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  • Plan a trip project

    1. 1. PLAN A TRIP PROJECT By Kyle, Dana, Alex, Joe
    2. 2. FLIGHTSWe are going to Cancun, Mexico, for our trip.We are going out of Charlotte Douglas airport to Cancun airportby US Airways.Round trip for the four of us will be $2,188.00
    3. 3. HOTELWe are going to stay at the royal haciendas in playa del carmen, Mexico.The hotel is a waterfront resort on gulf of mexico it has heated poolsand hot tubs and also has a few fancy restaurantsWe are only getting one room (holds up to six people) cost per night is$273.68 and the total cost of the three days is $821.04.Total cost of drinks when we are there will be around $500.00
    4. 4. SIGHTSEEINGThe first thing we are going to see is the Museo sensorial deltequila (museum) opened from 8 to 7pm cost for the 4 of usewill be $50.00The second thing is Museo del inah (art museum) opened from 9to 6pm cost for the 4 of us $53.00The next thing is the chichen itza (Is some like temple building)opened form 8 to 5pm cost for the 4 of us is $40.00The fourth thing is the la isla mall opened form 10 to 10pm costfor the 4 of us will be $100.00 (Bought shoes)The fifth thing is Swim with the dolphins opened 9- 3:30pm costfor the 4 of us will be $316.80
    5. 5. SIGHTSEEING CONT.The sixth thing is going to watch bullfighting opened 3-12AMcost for the 4 of us will be $160.00The last thing we are going to do is Jet skiing opened to 9-9PMcost for the 4 of us will be $450.00 for the whole day
    6. 6. RESTAURANTSRestaurant day1: Jugo de lemon (Dinner) opened daily cost forthe 4 of us will be $110.15. They sell fresh fish, meats, salads, andjust about any mexican food you can think of.Restaurant day 2: Mc Donalds (lunch)open daily cost for the 4 ofus will be 27.73.Restaurant day 3: La Palapa (Breakfast) open daily cost for the 4of us will be $100.00. This place is located in the resort and it is aall you can eat buffet. They serve just about anything you canthink of.
    7. 7. HOW WHERE GETTING AROUNDWe are going to rent a car to get around to places and the cost for that will be $150.00 for 3 days.
    8. 8. TOTAL COST OF TRIPCost of the whole trip will be $5,066.60.
    9. 9. RESOURCES