Europe Wwi Alliances
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Europe Wwi Alliances






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Europe Wwi Alliances Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WWI Alliances
  • 2. Alliance
    An agreement among people or nations to unite
    for a common cause. Each member of an
    alliance agrees to help the other members in
    case one is attacked.
  • 3. How could Germany’s location in Europe be a problem for them?
  • 4. Germany in the Middle
    Germany’s big problem was that it was in the middle of Europe. That made it vulnerable if it came to war.
  • 5. In the 19th century, Germany’s brilliant Chancellor, Bismarck, solved this problem by keeping friends with Russia and Austria-Hungary
  • 6. Then Bismarck allied with Italy and Austria-Hungary (the Triple Alliance). Together with his friendship with Russia, this kept Germany safe.
  • 7. But when Kaiser Wilhelm became Emperor, he dumped the Russian alliance. He kept the Triple Alliance, but this did NOT solve the problem of Germany’s encirclement.
  • 8. The Triple Entente
    In 1907 Russia joined Britain and France to make the Triple Entente. By 1914 Europe had divided into two massive superpower blocks.
  • 9. What sparked it all?
  • 10. The events that followed…
    Because of the assignation of Archduke Franz
    Ferdinand in June of 1914 by a member of a
    nationalistic secret Serbian society, the emperor
    of Austria-Hungary declared war of Serbia.
  • 11. The events that followed…
    Russia sent troops to defend Serbia because
    Russia had a separate treaty with Serbia. Russia
    supported Serbia because they were both of a
    similar ethnic backgrounds.
  • 12. The events that followed…
    Since Germany had a treaty with Austria-
    Hungary (the Triple Alliance), Germany declared
    war on Russia.
  • 13. The events that followed…
    France had a treaty with Russia (the Triple
    Entente) so Germany declared war against France.
  • 14. The events that followed…
  • 15. Things changed during the war
    The Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente turned
    into these two WWI alliances.
    The Triple Entente plus more formed the Allied Powers
    The Triple Alliance plus more formed the Center Powers