Website Design & Development Essentials

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  • 1. Website Design & Development Essentials
    11 Key Considerations To Improve Your Online Presence
  • 2. What to look for in design:
    Make the first impression count!
    Redesign considerations:
    Site clean-up may be a better option
    Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
  • 3. Website Design & Development Essentials
    Website Copywriting:
    Copywriting skills are key to getting you ranked high in the search engines
    Email and Banner Design:
    Synchronization between email, banner ads and your website is critical
  • 4. Website Design & Development Essentials
    Landing Page Design:
    Product specific, promotion specific, this needs to work seamlessly with your online efforts
    Social Media Design:
    The trend is here to stay; it’s important to partner with a company that understands
  • 5. Website Design & Development Essentials
    508 Compliance:
    Government business? Complying with this gets you more deals
    Web Video Production:
    Static sites are dated; use video to promote your company and products
  • 6. Website Design & Development Essentials
    Web Usability Analysis:
    If your site doesn’t score well, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table
    Conversion Strategy:
    Specific strategies to attract and CONVERT customers is key to your strategy
  • 7. Website Design & Development Essentials
    Ongoing Maintenance:
    It’s critical to keep your site tuned for the long haul
    Ongoing maintenance costs should average around 20% of initial construction costs
  • 8. Website Design & Development Essentials
    You never get a second chance to make a good first impression… Make it count!
  • 9. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Besides website construction, what else is there?
    13 Key Development Considerations
  • 10. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Programming & Development:
    Your developer needs to be well versed in several programming languages
    Content Management:
    CMS systems help you and your employees keep your site and products current
  • 11. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Whether you do this now or in the future, this is a special skill to do it right
    B2B Business:
    You’ll sell more, to more businesses, if you’re easy to do business with
  • 12. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    CRM Integration:
    Website with CRM integration is critical for all of your business functions
    Newsletter Management:
    This ties together your company, website and visitors in a seamless manner
  • 13. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Intranet & Portals:
    Higher level of customization is available with our services
    Business Process Automation:
    Reduce manual processes, from reporting to workflow processes
  • 14. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Mobile Development:
    Get your site working with your customers and employees phones and close more deals
    Microsoft Sharepoint:
    Development and consulting services when you need it
  • 15. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Business Blogs:
    Development of business blogs, website integration and social platform integration
    Website Hosting:
    Safe, secure and reliable, world leading security and protection
  • 16. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations
    Security Analysis:
    Security is central to what we do
  • 17. Web Development Basics- Long Term Considerations