Locker Organization


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Locker Organization

  1. 1. TheLockerLowdown
  2. 2. LockersYour locker shouldhave all the necessary tools for school. It should be organized so that you can findyour materials quickly.
  3. 3. LockersHere are acouple ofhelpful hints forlocker:
  4. 4. Lockers#1 Memorize your comboUse a little poem or rhyme to help you remember your combo  Example: “47, 13, 4 , that’s the combo I adore!”
  5. 5. Lockers#2 Clean it out regularlyDo a once-a-month super-clean. Toss what you don’t need and organize the rest.
  6. 6. Lockers#3 Take your dirty clothes home!Make sure dirty cloths don’t hang around- they have a way of “ripening” in small, dark spaces
  7. 7. Lockers#4 Mirror, Mirror on the lockerKeep a little mirror for between-class hair fixes and to check for smudges on your faces.
  8. 8. Lockers#5 Don’t keeping food in your locker Avoid storing food for later, which might turn into “for the roaches that have moved in and are now quite comfortable.”
  9. 9. Why is it important to keepyour locker organized? To find what you need easily To have a system that supports your day  Notebooks and books in order  Class schedule posted inside To serve as a home base between school and home To help remember to take the right work home and books home Set a day each week to clean
  10. 10. LockersShould my locker look like… THIS THIS OR
  11. 11. LockersHere are a couple ofideas to keep your locker organized:
  12. 12. Lockers ShelvesThey separate books, folders, gym clothes, and your lunch box
  13. 13. LockersDry Erase Board Write reminders and books to take home on it
  14. 14. LockersToolbox Storeextra pens, pencils, glue, tape, scissors, markers, ruler, note cards, erasers, and more
  15. 15. LockersSome more looksat organizedlockers…………get some ideas
  16. 16. Lockers
  17. 17. Lockers
  18. 18. Lockers
  19. 19. 6th Period ExploratoryLockers Ways to organizer locker 5th Period English SS Book 3rd Period SS Math Book 1st Period Science 2nd Period Math Science Book in the order books and notebooks of your classes Keep
  20. 20. LockersWays to organizer lockerKeep morning books 6th Period Exploratory English Book vertical and 5th Period English afternoon 3rd Period 2nd Period horizontal Science Book Math Book SS Book 1st Period Science SS Math
  21. 21. LockersWays to organizer locker Geta shelf 6th Period Exploratory English and double English Book your horizontal 5th Period space. Store Morning book on the top and afternoon books on the 3rd Period 2nd Period bottom. Science Book Math Book SS Book 1st Period Science SS Math
  22. 22. How will youorganizeyourlocker????