Self esteem and character pp


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  • Read the Barbie doll and GI Joe stories on pg. 272.
  • Have students give examples of each section
  • Self esteem and character pp

    1. 1. SELF-ESTEEM “You yourself, as much as anybody else as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and attention.”  -Prince Gautama Siddhartha
    2. 2. 10 STRENGTHS 10 WEAKNESSES strengths weaknesses I am a good listener  My nose is too big I have nice teeth  I have a fat face Im loyal  My ears stick out Im friendly  Im too tall Im kind  Im too short
    3. 3. CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH• Sense of belonging • Feeling close to those who provide you with support.• Sense of purpose • Recognizing you have value and importance as a person lets you set and reach goals.• Positive outlook • Seeing the bright side of life reduces stress and increases your chances of success.• Self-sufficiency • Having the confidence to make responsible decisions promotes your sense of independence and self-assurance.• Healthy self-esteem • Having healthy self-esteem helps you accept and recover from difficulties and failures.
    4. 4. SELF-ESTEEMYour opinion of yourself.You believe setbacks are temporary. You have confidence to confront challenges and overcome them.Having good self-esteem will also affect your overall attitude and the health choices you make Beach ball
    5. 5. SELF ESTEEMAlthough how you esteem yourself may RISE and FALL…..
    6. 6. SELF WORTHSelf-worthis the inherent value that ever yone is born with.• We are all human beings, we all have worth.• Everyone has the same amount of worth.• Can’t be taken from you.• You cannot lose your worth, but you can lose sight of your worth.• We are all unique individuals with unique talents.• We all have something to contribute and we all have faults
    7. 7. SELF WORTHWhat you’re really worth never changes!!!
    9. 9. SELF ESTEEM I am not what I think I amI am not what you think I am I am what I think you think I am
    10. 10. SELF-ESTEEM Self-Esteem is a combination of self -image, ideal self, and Pygmalion-self Self Image: what we perceive ourselves to be Ideal-self: how we want to be Pygmalion-self: our perception of what we believe other people think of us.I am not what I think I amI am not what you think I amI am what I think you think I am
    11. 11. SELF ESTEEM IN A NUTSHELLSelf talk + others opinions = self esteem
    12. 12. #1 ICEBERG90% of mass lies Top 10% is what webeneath the water. want people to see could be inaccurate (labels, stereotypes,What lies beneath? images Dreams fears guilt shame hopes Habits concerns insecurities personality failures accomplishments
    13. 13. MIRRORSSocial Mirror True Mirror  What others say about  The real you you  Based on personal  Based on comparisons best to others Internal External  Comes from  Comes from the media conscience and self  Where you are today awareness  Your mistakes  Your potential
    14. 14. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL ACTIVIT YThe Social Mirror The True Mirror  How others would  How I would describe describe me BEST myself 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5
    15. 15. GETTING READY FOR SCHOOL MOMENTSocial mirror True mirror  Compare yourself to  Be comfortable with the latest teen how you look and celebrity or boy/girl at focus on your better school and hate the features way you look, you don’t measure up
    16. 16. FEELING INSECURE MOMENTRemember how Remember the many times others times you were have teased you outgoing and about your shyness friendly
    17. 17. COURAGE MOMENTSocial Mirror True Mirror  Think about how much  Focus on your more talented strengths and the price everyone else is you’ve paid to be prepared
    18. 18. CRACKS IN THE SOCIAL MIRROR The social mirror is unrealistic.  Media sells us that looks are everything.  Others opinions The social mirror is always changing.  “Who are you” said the caterpillar. Alice replied, rather shyly, “I hardly know, Sir, just at present ---- at least I know who I was when I got up this morning but I think I must have changed several times since then.”  Alice in Wonderland The social mirror isn’t accurate.  You are so much more than the opinions of others!
    19. 19. #2 SELF TALK The encouragement or criticism you give yourself The Law of Positive Self -Talk states: “You can change who you are by changing what you say when you talk to your mind. ”The way you currently think is a collection of mental habits you have practiced all of your life. A LOT were picked up from other people and may not even be accurate. Story of girl on swings (two sisters)
    20. 20. IMPORTANCE OF SELF TALK AND THE BRAIN/BOD Reading assignments
    21. 21. NEGATIVE SELF TALK We are not good enough  Not thin enough  Not smart enough  Not nice enough  Not rich enough  Not handsome enough  Not beautiful enough  The list can go on and on…………………… HOW DO WE REPLACE IT???
    22. 22. AFFIRMATION
    23. 23. WAYS TO IMPROVE SELF -ESTEEM Good Friends Focus on the positive aspects about yourself Supportive self-talk….AFFIRMATIONS Work toward accomplishments rather than perfection Mistakes are learning opportunities Try new activities Set goals Exercise regularly Volunteer Accept that which you can not change.
    24. 24. True Mirror/Social Mirror Activity
    25. 25. MASLOWS HIERARCHY OF NEEDSWe are motivated by our Self-needs. Actualization Esteem Needs Social Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs