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Instructor Course Overview - 8 week

  1. 1. SDV101ORIENTATION TO HEALTHCARE Instructor: Kelly Patton
  2. 2. WHAT WE WILL COVER Syllabus Highlights/Information Course Assignments Presentations Questions
  3. 3. USING ENOVA  Icons - Raised hand - Green check - Red X - Laugh - Applause - Feedback - Step Out/Return
  4. 4. SYLLABUS HIGHLIGHTS  Books and Materials  Schedule of Assignments  Grading Policy  Withdrawal Policy  Submitting Assignments  Testing Procedures
  5. 5. RULES FOR EMAILSThe First Line of Each Email Must Start:  LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, start date, 8 week  Why is this necessary?  THANKS
  6. 6. IMPORTANT DATES The last date to withdraw from this class with a tuition refund is May 24th, the last day to withdraw without a grade penalty is June 19th You must have completed work for weeks 1 and 2 by June 1st to avoid instructor withdrawal The class officially ends on July 11th so grades will not be submitted until then, so plan accordingly for your test For other on-campus class dates check the schedule of classes, and for ELI dates check their website
  7. 7. TESTING PROCEDURES To complete the test, you print out an exam pass and then you must go to a campus testing center. I do not accept a paper version of the test so please plan accordingly Please contact the testing center you will use to check on their hours, as many have adjusted hours for finals week or non-instructional days If you live out of the area, you will need to contact ELI to set up a proctored exam or utilize Proctor U (details in Test section of syllabus)
  8. 8. ASSIGNMENTS You will be responsible for several written assignments in the class, including homework assignments and discussion boards as well as a presentation for a total of a 1000 points All assignments are submitted via Blackboard and should be grammatically correct with appropriate citations The Journal Summary and Career Research PowerPoint all involve research In addition you will use your Journal Summary for a PowerPoint presentation (to earn full credit you must present in Bb Collaborate) Extra credit is available for participation in an on-campus activity or interview of a professional in the field (see discussion board)
  9. 9. JOURNAL SUMMARY PRESENTATIONSDuring your college career you will be asked many times to present in front of yourpeers. Although there are many ways to present information, a common tool is usingPowerPoint slides as visual accompaniment to your spoken word.•Review a PowerPoint tutorial on creating presentation slides. If you do not have MicrosoftOffice with PowerPoint on your computer, you may download a free 60-day trial version fromMicrosoft. If you have another presentation software, such as Open Office, you may use italso. If you need help with PowerPoint, please visit one of the campus computer labs rightaway. The computer lab on the Medical Education Campus is located on the third floor.•Create a presentation of no more than 6 PowerPoint slides pulling the most importantinformation from your paper. Your presentation grade will be based upon organization, delivery(ease of reading and grammar, spelling, etc), and completeness of subject matter. GradingRubric and full instructions in week 3.•Submit your file using the View/Complete Assignment link (due week 4).•Your presentation will take place using Bb Collaborate•Grading: This assignment is worth 150 points toward your final grade but you must presentin Collaborate to earn the full points, only submitting a PowerPoint is worth up to 50 possiblepoints
  10. 10. PRESENTATION GUIDELINES Don’t use a lot of large graphic files, as this will delay the download time Don’t include sounds or animations-classmates will not see them or hear Start with an introduction slide Practice beforehand as you are presenting even if we can’t see you Be prepared to answer questions about your article
  11. 11. CONTACTING MRS. PATTONI am an adjunct faculty member so I am rarely on the campus. It is best to email me at I may not answer emails on the weekend, or if I am on vacation. I will notify you of any dates where I will not be available for an extended period You can leave a message for me at 703-822- 6531 but I rarely will call you, rather I will respond via email. I do office hours by appointment using an online tool
  12. 12. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Please check the Blackboard site weekly for important announcements
  13. 13. EXTENDED LEARNING INSTITUTE (ELI)  IT Help Desk – 703-426-4141  ELI Web Site -  ELI Orientation-  ELI Hotline – 703-323-3347