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Covey addiction
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Covey addiction


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  • 1. Striking @ the Root
  • 2.  Drain motivation/harms babies Worse than smoking cigarettes Stronger than it used to be: leads to other hard core drug useMarijuana
  • 3.  Are no safer than street drugs Life threatening: many physical problems Cousins to heroinPain Killers
  • 4.  Weird things to brain and body Date rape Hostile behavior Anxiety/paranoia Permanent damage to the brainClub Drugs
  • 5.  Change your appearance Aggression Thin hair Acne Balding Stunted growth Breast development ADDICTIVESteroids
  • 6.  Brain damage Lose control Kill in one hit Affect heart and bodyInhalants
  • 7.  Unpredictable Affects brain Addictive Makes you look ugly!!!!Meth
  • 8.  Know the facts ◦ Drugs kill brain cells Know yourself ◦ Does this fit with the person I am becoming or want to be someday? Know the situation ◦ Don’t Flirt with DANGER!  Russian army traditionThe 3 Knows
  • 9.  Why it is hard for people to say no?  Want to be of help  Afraid of being rude  Want to be agreeable  Fear of conflict  Fear of lost opportunity (friendship)  Not burning bridges (sign of rejection severed relationshipsJust say NO
  • 10.  Be Direct: NO THANKS Use Humor:  Hey try some of this, its really good…….no thanks, I like my brain cells hehe Blame it on your parents Suggest and alternative  Go to a movie, head to other friends house Get up an GO!!  Hey my mom needs me home5 No’s
  • 11.  If you don’t drink or do drugs, eventually your reputation will speak for itself and you wont be invited into circles or the parties of those that do. ◦ CONSIDER IT A COMPLIMENT TO NOT GET INVITED Let your reputation speak for itself
  • 12.  Admit it!  Admit you have a problem or are on the path towards having a problem Get Help  Parents, teacher, good friend, counselor  You don’t have to battle it alone Do it NOW!!!  It will only get harder the longer you wait!!!DEFEATING ADDICTION
  • 13. In the Wrong Crowd
  • 14.  Many teens who drink, smoke or do drugs have parents that do You can “Break the Cycle” what a great contribution to yourself and your future posterity…..Kick the HabitBreaking the Cycle
  • 15.  Depression Anger Hurting Rebellion Fearful Insecure Holes in lifeVoids
  • 16.  Just like you can become addicted to harmful substances you can pick up positive ones too ◦ GET HIGH NATURALLY!!!Filling the void
  • 17.  Exercise Sports Music Service Hobbies Learning Family Faith Friends journalANTI-DRUG