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  • 1. L A U R E N H E N R YK E L S E Y A R L TD A R C Y R O Y L A N DS A R A H T E I C H M E RParent Involvement
  • 2. Involving Parents in Education Enhances childrens self-esteem Improves childrens academic achievement Improves parent-child relationships Helps parents develop positive attitudes towardsschool Better understanding of the schooling process
  • 3. Empowering Parents Build a large choice system that allows parents tochoose from Encourage them to ask questions Knowing the system of the school
  • 4. Involvement There are many types of involvement PTA Parent- teacher conference Class or school event Fund raising Volunteer on school committee
  • 5. Get to know the teacher To keep up with their childsprogress in school. Homework Childs Strengths and Weaknesses- Are they getting along with others?- Teachers Classroom Policies- What do the parents need to know to helptheir child.Most of all, feeling comfortable with theteacher that this is the teacher that will bewith their child throughout the year.
  • 6. How to involve a parent who isn’t willing to beinvolved Send out monthly letters encouraging parentinvolvement Open house Sign-up sheets for field trips, in class activities andsnacks Conferences Send out a list of activities and a parent has to pick atleast one
  • 7. Who supports parentinvolvement?- Supporting parent involvement isimportant in programs such asECEAP and Head Start, which setout to provide long-lasting aids forearly learning.- These programs support the idea ofcollaboration. Establishing mutualtrust and respect with parents isessential when providinginformation and resources regardingtheir childrens education.- When you get to know parents andgain their respect, you are betterable to recognize each familysstrengths and needs, and will bebetter able to assess what you can dofor their child.
  • 8. Resources for Family Involvement:Department of Early Learning Where can parents go for support?- Parents who become involved with their children’seducation, may become advocates for early learningand/or parent involvement in grade school and latereducation.- - Parents who are new to the idea of being involved intheir child’s education, can receive help from otherparents, as well as educators. Parent-Teacher Associations- The P.T.A. gives parents the opportunity to work withschools, communities, and other parents.- -Provides a place for parents and educators to voiceopinions on involvement.http://www.wastatepta.org
  • 9. Resources for Educators:Teachers need help, too! -The U.S. Department of Education assists newteachers in connecting with parents, and how to takeextra steps to become a part of the learningcommunity outside of the classroom.- Networking with other teachers is probably the bestway to gain insight on parent-teacher interaction. Youcan learn from their experiences, and share your own.