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Presentation for ChicagoCOUNTS unconference

Presentation for ChicagoCOUNTS unconference

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  • 1. Web Analytics 101 Presented by: The Web Farm
  • 2. Web Analytics in a nutshell • Web analytics software tracks metrics – or, measurements – of web traffic • Web analytics can help you get into the heads of your visitors • Analytics can give you info that can make your website’s design and content better and more relevant to your audience • HUMANS do web analytics, not software
  • 3. What Web Analytics won’t do: • Act as a replacement for CRM • Drive traffic to your website • Perform magic
  • 4. How your organization can use web analytics • Find out what campaigns (e-mail, social media, paid search - even print!) bring in traffic/activity • Identify what websites hold the key to your core supporters • Monitor what website content is popular & most effective • in site errors (broken links, etc.)
  • 5. Web Analytics Key Terms • Visitor: An individual user of your site • Visit/Session: Time from when a visitor enters and leaves your website • Pageviews: Every time a visitor views a web page on a site • Site Referrer: External web page that brought visitor to you • Conversion: When a visitor completes an action (buys a product, subscribes to newsletter) • Bounce Rate: Percentage of visitors that exit after only viewing one page of a website (or 10 seconds)
  • 6. Planning a Web Analytics Strategy • What is the purpose of your organization’s site? (ex. sell products, gather donations or content?) • What visitor actions on the site will help achieve your goals? (ex. signing up, buying something?) • What do visitors want to do when they come to your site? • What information will decision-makers want to know?
  • 7. Metrics and your site You don’t have to pay attention to every metric! Identify key metrics! • Blog: time on site, pages/visit • Non-profit website: Visitor to donor ratio, referring sites/bounce rate What metrics you follow depend on the goals of your site.
  • 8. SMART Goals! Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely
  • 9. Web Analytics Troubleshooting Are you: • Measuring goal conversion? • Filtering your data? • Segmenting your data? • Reporting your data to all who could use it? • Acting on your data?
  • 10. Going Further: Testing and Tagging • A/B Testing (testing test samples against a baseline) • Multivariate Testing (testing multiple page elements) • Heat Maps • Campaign tagging and measurement (PPC, email, social media) • Surveys and focus groups
  • 11. Going Further: Books/Blogs Books • Google Analytics 2.0 – Mary E. Tyler • Web Analytics an Hour a Day — Avinash Kaushik • Web Analytics 2.0 — Avinash Kaushik Blogs/Websites (Google ‘em!) • Conversion University • Web Analytics World • Web Analytics Demystified
  • 12. Thanks! keidra@thewebfarmers.com @thewebfarmers