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Enlace final

  1. 1. By: Kara Drapala, Lauren Handler, Jamie Harris, Brooke Houle, Pat Morris, Alex Schnulle, & Elyse Siwinski
  2. 2.  Called “Mexico of the Midwest”  90,000 residents  Over half the population is under 25  Two major gangs: Two Six Nation and Latin Kings
  3. 3.  Latin King and Two-Six graffiti divides Little Village, marking each gang’s territories  Children in Little Village learn at an early age what gang runs their side of town  More brown paint trucks than blasting trucks  Patchwork paint attracts reoccurring graffiti vandalism  Graffiti Blasting slow to respond
  4. 4.  Enlace is a non-profit organization based in Little Village  They strive to improve the lives of families in the community through four initiatives:  Education  Violence Prevention  Cultural Enrichment  Economic Development
  5. 5.  Little Village Our Village: No Boundaries.
  6. 6.  To help Enlace, we created three main objectives:  Putting pressure on city officials  Increasing community participation  Increasing educational programs
  7. 7.  Community petition  Quicker Graffiti Blaster Response  Increase Amount of Blasting Trucks  Community letters to the Alderman asking for assistance  Empower community members
  8. 8.  Monitor how many community members sign the petition  Long term: Watch for improvements in graffiti blaster program  Where more blasting trucks added?  Was there a quicker response time?
  9. 9.  Community Task Force  Meetings begin January 3, 2011  Meet1st and 3rd Monday each month  Funding from New Life Community Church collection plates for prevention kits  Assemble graffiti prevention kits which will include:  Rust-Oleum  Graffiti prevention tips  A list of important community phone numbers  An Enlace window cling  Coupons for local businesses
  10. 10.  Each meeting will have a sign-in sheet  Our goal is to have 20 consistently participating task force members
  11. 11.  Partner with CPD to add “Graffiti Hurts” curriculum to D.A.R.E. program  Increase awareness of the problem at a young age to fight against the acceptance of the graffiti  “Adopt-A-Wall” days through Boys and Girls Club and Gary Elementary School
  12. 12.  Administer “Graffiti Hurts” quiz before and after the program  D.A.R.E essay  Evaluate essay and quiz  Long term: See how many children participate in “Adopt-A-Wall” after school program
  13. 13.  Tools to begin the campaign  Fact Sheet about campaign  Informational Sheet on Graffiti Prevention Kits and Important numbers  Backgrounder  Press Release about campaign  Fact Sheet about community task force meetings  Sponsorship Letters
  14. 14.  Graffiti issue in Little Village is very complicated and has many layers  Through this campaign we hope to give Enlace and Little Village community members tools to combat this problem  It is our greatest hope that through this campaign community members will finally feel as though they can say Little Village is Our Village and there will be No Boundaries
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