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Overview of the "Leading with Language" learning & coaching program for personal & organization development

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  1. 1. Language is a Powerful Resource for Change • All that we know and how we know it is in language. • Language is more than just communication; language is a powerful human resource for learning and change. • All language (English, French, Swahili, etc.) employs 5 Basic Acts of Speech – Assertions, Declarations, Requests, Offers & Promises
  2. 2. The Acts of Speech Impact Behavior • We think, teach, lead, govern, parent, conduct business and interact in the Acts of Speech…in other words, we live our lives in language. • Perceptions, the key drivers of human behavior, are formed in the Acts of Speech. • Individual and Organizational performance, productivity, satisfaction and adaptability are dependent upon how masterfully the Acts of Speech are employed.
  3. 3. The Goal; Awareness, Understanding, Mastery • The success or failure of any given situation, as well as the quality of life that we live, is directly related to our level of awareness, understanding and mastery of the 5 basic Acts of Speech... • Leading with Language™ is a powerful capacity building program designed to raise an awareness, understanding and mastery of the 5 basic Acts of Speech – Assertions, Declarations, Requests, Offers & Promises
  4. 4. Program Foundation • Leading with Language™ is a powerfully effective learning and coaching program designed and facilitated by Mimi Keane, CPPM, a certified coach for personal and professional mastery (CPPM) in the “ontology of language”. • Developed by a Chilean biologist, the ontology of language is a science that explores how human beings live and interact in language. • The basic principles of this science were translated into an ontological model for change within a coaching curriculum offered by the Newfield Network–USA.
  5. 5. Ontological Change; Applicable & Sustainable • Changing the “language in our head” that impedes achieving successful results, requires shifting perceptions to “see” new and greater possibilities for action. • The “Perception-Action-Results” ontological model for proactive change is adaptable to all of life’s domains. • Learning is a key component in shifting and expanding perceptions for behavioral change. • Coaching takes the learning deeper to ensure highly effective and sustainable results.
  6. 6. Coaching; An Alliance for Sustainable Learning • The Coaching alliance is a short term commitment with long term results. • Coaching is a forward moving and action-oriented process. • A Coach totally supports the Coachee in recognizing and rectifying limiting perceptions and behaviors. • Ontological Coaching employs basic coaching techniques in synergy with core ontology of language precepts.
  7. 7. Mimi Keane, CPPM • Dynamic, results-oriented business consultant, with extensive domestic and international experience in strategic planning, organization development (OD), change management (CM), plus project development and management. • International speaker/ facilitator, career counselor and certified coach with proven successes in building capacity for enhanced performance, productivity and 360°satisfaction. MBTI® Qualified • Full profile at www.linkedin.com/in/mmkeane
  8. 8. Sampling of Program Topics • How to understand and powerfully employ the 5 basic Acts of Speech. • How to draft effective complaints. • How to significantly increase possibilities for action in any given situation. • How to coordinate language, moods and movement for powerful action and communication. • How to identify language and behaviors that impede taking effective action (Enemies of Effective Action).
  9. 9. Program Benefits • The Leading with Language™ program is available to individuals and organizations interested in achieving successful results that are immediately applicable and sustainable. • Leading with Language™ is customized to meet the needs and budget of the client. The learning phase may be conducted via workshops, seminars, multi-day retreats, webinars, email and/or teleclasses. • The coaching phase is usually conducted via telephone for individuals, but may be conducted on-site in groups, particularly when working with teams.
  10. 10. Why Leading with Language™? ! Career Development/Transition ! Business & Organization Development ! Change Management ! Executive/Professional Leadership ! Team Building ! High Value Talent ! Capacity Building on all levels Performance Productivity 360°Satisfaction Adaptability Creativity & Innovation
  11. 11. What’s Next? To arrange for a consultation please contact Mimi Keane, CPPM at keanecoach@hotmail.com Linked In profile: www.linkedin.com/in/mmkeane Follow Mimi on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mimikeane A Sampling of Testimonials Follows
  12. 12. Testimonials [Names are not listed to protect the client] Public Relations Consultant I started working with Mimi when I was in the process of making a major life transformation - going from a public relations consultant, to pursuing my passion as a singer/actress and setting up a freelance business to support that goal. In only 4 coaching sessions, over a month with Mimi, I was able to distinguish what was confronting me and stopping me from moving forward toward my dream. Those sessions were empowering and by clearly distinguishing my obstacles, I was able to take action in such a short period of time. The result has been that I have left my job, and am passionately pursuing my dreams. Life is less stressful and I have a sense of peace, freedom and fulfillment.
  13. 13. CEO/Wealth Management Company - My Experience with Mimi Keane Over the past several weeks, I have engaged Mimi Keane to provide me with "coaching services". I have been overly impressed with the breadth of knowledge, active listening, and her ability to raise issues that I need to confront. She has the capability of allowing me to view situations both business and personal from several points of view, in order to gain greater understanding. Although we have not met face to face, I feel a closeness and intimacy that provides comfort, trust and lively conversation. Throughout our sessions, I take notes and try to incorporate the ideas and strategies in my daily activities. Mimi has become much more than a coach to me; she is a confidant and an expert sounding board. Our discussions are refreshing, lively and always have observations and conclusions. Discussion is great, however, without strategies/actions that I can turn into habits, my time would not be well spent. We've confronted business situations that relate to me getting from my company what I want, when I want it, and to be comfortable with the idea that I deserve what I ask for. Severing relationships is a complex and difficult situation, Mimi has been providing me assistance to sort out and determine a plan of action from several different points of view. This has been exceedingly helpful in that the process will allow me the ability to soar. Mimi is an excellent coach and anybody that would contract her services, or become affiliated with her is truly blessed.
  14. 14. Executive VP/Financial Investment Company I came to Mimi for support in my decision to leave my executive position with a company I had been with for almost 16 years. This decision was predicated upon my desire to pursue a vision of living passionately in my life's work. Please note, I did not say career. I've had a career and by today's standards, it has been very successful. I wanted more than a career, I wanted to find my destiny and in that, I believed I would find my life's work. This life's work has yet to concretely manifest itself, but my coaching sessions with Mimi allowed me to consider all the possibilities available to me. I had been living my life "dutifully" within a corporate "box" for a long time. Mimi helped me "bring down the walls" to, as she says, "see anew". As I write this I have tearfully, but joyously left my position and am storing my possessions in preparation for discovering life's possibilities. I may have ultimately come to this decision on my own, but in working with Mimi, I had a partner in action and do not believe I would have moved along as quickly were I to have done this solo.
  15. 15. Entrepreneur I am the owner/manager of a small health consulting practice. My business has experienced a steady pattern of growth, but I wanted to create and implement a strategy for explosive growth in order to attract a possible acquisition, or merger situation. In this circumstance, wearing the multiple hats of an entrepreneur, it is difficult to focus on one issue for any length of time. I made the decision to hire a business coach to further my progress and chose Mimi Keane. Mimi's own experience as an entrepreneur was a major factor in my choice. Indeed, her experience was valuable in constructing a strategy. What was most surprising, however, was Mimi's ability to unearth underlying issues. I was not even aware that I had issues, but my coaching sessions with Mimi produced an awareness of personal barriers that deterred me from reaching my full potential. This is an ongoing process. I had entered into a coaching agreement solely for business purposes and have realized the added bonus of personal enrichment.
  16. 16. Human Resources Director I don't think the words "thank you" would convey even the smallest degree of what I really feel. Words fail me or seem insufficient to express myself. I will try my best. It has been an awakening working with you. Every single session including the group sessions, allowed me to open up a new perspective. The space that was created always felt safe and encouraging. The knowledge was very informative. What really made the difference was your coaching style. You were there to listen. You have this great skill of staying in the background while inspiring your coachee. With tremendous patience you allowed me to navigate freely through my thoughts and actions. I never felt foolish or embarrassed. You created the environment to be honest and confident. You have led me to a point where I see possibilities. I thank you Mimi. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you. I would definitely recommend your services.
  17. 17. Entrepreneur Mimi Keane's Power of Language™ teleclass was transformative and life changing. The material I learned changed multiple paradigms in both my professional and personal lives, and is continuing to have a very positive impact in both arenas. I wholeheartedly recommend Mimi as a teacher and a coach. Copyright © 2009, M.M. Keane, Chicago, IL
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