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This presentation shares some foundational information about the ASCA National Model for School Counselors.

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  1. 1. Delivery & ManagementSystems: The ASCA Model
  2. 2. ASCA National Model
  3. 3. This PowerPoint Presentation willfocus on 2 elements of the model: Delivery System Management System
  4. 4. Delivery SystemSchool Guidance Curriculum  This includes developmental lessons that are designed to assist students in achieving competencies and connected with academic areas  Important to align with NC Standard Course of Study:  At this site you can find all of the standard course of study objectives for school counselors, blueprints to show competency/objective alignment, benchmarks and lesson plans For additional info regarding the school counseling curriculum check out:
  5. 5. Delivery System Individual Student Planning  Involves work with students and families to plan personal goals and future plans  NC DPI recommends that we meet for individual counseling with students no more than six consecutive times with additional needs for individual counseling being met through referrals to external agencies. Responsive Services  Meeting immediate stakeholder needs through counseling, consultation, referrals, peer mediation and follow-ups System Support  Activities focused on maintaining and enhancing a positive educational environment and school climate
  6. 6. Management SystemAgreements With administrators, ensures: Connection of counseling program to school-wide goals and strategic vision Connection of counseling program to district goals and objectives Connection of counseling program to student needs Effective implementation of program
  7. 7. Management SystemAdvisory Council Is appointed to review counseling program results and to make recommendations Can include: parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community members (always good to include a lawyer for consultation)
  8. 8. Management SystemUse of Data  A comprehensive school counseling program is data driven.  School counselors must show that each activity implemented as part of the program was developed from a careful analysis of students’ needs, achievement and/or related data.  Use of data to plan, monitor, evaluate and modify interventions  MUST Show how students are Different as a result of the school counseling program
  9. 9. Management SystemAction Plans Include:  Competency addressed  Description of the activity  Data supporting need to address the competency  Time activity is to be completed  Who is responsible for delivery  How student success will be evaluated  Expected results for students.
  10. 10. Management SystemASCA USE OF TIME Recommendations Counselors should spend 80% of their time in direct service (contact) with students.Percentages to serve as a guide to school counselors and administrators. Elementary Middle School High School Guidance Curriculum 35-45% 25-35% 15-25% Individual Planning 5-10% 15-25% 25-35% Responsive Services 30-40% 30-40% 25-35% System Support 10-15% 10-15% 15-20%To compare NC %s with these National % go to:
  11. 11. Management SystemCalendars Use of Master Calendar to outline all of the events for the academic year Can identify grade levels, dates and activities Can be posted weekly or monthly Useful for quick assessment of program to school & district goals
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