Get Cooking with the New Media
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Get Cooking with the New Media



This presentation, presented by Rick Doran from R&A Marketing, will introduce and stress the importance of the new media on the overall marketing strategy retailers implement.

This presentation, presented by Rick Doran from R&A Marketing, will introduce and stress the importance of the new media on the overall marketing strategy retailers implement.



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Get Cooking with the New Media Get Cooking with the New Media Presentation Transcript

  • Recipe Card
    Get Cooking with
    “The New Media”
    Prepared by
    Chef Rick Doran
  •  .
    This soybean product is very similar in flavor to soy sauce, but it is subtler and a little bit thicker.
    Cream of Tartar
    After wine is made, the acid left in wine barrels is processed into cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is added to egg whites in beginning beating stages for more stability and volume. Also contributes to creamier frostings and candy.  
    Recipe Card
  •  .
    Phyllo (Filo)
    Paper-thin pastry sheets whose name comes from the Greek word for "leaf." It's the pastry used for many Greek and Middle Eastern main dishes and sweets.
    Recipe Card
  • Let’s take a look at the ingredients of
    “The New Media”
    Recipe Card
  • 1 cup “Media and Communication Trends”
    ½ cup “Search Marketing”
    2 tsp “Social Networks”
    1 cup “E-Mail Marketing”
    1 tsp “Mobile Marketing”
    Dash “Other New Media
    1 can “Combining Traditional Media with New Media”
    Combine all the ingredients with a great plan and learn how to survive in today’s volatile economy!
    Recipe Card
  • A fortress protects you and makes you feel safe. 
    A strongly held belief is a fortress. It protects your view of reality. You defend your fortress when you feel it’s under attack. But is every strongly held belief true? The sincerity of the believer does not determine the truth of the belief. Don’t panic, I’m not attacking your fortresses. I have no idea what you believe but I do know you have 4 categories of beliefs:1. Beliefs about GodIs he there or not? Does he care or not? Has he spoken to us or not? Is the future written or do you have free will? You have a belief. 2. Beliefs about SelfAre you essentially good or basically bad? Are you broken or whole? Do you matter? You have a belief.3. Beliefs about OthersDo others give to you or take from you? Can they be trusted? What do you mean to them? You have a belief.
    A Fortress of Beliefs
  • 4. Beliefs about CircumstancesDo you shape your circumstances or do they shape you? Will they get better or grow worse? What do you really deserve? You have a belief.Is there a chance that one of your beliefs is wrong and your fortress has become a prison?I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m a business consultant. Stay with me.Frances Frei of Harvard Business School says you cannot change a person’s behavior until you change their beliefs. I agree with her. Feelings are the products of actions. Actions are the products of beliefs.
    I teach how to change the behavior of customers by changing what customers believe. 
    But in each instance, the first change of belief must happen in the heart of the business owner.Are you up for it?Roy H. Williams
    A Fortress of Beliefs
  • Ad spending declined in 2009 at 4%
    Modest growth in 2010 of 2%
    Traditional media will decline through 2010
    New Media will experience double-digit growth through 2010 – Online, Mobile, Videogame, Cinema ads and product placement.
    Source: The Nielsen Company
  • Ad Sales : 2009 - 2010
    Source: Jack Myers Ad Sales Forecasts
  • Why the Shift?
  • Search Engine Marketing – The practice of employing search engines to help increase website traffic and sell products and services
    Organic Search – results based on relevance to a search term or keyword
    Paid Search – Ad listing served by keyword relevance
    Search Marketing
  • Community based websites where:
    Users post biographical profiles, photos, video, artwork, games and much more
    Blog in personal journals
    IM and e-mail
    Invite friends to link to their pages
    Advertise in classifieds and more
    Social Networks
  • Social Networks
  • Social Networks
    80% of affluent consumers use social media ($100,000 income plus average age 45.9 years)
    Shop –on line 4 or more hours per week
    For the new demographic of younger people – If it’s not on the Internet - It doesn’t exist
  • Immediate
    Low Cost
    Focused Audience
    E-Mail Marketing
  • Must be permission-based
    Be correctly timed to invite users’ response
    Be linked to website or landing page
    Offer “forwarding” links
    Be “rich” for better click-through
    Be creatively comp0sed
    E-Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
    Wireless content; on-demand delivery when and where the user says- or not at all
    Cost-effective message customization
    Highly interactive
    In 2010, over 95% of the US population will use mobile
  • SMS (Short Message Marketing) Delivery of text-only messages typically no longer than 160 characters
    MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) Delivery of messages containing text plus multimedia objects
    LBS (Location Based Services) Provides relevant content to user groups in a specific place
    ALI (Automatic Location Information) Allows for exact pinpointing of cell phone location; combines with LBS to make content more relevant
    Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
    Reebook’s “Run Easy” Campaign –Texted their favorite place to run – posted on
    Website would have offers
    Runners could sign up for text messages about special events or offers
  • It’s hip and hot
    It’s cheap, credible and authentic
    Dictated by users, not marketers
    Not targeted
    You Tube
    Viral Video
  • Viral Video
  • Blogs- online journals expressing individual views and commentary
    Webcasting – Video/Audio presentation that occur in real time.
    Podcasting – Personally programmable audio media –Add video and it’s Vodcasting
  • Combining Media
    Internet combined with traditional media boosts recall for the traditional media ads – and vice versa!
    Advertising works first on a subconscious, emotional level, then on a rational level
  • Attracting Customers
  • Combining Media
  • Vote On-Line
    Facebook Sites
    Viral Videos
    Combining Video
  • The Plan
    To beat your opponent in a Game of Chess you need to plan every move
    To beat your opponent in winning today’s consumer you need to plan every move
  • The Plan
  • Analytics
    E-mail Response and E-Mail Sign-ups
    Phone Calls
    Coupon Redemptions
    Purchases On-Line
    The Plan
  • Learn as much as you can
    Think about how to use New Media for your business
    Find partners who can help you learn the ropes and execute campaigns
    Mentor employees so digital becomes second nature to them
    New Media
  • Allow advertisers to talk with customers, not just to customers
    New Media
  • New Media
    Businesses will live or die by the experience they offer customers….
    at every touch point including
    the use of the “New Media”
    ROE = Return on Experience
  • Sources
    The Nielsen Company
    Jack Myers Ad Sales Forecasts
    Second Wind