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  • 1. Drug Use
  • 2. Quiz #1 Journal #2
    1. Name one classification of Medicine an example of medicine
    2. What Interaction is when 2 drugs work together for the common good.
    3. What Interaction is when one medicine cancels out the other
    4. Name one way medicine is misused.
  • 3. Substance Abuse
    Substance abuse includes the use of illegal substances, as well as misuse of legal substances
    Substance abuse: any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for nonmedical purposes.
    Illegal drugs: chemical substances that people of any age may not lawfully manufacture, possess, buy or sell
    Illicit drug use: use/sale of substances that are illegal
  • 4. Factors that Influence Teens
    Peer pressure
    Family members
    Role models
    Media messages
    Perceptions of drug behavior
    Misleading info
  • 5. How Drugs Affect your Health
    Physical Health
    Overdose: strong sometimes fatal reaction to taking large amounts of a drug.
    Mental Health
    Impair reasoning and think
    Social Health
    Loss of friendships with drug free friends
    Legal consequences
    Leading cause of crime, suicide, and unintentional injuries.
  • 6. Group Discussion
    Drugs take a heavy toll: in addition to the physical risks to a persons health, substance abuse can damage all aspects of your life.
    Consequences for the individual
    Consequences for friends and family
    Consequences for Others
    Consequences for Society
  • 7. Drug Impact on the body
    Stimulant: Drugs that speed up the Central Nervous System
    Meth, LSD (acid)Coffee, tea, cola, power energy drinks, crack, cocaine, amphetamines.
    Depressant: Drugs that slow down the Central Nervous System.
    Barbituates(sedatives) tranquilizers,
  • 8. Meth
  • 9. 10 years of Meth Use
  • 10. Meth
    Methamphetamine, or meth is a stimulant. White, odorless powder that easily dissolves in alcohol or water. Because its nonmedical form is produced in makeshift labs, the drug is ready available but its quality is uncertain. Meth may provide a short term feeling:
    Euphoria, but often its use also causes depression, paranoia, and delusions. Meth can cause death as well.
  • 11. Meth
    Meth may be snorted, smoked, orally ingested or injected.
    Short term effects:
    Sleeplessness, increased wakefulness and physical activity and decreased appetite.
    Long term effects:
    Molecular changes in the brain: violent behavior, anxiety, confusion, confusion, paranoia, hallucinations, mood disturbances.
    Formication: sensation of insects creeping on the skin
  • 12. Meth Facts
    Meth is one of the largest illegal drug problems in Utah
    Of all substance abuse treatment programs 28% are Meth abusers of that 75% are woman and mothers.
    Meth is a leading contributor in domestic violence, neglect, and abuse of children.
    Homes/properties contaminated with Meth can cost thousands of dollars to clean. ($5000 to even $100,000)