6th Grade Orientation

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Orientation to the MS library

Orientation to the MS library

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  • 1. Welcome to the Library/Media Center We’re Glad You’re Here!
  • 2. Library Staff
    • Mrs. Swantz
      • Here 1-2 days a week
      • At the high school and Keota the other days
    • Mrs. Semler
      • Here Every Day!
      • Just ask for help whenever you need it.
    • We’re glad to assist you
  • 3. Library Etiquette
    • Respect others
      • Quiet voices – others are trying to work or study
    • Gum-Free Zone – NO GUM ALLOWED
    • Leave the library the way you found it!!
      • Clean up after yourself
      • Push in your chairs
      • Return chairs to original place
  • 4. Circulation— makes the books go ‘round!
    • 3 week check out for almost everything
    • Except…
      • Reference materials -
        • overnight and are due the next morning
      • Periodicals (magazines)
        • checked out for three days.
    • Overdue fines - 5 cents per day
    • NO checkout until fines are paid!
  • 5. Fiction
    • Arranged by genre :
      • Fantasy and Science Fiction
      • Realistic (and Sports)
      • Ghost and Horror
      • Historical
      • Adventure
      • Animal
      • Mystery
      • Classics
  • 6. Fiction, continued
    • Within a genre, books are arranged in order of the author’s last name.
    • A book by Lloyd Alexander has a call number in the catalog of FIC ALE FAN (The FAN tells you it’s in the fantasy genre.)
    • To find the book, go to the Fantasy section and look for this spine label:
  • 7. Non-fiction books
    • Dewey Decimal System
      • Books arranged by subject
      • easy for you to find books on a particular topic.
    • EXAMPLE…
    • A book about astronomy by Sager would have a call number of 520 SAG in the catalog.
    • Other books on astronomy would also be in the 520s
    • The spine label would look like this:
    520 SAG
  • 8. Reading level of books
    • Books have a lexile level on a label inside the front cover.
    • Can use the catalog find books by their lexile level .
    • Books have a color mark on top to indicate lexile level
  • 9. Biographies
    • Biographies are…
      • books about a person’s life
      • located on the first set of gray shelves
    • Biographies’ call number …
      • Top line 92
      • second line is who the book is about.
    • The spine label for a biography of Teddy Roosevelt would be:
    92 ROO
  • 10. Collected Biographies
    • Collected biographies are books about several peoples’ lives.
      • Famous Queens
      • Ten Top Quarterbacks
      • Sports Greats
    • Call number
      • First line - 920.
      • The second line - editor, author, or title.
    • The spine label for Popular Biography 2008 looks like:
    920 HAR
  • 11. Reference Section
    • Reference is used when you need to look up a quick answer.
      • Encyclopedias
      • Dictionaries
      • Almanacs
      • Specialized encyclopedias
    • The call number has three lines.
    • The spine label for Webster’s Rhyming Dictionary would look like this:
    REF 410 WEB
  • 12. Periodicals
    • MPMS library has a dozen magazines.
    • newest issues on a rack in a protective cover
    • Older issues in boxes and can be checked out.
    • We collect old newspapers for you to cut articles from.
  • 13. Library Computer Lab
    • You must have a pass from a teacher to use the lab.
    • Leave passes at the circulation desk when you come in.
    • You must have your planner beside you as you work.
    • Computers are for school work only !
    • Remember to leave the computers like they were…
      • put keyboard under the monitor
      • push your chair in