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6406 LP7

  1. 1. Counseling in Schools Module Seven: Management & Delivery East Carolina UniversityProf Intro...This week we are exploring, in-depth, two elements of the ASCA National Model:Delivery Systems and Management Systems. These two elements are fundamental to thedevelopment of a comprehensive school counseling program. Additionally, it is importantthat you be well-versed in all elements of the National Model because they are heavilyfocused on by the Praxis.Our discussion board debate will explore the concept of the comprehensive counselingprograms. The REALITY of current programs will be debated against the IDEALexpectations for implementing a comprehensive counseling program. Many differentcomponents of comprehensive programs are outlined in the assigned ASCA readings thisweek. Our debate may explore how current counseling programs are incorporating theseelements into the program and how these current programs are or are not comprehensivein nature. I’m allocating more time for your debate this week because one of our mostsignificant areas for program advocacy as school counselors is in the management anddelivery of a comprehensive program. Sometimes it is difficult to advocate for this withadministration because of the sense that counselors are "firefighters at the ready," insteadof counselors with a plan for intentionally implementing a broad program that meets ourstudent and stakeholder needs. To help prepare yourself for this debate as a practicingcounselor, please be intentional and deliberate in your process of response and query thisweek. I look forward to your discussion!Goals: Identify fundamental elements of the Delivery Systems and Management Systems components of the ASCA National Model. Further develop confidence in advocating for role and responsibilities.Apprx Activity NotesTime These are the required readings for the week: Reviewing text 1. PowerPoint: ASCA 1.ppt45 readings 2. ASCA Chapter 4mins and 3. ASCA Chapter 5 PowerPoint 4. Stone & Dahir Chapter 22 Group A will support the voices of the REAL group this week,hours Counselor supporting how, in reality, comprehensive counseling programs areSpread Advocacy viewed within contemporary schools and sharing to what extentover Debate school counselors are implementing comprehensive counselingweek. programs. Group B will support the voices of the IDEAL group,
  2. 2. sharing a vision for how comprehensive counseling programs should be implemented in contemporary schools. Please take an opportunity to provide me with a little feedback about the project. I will use the responses that I receive to try to improve our work together. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey: https://ecu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bf42dNwj8MK2F00 his week, you need to make sure that you have a good plan for what you are going to "do" at your school site. You have had an opportunity to get a sense of the demographics and culture of the school and you have explored the baseline data that characterizes the problem/issue you hope to address with your project. So...what are you going to do about it? Being able to articulate the brief initiative you are going to implement at the school to address the issue you have identified is Final30 key for this week. Projectmins Prep In the next week and on, you need to be bringing your initiative to life. Go back and read the Assignment description of the IDSL project and ask yourself if the initiative you are planning is based on the data you have presented in Steps 1, 2 & 3 of your MEASURE. Then use Step 4: Stakeholders Unite to think about strategies you can implement to bring your initiative to life. Here is a copy of the IDSL Description and Grading Rubric that I will use to evaluate your projects. It is also available under Assignments. IDSL Project Description.doc If you have any questions, PLEASE let me know!! Sometime this week, take a minute to take the Practice Quiz reviewing this week’s module. This is a PRACTICE quiz and as15 Practice such is not required, but it will help you prepare for the final exam.mins Quiz DO NOT print any portion of the practice quiz and please be aware that once you start it, you must complete it. This quiz will be open for one week.