Keith De La Rue - KM Performance
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Keith De La Rue - KM Performance



Managing knowledge as an asset and building a knowledge transfer toolkit. Ownership and currency maintenance.

Managing knowledge as an asset and building a knowledge transfer toolkit. Ownership and currency maintenance.



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    Keith De La Rue - KM Performance Keith De La Rue - KM Performance Presentation Transcript

    • Improving Knowledge Management performance for advantage Keith De La Rue AcKnowledge Consulting Tuesday, 2 September 2008
    • Overview
      • Managing knowledge as an asset
        • A knowledge transfer toolkit
      • Channels for knowledge transfer
        • Building sharing technology for people
        • Something old, something new…
      • Ownership and currency maintenance
    • Managing knowledge as an asset A knowledge transfer toolkit
    • The environment Business Sales Force Business Customers Product & Marketing Teams Hundreds of Products Hundreds – On the road and desk-based Thousands Specialist Sales KM Team
    • The KM approach
      • Product, service and solution “know-how”
      • Build a standard toolkit and activity program
        • Different media to suit different audience needs
        • Content , communications and training in one
      • The iStore
        • On-line document library
      • Sales KnowHow Bulletin
        • Weekly web-based newsletter
      • Knowledge Bites
        • Web and audio conference briefing
    • The core asset – the iStore
      • Everything sales staff need to know – in one place
        • Documents for internal & external use
        • Multimedia content
      • Standard document templates
        • Provide sales information in predictable format
        • Also stored on iStore
      • Lotus Notes/Domino database
        • Web browser access for all
        • Hand-held device access
        • Secure Admin access
    • iStore scope
      • 3,000+ entries
      • 270 contributors…
      • 370 products, services, solutions & campaigns
      • Average over 60,000 hits per month
      • Multiple indexes and search
        • Every entry accessible by any index
      • Anonymous reader access
      • Subscription for weekly updates…
    • Knowledge as an asset
      • Knowledge base is an identifiable asset
      • Critical requirement for sales success
      • Must be up to date, accurate and reliable…
        • … and easy to find needed info
      • Availability saves time searching
      • Need access to knowledge at the time of need!
    • Must be “business as usual”
      • Address real business needs
        • Need to introduce new products and solutions
        • Need to equip sales force
      • Part of standard product build process
        • Mandatory step in “Launch Ready” stage
      • Adopt standardised IT support process
      • Engage all stakeholders
        • Gain management support
      • Sell benefits and promote
    • Channels for knowledge transfer Technology for the people
    • Choosing the channels
      • Ignore traditional distinctions
        • Content , communications and training
        • End result is an informed audience
      • Build channels to meet audience needs
      • Use available technology
      • Get new technology as required
        • Go outside the firewall if necessary!
      • Use “safe-fail” experiments
    • The audience
      • Sales staff, Sales Specialists, Technical Sales
        • Large customers: face-to-face, on the road
        • Smaller customer: by phone, desk-based
        • Sales specialists need more technical detail
      • Increasingly time-poor
      • Need to know how to sell solutions
        • Focus on customer needs
      • Income at risk, based on sales and revenue
    • Sales KnowHow Bulletin
      • Weekly web-based newsletter
      • Latest news on products and campaigns
      • Notice emailed to target audience
        • Only read items of interest
      • Front page has 50-word summary
        • Click through layers to detail
      • Suits time-poor audience
    • Knowledge Bites
      • Weekly audio and web conference
        • Two 10-minute “bites”, with Q&A
        • Introduced and managed by KM team
        • Presentations delivered by SMEs
      • Slide pack loaded to iStore
      • Audio edited and loaded to iStore
      • Enhanced subscription service
        • Provides ‘podcasting’
      • Suits time-poor audience
    • iKnowItAll Quiz
      • Online interactive quiz
        • Flash-based, with question database management
      • Fun learning
      • Simple questions
        • Multiple choice, true/false, perfect match
      • Source document supplied
      • Ideally suited to desk-based staff
        • Used as a team sport!
    • Other tools
      • eLearning (iBrief)
        • Online
        • Suits desk-based staff
      • Scripted audio and video (ProductStream)
        • Online
        • Suits desk-based staff
      • Audio CDs (iRadio)
        • For on the road staff
        • Replaced by Knowledge Bites audio
    • Ownership and currency maintenance Accountability, behaviour and engagement
    • The contributors
      • Product Managers, Marketers, SMEs
      • Increasingly time-poor
      • The “Ivory Tower” syndrome
        • Knowledge “hoarding”
      • Interested mostly in products and solutions
        • Want to provide lots of detail!
      • More accountable for costs than sales
      • Not usually hired as communicators
      • Focus only on own product
    • Contributor accountability
      • Self-service
        • Contributors load and own all content
        • Every entry must have one accountable owner
      • Manage entry status, currency and validity
        • Draft, Published, To be deleted
      • Guides and training provided
        • Including eLearning modules
      • Control hand-over as required…
        • Job changes
        • Extended leave
    • Regular reviews
      • All entries have a 90-day timer
      • “Entry last updated” date displayed
      • Auto review reminder emails to contributor
        • Update, republish or delete
      • Automatic archive at 90 days
        • Contributor advised
        • Entry visible, but attachment not accessible
      • Entries may be deleted if archived > 2 weeks
    • Extended currency management
      • Attachment currency critical
        • Separate “file last uploaded” date tracked
        • Attachment age checked at each review
      • If attached file more than six months old:
        • Contributor asked to confirm content review
        • Confirmation logged & copy sent to manager
      • If attached file more than twelve months old:
        • Monthly scorecard sent via senior management
    • Sales input and awareness
      • All entries have feedback form
        • Messages go to contributor
        • Available for archived entries
      • All entries have “five-star” rating
      • The audience is part of currency management
      • Messages logged on Admin interface…
    • Administration
      • Monitor entry status on Admin interface
        • Provide reporting
      • Monitor email failures and responses
        • Identify and follow up staff movements
      • Intervene as required
        • Phone calls to recalcitrants
        • Provide training and help
      • Engage the community
        • Quarterly emails to contributors
    • Other considerations
      • Management support critical
      • Need “WIIFM” factor
      • Rewards & Recognition program
        • Depends on organisation structure & budget
      • Build into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
        • A “Knowledge points” system
        • Depends on organisation structure
    • An open policy
      • "Knowledge can only ever be volunteered; it cannot be conscripted"
        • David Snowden
      • Make it as easy as possible to share knowledge
      • Simple, web-based entry form
        • Same form for creating and updating
        • Upload attachment
      • Author chooses index categories
        • Mandatory meta-data
    • Be afraid!
      • A completely open system
      • Anyone can create, update or change
        • Open access to all
        • No log-in required
        • But identity captured and audit trail kept
      • Risk of incorrect information
        • Never eventuated
      • Trust a critical element
        • The heart of Web/Enterprise 2.0
        • Trust has been consistently honoured
    • Summary
      • Build a broad-based toolkit
      • Make it "the way we do things around here“
        • Know the business and meet the needs
      • Know your audience and contributors
        • And how they operate
      • Manage currency and accuracy
        • Address accountability, behaviour and engagement
      • Exercise trust, and make it as easy as possible
      • Human issues come before technology!
    • Thank You! [email_address] 0418 51 7676 Blog: