Techniques Series at Corporate College. Brought to you by the Key Entrepreneur Development Center.

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eMarketing Techniques Series - Online Video by Steve Petti

  1. 1. Web Video
  2. 2. an Internet Video Company Warrensville Heights, OH (216) 514-1835 www.newimagemedia.com
  3. 3. Video -The Medium You already know... most engaging and compelling medium easiest and most powerful way to get your message across eye and ear candy -video entertains has the largest share of common users unlimited creative possibilities
  4. 4. Video + The Internet = Killer App of Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0... (Killer App for all devices) lower production costs, lowest distribution cost, widest reach of users, searchable interactive, shared, viral...
  5. 5. eMarketing Opportunities easy to hype events, products, services very promotional, viral, searchable Save money by training, educating, support, corporate communications, reduced travel, greater reach Make money sales promotions, product launches, advertising, sponsorship, syndication Target marketing
  6. 6. Getting Started. Start with an idea, a strategy a script and a story board.
  7. 7. Tips: Know and Target your audience The audience is ONE PERSON Short is good -get to the point fast Interactive choices -break up long content Make it entertaining, make it viral
  8. 8. The Production Always Look professional. Should you hire? What’s your budget? Hiring a production company for all or part of the project. Do they have extensive Internet experience? Should you DIY? Just like your business cards, brochures, and web site are a reflection of your business...
  9. 9. Production Equipment Camera -consumer vs. 3cc Lighting -just light! External Microphone Tripod Talent
  10. 10. Techniques Framing/composing -do it! Tripod -better for compression Pan and Zoom -careful, use sparingly
  11. 11. DIY Editing, Encoding, uploading Digitizer -you need to get the video from the camera to the computer! You need to edit and encode: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Flash Upload to the web: Your web site Brightcove, You-Tube, Google
  12. 12. Next: Technical stuff you need to know –Why? Effects: Economics of YOUR business plan Quality costs -DIY vs Hiring Time costs -DIY vs Hiring Production Equipment/Hosting/ Talent
  13. 13. Players, Encoding Options: Free vs Pro Quicktime, Real, Windows Media, Flash MP4, H.264, Xvid, Divx, 3GP Silverlight (Flash Killer)
  14. 14. Web Delivery Options: It just plays... Progressive Download http:// shorter movies, no fee, no scrub True Streaming rtsp:// longer movies, $ servers, scrub Video Podcasts, RSS feed, Downloads
  15. 15. Movie size, frame rate, data rates (quality): Larger windows + smoother frame rates + higher data rate (quality)= larger files, require more bandwidth, server space, faster processors. lighting -background -motion
  16. 16. Bandwidth and Hosting: Know your own server’s bandwidth capabilities. Only 6.66 viewers can simultaneously watch a 225 kbs movie on a T1 line simultaneously. That might be OK if you expect low play rates.
  17. 17. Bandwidth and Hosting: Tip: For an email blast (lots of hits) use a video hosting service who can handle the load. fee and free: Vitalstream/Playstream Brightcove for professional use free: Google video, You-Tube when you just don’t care about quality, branding, other ads, or don’t have budget . Do care about exposure.
  18. 18. File Sizes and Bandwith Data Rates Time Size Frame Rate Quality File size 1 min 320x240 15 225 kb/sec 1.65 MB 1 min 320x240 15 350 kb/sec 2.56 MB 60 min 320x240 15 225 kb/sec 98.88 MB 60 min 320x240 15 350 kb/sec 153.81 MB
  19. 19. So,what’s your strategy? how can you use web video to grow your business?
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