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Cesar Chavez vocabulary Cesar Chavez vocabulary Presentation Transcript

  • America’s PeopleUnit 6 Lesson 5Cesar E. Chavez 2nd Grade Created by Mrs. Perez-Vasquez
  • Vocabulary and DefinitionsContent Standard:Reading: Vocabulary and ConceptDevelopment 1.0Learning Objective:Today, you will correctly read thevocabulary and definitions
  • Cesar E. ChavezStorywritten byDonMcLeese
  • TreatedDefinition: An explanationof the word.Past tense oftreat: tobehave towardor deal with ina certain way.Cesar Chavez believed all farm workers should betreated fairly.
  • UnionDefinition:A group of workerswho join togetherto get better payand workingconditions.Cesar Chavez helped led the farm workers union.
  • SupportDefinition:To providefor.It was hard for farm workers to support theirfamily.
  • Definition: Border The line where one country ends and another begins.Cesar’s grandfather crossed the Mexican border intoTexas in the 1880’s.
  • Crops Definition: Plural of crop: fruits, vegetables, or other plants that are grown on a farm and sold.In California, Cesar Chavez and his familypicked crops for other farms.
  • Migrant Farm Workers Definition: A person who travels from one farm to another.Farm workers move from farm to farm to pickcrops. Some travel to different states
  • StrikeDefinition:To stop work inorder to getbetter pay andworkingconditions.In 1965, Cesar asked grape pickers to strike orto refuse to work.
  • BoycottDefinition:To refuse tobuysomething.Cesar Chavez asked American to boycott grapes.Some people stopped buying grapes.
  • Weakened Definition:Past tense ofweaken: Togrow lessstrong.The two hunger strikes may have weakenedCesar Chavez.
  • WeakenedDefinition:To grow lessstrong.The cotton pickers were weakened.
  • Weakened Definition:To grow lessstrong.After playing soccer all morning my legs wereweakened.
  • Community Definition: People who live together in the same town or place.Throughout the Mexican-Americancommunity, Cesar is as important as Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr. is for civil rights
  • Community DefinitionPeople who live together inthe same town or placeThe memory of CesarChavez lives on.The Mexican-American community is proudCalifornia celebrates March 31 as Cesar ChavezDay, making his birthday a state holiday.
  • Awarded Definition: Past tense of award: To give honor after careful thought.In 1994, after his death, President Bill Clintonawarded Cesar the U.S. Medal of Freedom.
  • Concept VocabularyThe concept word for this lesson is equalityMany individuals have worked toobtain equality. Can you think ofsomeone? Why is equality important?
  • equalityDefinition:Equalitymeans“sharedequal rights.”