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Rba pp

  1. 1.  Wife  Babysitter Daughter  Therapist Sister  Nurse Aunt  Accountant Friend  Granddaughter Coach  Daughter-in-law Teacher  Chaperone Church member  Student Chef  Sister-in-law
  2. 2.  Role: a part you play in your relationship Relationship: the bond or connection you have with other people ◦ Acquaintances ◦ Friends ◦ Family
  3. 3.  Communication  Compromise ◦ We will discuss all ◦ Problem solving about this next class method in which each participant Cooperation gives up something to reach a solution ◦ Working together for that satisfies the good of all everyone ◦ “Cheaper by the Dozen”
  4. 4.  Person #1 is the ONLY person who may talk, but cannot touch anything!! Person #2 CANNOT talk. He/she may only use ONE hand and can only touch marshmallows Person #3 CANNOT talk. He/she may only use ONE hand and can only touch toothpicks
  5. 5.  Trustworthiness:  Caring: ◦ Do what you say you ◦ Show sympathy will do and/or empathy Responsibility:  Citizenship: ◦ borrow something, it ◦ Be a good neighbor, breaks, you replace help by shoveling it. walks, etc. Fairness:  Respect: ◦ take turns, share ◦ Listen when someone is talking
  6. 6. Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someoneor something obtained by theirabilities, qualities, or achievements Respect for Self  Respect for others ◦ When you respect ◦ Listen yourself you are ◦ Considerate others more likely to seek feelings relationships where ◦ Mutual trust: being others will treat you dependable with respect. ◦ Realistic in expectations: cant always be top priority
  7. 7.  A way to gage the strength or weakness of your relationship. Much like a real checking/saving account at a bank. ◦ As you make “DEPOSITS” the relationship strengthens. ◦ When you make “WITHDRAWALS” the relationship weakens
  8. 8.  We have a different “bank account” with everyone we know. ◦ These relationships can be in the „positive‟ or the „negative‟ It requires conscious deposits in order to maintain the relationship
  9. 9.  Deposits tend to evaporate or be forgotten about. Where withdrawals turn to stone (not forgotten…harder to forget) Too many withdrawals requires even more deposits to bring the account back into the positive. We must continually make deposits if we want our RBA to stay positive.
  10. 10.  Breaking promises  Asking for a curfew Gossiping about extension others  Borrowing the Not listening car…again Being arrogant  Waiting to be told Losing trust to do something Not fulfilling expectations
  11. 11.  Understand the  Clarify Expectations individual  Show Personal Small courtesies Integrity and kindness  Use the most Keep our important words commitments
  12. 12.  Recognize what is important to that person and take interest in it Ex: Sam discusses the stock market with his dad who is a stock-broker
  13. 13.  These are often underrated, but kind notes, winks, hugs, etc quickly add up in the RBA. These small acts demonstrate appreciation
  14. 14.  Doing WHAT we say we will WHEN we say we will Promising to be somewhere & not showing up = withdrawal
  15. 15.  Critically important in avoiding contention, misunder standings, & hurt feelings Don‟t read minds or expect others to read yours. Ex: Moms idea of a clean room might be different than yours.
  16. 16.  Demonstrate character in all your actions & relationships Be trustworthy & honest. Don‟t gossip
  17. 17.  Small, but important words make all the difference in a relationship. Ex: Please… Thank you… I love you… I‟m sorry… How can I help…?