Vocab 5


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Vocab 5

  1. 1. Vocab Unit 5
  2. 2. Profusely (ADVERB)• EX: When you thank someone over and over for his kindness, this is an example of a situation where you thank him profusely.
  3. 3. Profusely (ADVERB)• Definition: done abundantly or in great quantities.
  4. 4. Homicidal (ADJ)• EX: There are homicidal maniacs in prison.
  5. 5. Homicidal (ADJ)• Definition: Pertaining to murder of another person.
  6. 6. Decipher (VERB)• EX: Students had to decipher the meaning of the metaphor.
  7. 7. Decipher (VERB)• Definition: to decode or figure out the meaning.
  8. 8. Frequency (NOUN)• EX: The writer increased the frequency of publication to twice a month in mid 1991.
  9. 9. Frequency (NOUN)• Definition: rate at which something is done or repeated.
  10. 10. Exploit (NOUN and VERB)• EX: Many people dream of doing a wide range of daring or adventurous exploits.• EX: In developing countries, large business owners exploit poor workers who need jobs. They make them work long hours in poor conditions and pay them very little.
  11. 11. Exploit (NOUN & VERB)• Definition NOUN: Striking or notable deed; something big or impressive.• Definition VERB: to use or take advantage of someone or something for your own advance.
  12. 12. Elicit (VERB)• EX: The teachers were asked to elicit a suitable response from the students.
  13. 13. Elicit (VERB)• Definition: To call forth, draw out.
  14. 14. Reprimand (NOUN)• EX: The police can give a reprimand to a young person who admits committing a minor crime.
  15. 15. Reprimand (NOUN)• Definition: To find fault with angrily by a person of power.
  16. 16. Precursor (NOUN)• EX: The first sighting of a flower is a precursor to spring.
  17. 17. Precursor (NOUN)• Definition: a person or thing that shows or announces someone or something is to come.
  18. 18. Anonymity (NOUN)• EX: Please note that all names have been changed to maintain anonymity.
  19. 19. Anonymity (NOUN)• Definition: The state or quality of being unknown.
  20. 20. Visceral (ADJ)• EX: The young man had a visceral reaction to the rude lady who insulted his best friend.
  21. 21. Visceral (ADJ)• Definition: Arising from impulse; emotional
  22. 22. Morose (ADJ)• EX: As her father told her to start her homework, she turned and stared morosely at the huge pile of papers to be completed.
  23. 23. Morose (ADJ)• Definition: Gloomily, as a person or mood.
  24. 24. Malicious (ADJ)• EX: The big kid Maliciously picks on the little kid and could therefore be classified as bullying.
  25. 25. Malicious (ADJ)• Definition: showing desire to inflict injury; spiteful.
  26. 26. Jovial (ADJ)• EX: Santa Claus is a jovial old fellow.
  27. 27. Jovial (ADJ)• Definition: playful good humor; cheerful
  28. 28. Didactic (ADJ)• EX: James was a very didactic person, he really loved teaching.
  29. 29. Didactic (ADJ)• Definition: Intended for instruction; instructive.
  30. 30. Nefarious (ADJ)• EX: Hitler was a nefarious person.
  31. 31. Nefarious (ADJ)• Definition: Extremely wicked or villainous.