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  • 1. Let’s ExploreUnit 2 Lesson 5Tell Me, Tree 2nd GradeCreated by Mrs. Perez-Vasquez
  • 2. Vocabulary and DefinitionsContent Standard:Reading: Vocabulary and ConceptDevelopment 1.0Learning Objective:Today, you will read the selectionvocabulary and definitions.
  • 3. Tell Me TreeStorywritten byGailGibbons
  • 4. Selection VocabularySolid limbs sproutsextremely release trunksstems minerals oxygensubstance growth
  • 5. Vocabulary DefinitionsCarefully read the word and thedefinition.The definition provides anexplanation of the word.
  • 6. DefinitionsThe definition helps youunderstand the meaning of aword.To find the definition of a word, aperson may use a dictionary or aglossary.
  • 7. SolidDefinition:• StrongThe trunk of a tree is solid .
  • 8. LimbsDefinition:Plural of limb: abranch of a tree.The trunks and limbs are the stems of atree.
  • 9. SproutsDefinition:Begins togrow.A seed sprouts when a small rootbegins to grow.
  • 10. ExtremelyDefinition:Very.Extremely cold climates are not good forgrowing trees.
  • 11. Release Definition:Release.The leaves release the oxygen into theair.
  • 12. TrunksDefinition:Plural of trunk: themain part of a treewhere the branchesgrow out.The hard, woody stem of a tree is calleda tree trunk.
  • 13. StemsDefinition:Plural of stem:the main partof a plant.The trunks, limbs, and branches are thestems of a tree.
  • 14. MineralsDefinition:Plural of mineral:something foundunderground andused as food forplants growing insoil.The root absorbs water and minerals.
  • 15. Definition: OxygenA gas that has nocolor or smell butis needed forthings to live.Leaves make food and a gas calledoxygen.
  • 16. SubstanceDefinition:Material of acertain kind.Inside the leaves is a substancecalled chlorophyll.
  • 17. SeedlingDefinition:A youngplant that isgrown froma seed.A baby tree is called a seeding.
  • 18. Concept VocabularyThe concept word for this lesson is Growth
  • 19. GrowthDefinition:Growth is “the process ofbecoming larger.”
  • 20. GrowthTo grow and becomelarger, living things needspecial care. Trees needsun, food, water andminerals.
  • 21. ThinkWhat other environmentalfactors can affect thegermination, growth, anddevelopment of trees?
  • 22. Selection VocabularySolid limbs sproutsextremely release trunksstems minerals oxygensubstance growth