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Foundationsofahealthyrelationship1 110216093737-phpapp02

Foundationsofahealthyrelationship1 110216093737-phpapp02






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    Foundationsofahealthyrelationship1 110216093737-phpapp02 Foundationsofahealthyrelationship1 110216093737-phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

    • Foundations of Healthy Relationships
      Cooperation and Compromise
    • Bell Ringer (5 min)
      Describe your relationship (s) with your siblings and/or closest friends. How do you get along? How do you work through disagreements?
      Keep journals out!
    • Relationships
      • Relationship: a bond or connection you have with other people.
      • Friendship: a significant relationship between two people that is based on trust, caring, and consideration.
      • Citizenship: the way you conduct yourself as a member of the community.
    • Sandra Bullock Video Clips (10 minutes)
      • Sandra Bullock is just one person, but she has played many different roles. Is that true for all of us?
      • Do we all play different roles in the relationships we have throughout our lives?
      • Do the roles we play ever change?
    • The Roles we Play
      Role: a part you play in your relationships
      • Examples of the roles I play
    • Mrs. Day’s Roles
      Roles Mrs. Day Plays Now:
      • Sister
      • Daughter
      • Wife
      • Mother
      • Friend
      • Student
      • Teacher
      • Aunt
      • Church member
      • Community member
      • Cousin
      Roles Mrs. Day has Played Before:
      Team captain
      Team member
      Class president
      Class member
      Someone’s date
      Care-giver/ Pet-owner
    • Skills for building relationships
      Communication: the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people.
      Cooperation: working together for the good of all.
      Compromise: a problem-solving method in which each participant gives up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.
    • Two “C”s of Healthy Relationships
      Cooperation and Compromise
      Cheaper by the Dozen: Movie Clip (12 min)
    • Relationship Bank Account (RBA)
      • We have a different bank account with every person we have a relationship with.
      • The quality of our relationships depends on how many deposits and withdrawals we make in each account.
      • When there are significant “funds” in our bank accounts, an occasional withdrawal will not damage the relationship.
      • Minimize withdrawals and make generous deposits on a regular basis.
    • Relationship Bank Account (RBA)
      Examples of Withdrawals:
      • Not listening
      • Being unsympathetic
      • Not keeping a promise
      • Forgetting a friend’s birthday
      • A sarcastic comment
      Examples of Deposits:
      • Understanding what’s
      important to them
      • Remember the little things
      • Tell the truth
      • Sense the need and do it
      • Open up
      • Use the most important words
    • “I Do Care” Activity (page 93 in Page book
      • 10 min
      • Take out a piece of paper
      1. Make a list of the most important people in your lives.
      2. Write down ways to show these people that you care about them.
      3. Write a list of things that you do that might make these people feel like you don’t care about them.
      Make a conscious effort to increase the ways you show these individuals in your life that you care!
    • Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship
      Self Respect
      Respect for Others
    • Respect for Others
      Listen to other people
      Be considerate of other’s feelings
      Develop mutual trust
      Be realistic in your expectations
    • Traits of Healthy Relationships
      • Mutual Respect
      • Treat others with respect and they respect you in return
      • Accept each other’s opinions, tastes, and traditions
      • Accept each other’s differences
      • Don’t force your opinions on each other
      • Caring
      • Treat others with kindness and consideration
      • Show empathy and support
      • Willing to help others
      • Honesty
      • Honest and open with others
      • Don’t conceal your thoughts, feelings, or actions
      • Commitment
      • Contribute to the relationship
      • Work to keep the relationship strong
      • Make sacrifices for the friendship
      • Deal with and overcome problems in a positive way
    • Unhealthy Behaviors
      • Stereotyping: making an exaggerated or oversimplified judgments about people who belong to a certain group.
      • Prejudice: an unfair opinion or judgment of a particular group of people.
      • Bullying: deliberately harming or threatening other people who cannot easily defend themselves.
      • Hazing: making others perform certain tasks in order to join the group.