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P S I Of  Fiji  Security  Staffing  Solutions
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P S I Of Fiji Security Staffing Solutions


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Precise Secure Incorporation (PSI) of Fiji. The premier security risk management firm in the South Pacific islands. The only security company in Fiji cleared by the Ministry of Defense to conduct; …

Precise Secure Incorporation (PSI) of Fiji. The premier security risk management firm in the South Pacific islands. The only security company in Fiji cleared by the Ministry of Defense to conduct; personal security detail (PSD), executive protection and force protection security training on Fijian territory.

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  • thanks to be associated with HCT and even working them.
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  • would really like to get to know more about this company as i am an ex service member from the British Marines and would like to serve a contract with this company this year 2012. Can someone e-mail me whats happen to procedures in getting a job here at
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  • 1. DECEMBER 2008 PSI OF FIJI – SECURITY STAFFING SOLUTIONS Precise Secure Incorporation 38 High Street Toorak-Suva +679-331-1169 Direct +679-728-9707 Sales +-679-331-1170 Fax Email: Website: Anti-terrorism Force Protection Security (ATFP) Armed Guards & Convoy Escort Transportation Specialist Precise Secure Incorporation (PSI) is a security training agency headquartered in the Republic of Fiji and is also registered the United States of America. We provide US DOD compliant Anti- terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) training and staffing solutions to private security firms and government. Available for Hire PSI is able to provide ex-Fijian soldiers for Convoy Escort Transportation (CET), peace-keeping missions, or Armed Guard assignments worldwide. Since 2006, we have recruited, trained and deploy Fijian guards into regions of the middle-east and Africa supporting some of the largest security firms in the world. We have experience supplying personnel for both US DOD and State Department (DOS) projects. {Excellent references provided upon request}. How We Work All candidates recommended for hire have completed a rigorous five (day) tactical skill assessment course and in-house vetting. This process includes:  Refresher Training in ATFP/Force Protection Guard Duties  Refresher Training in Convoy Escort Transportation/ PSD Operations  Common Task Skill Assessment Testing and Firearms Certification  Police Background Checks (no domestic violence history or felonies)  Medical Vaccinations and Dental Letters Provided Upon request, PSI will forward all individual training records and standard US government forms used for civilian deployment purposes. We have approximately 370 ex-Fijian soldiers seeking overseas private security work. (PSI has briefed all guards with regards to Rules for Use of Force/Rules of Engagement and UCMJ laws). As a recognized provider of tactical training to the law enforcement and the military community, no other company in the South Pacific is more qualified to furnish qualified security personnel than PSI. Respectfully, Bill Rabuatoka CEO-President Page | 1
  • 2. DECEMBER 2008 PSI OF FIJI – SECURITY STAFFING SOLUTIONS Company Profile Precise Secure Incorporation is the only security firm in the Republic of Fiji that has actually trained, certified and supplied personnel for US government security projects in the middle-east. Fiji Business Reg. #83468 / DUNS and Bradstreet Number: 826396710. We are a tier one provider of military, law enforcement and commercial security training programs. All training programs are designed to satisfy the needs of the client, the mission and can be customized to ensure compliance with domestic and host nation law. With respect to PSI Force Protection Guards, our men have completed numerous deployments into Lebanon for UN peace-keeping missions and are certified to the highest American and international security standards. In February 2006, US Special Operations veterans and State Department (DS) qualified instructors came to Fiji for 16 weeks to train our Senior Instructor cadre. The PSI Personal Protective Services training program and Force Protection Static Guard course mirrors U.S. Army Protective Services doctrine without deviation or modification. Depending on the assignment, we are capable of training in accordance with requirements of the Diplomatic Services (DS) WPPS-II High Threat Operations program. This is the same 164 hour training course offered by Blackwater Worldwide, Triple Canopy and other State Department contractors. Standards Our PSD and ATFP course curriculum, training methodologies and certification standards are consistent with common practices described in scopes of work issued by the US Army Joint Contracting Command (Iraq/Afghanistan) and DOD civilian pre- deployment requirements. Page | 2
  • 3. DECEMBER 2008 PSI OF FIJI – SECURITY STAFFING SOLUTIONS Mobilization & Logistics Support Services PSI will furnish a complete personnel file for each candidate selected for hire. A personnel file consists of the following documents: A Resume / CV (verified references) WPPS Biography Form (upon request) Color Copy of Travel Passport C1-Travel Visa Issuance (Required for entrance into Amman Jordan, Baghdad and/or Kuwait) Notarized Copy of Police Criminal Report Fingerprint Card Copy of Motor Vehicle Drivers License Copy of Military Discharge Certificate(s) Copy of Law Enforcement Badge .I.D. DD-2760 Form /Qualification to Possess a Firearm DD Form 2795 / Medical Health Evaluation & Vaccination History Dentist Letter Good Health DD Form 93/ Emergency Contact & Next of Kin Payroll Direct Deposit Form DA88-R Form / US Army Pistol Course Score Card Firearms Training and Qualification Certificate Signed Acknowledgement of Understanding Rules of Engagement & Use of Force Signed Acknowledgement of Uniform Code of Military Justice Briefing Certificate of Anti-terrorist Force Protection Security Training (*60 hours up to 164 hours) We strongly suggest that prior to actual airline ticketing receive a free price quote through PSI’s reliable travel agent. Historically airline prices are significantly cheaper when purchased locally than abroad. . Page | 3
  • 4. DECEMBER 2008 PSI OF FIJI – SECURITY STAFFING SOLUTIONS Pricing Veteran Republic of Fiji Military Personnel Force Protection Security Specialist Monthly Labor Rate in US Dollars Anti-terrorism Force Protection Guards and PSD Mobile Specialist Per mo Yr2 Yr3 Yr4 FP Static Guard / Hostile Environment $ 1,650.00 $1,650.00 $1,650.00 $ 1,650.00 FP Site Guard / Medium Threat $ 1,300.00 $ 1,300.00 $1,300.00 $ 1,300.00 PSD Mobile Convoy Escort (Tier I) $ 3,400.00 $ 3,400.00 $3,400.00 $ 3,400.00 ATFP/PSD Security Specialist (Tier II) $ 2,200.00 $ 2,200.00 $2,200.00 $ 2,200.00 Note: Pricing does not include; mobilization and demobilization, individual protective equipment, uniforms, medical vaccinations, C1-travel visas, firearms certificates and airline ticketing. *’Tier One’ refers to special operations capable personnel. Contracting Process PSI offers several contracting options for prospective vendors: 1. FLAT FEE: The Buyer may retain security personnel on a flat-fee basis. The buyer will submit a Purchase Order outlining manpower requirements, the Scope of Work together with clarifications of any particulars relevant to the successful completion of the project. a. Upon commencement of an Agreement, PSI will deliver personnel files for all candidates selected for hire. b. The flat-fee rate for this service is; $500.00 USD per person.*Payment due immediately upon arrival of personnel in theater. 2. RESIDUAL PERCENTAGE: The Buyer may retain security personnel through a sub- contractor Agreement in which PSI becomes the administrator of payroll processing services. a. As subcontractor and payroll administrator PSI typically retains between 6% to 9% of the monthly gross earnings of each guard. Rates and fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Precise Secure Incorporation 38 High Street Toorak-Suva +679-331-1169 Direct +679-728-9707 Sales +-679-331-1170 Fax Email: Website: Page | 4