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Presentation on social media marketing, by The Web Farm

Presentation on social media marketing, by The Web Farm

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing
    • Presented by: The Web Farm
  • 2. Social Media is a Marketing Tool
    • Social Media Marketing spending to hit 3.1 Billion by 2014
    • - from Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecast
  • 3. Social Media is a Marketing Tool
    • In 2010, Pepsi elected to skip traditional television advertising during the Super Bowl and spent $20 million on the Pepsi Refresh social media campaign
  • 4. But how do you know if it’s working?
      • Lots to measure: trust, influence, engagement
      • Many tools on the market, and varying strategies
      • Social media moves fast
      • Not free: takes time, people, technology in order to do effectively – all finite resources
  • 5. 5 steps for social media measurement
    • Start with business goals, not platforms
    • Establish a baseline measure to support each goal
    • Select the tools that fit your needs
    • Listen and participate
    • Measure social media impact across all channels (online/offline)
  • 6. Step 1: Start with your goals
    • What do you want social media to do for you?
      • Increase online/offline sales?
      • Get the word out about your product/cause?
      • Create a community of fans?
      • Requires different tools with a different focus
  • 7. Step 1: Define your goals
    • Example: War Child Canada
    • Started a social media campaign to:
    • create online awareness
    • establish social media presence
    • drive donations
    • Doubled website traffic and saw 50% increase in donations
  • 8. Step 2: Define Measures to Support Each Goal
      • New fans/removed fans
      • #/% of active fans
      • # of interactions a week (comments, wall posts, @ replies)
      • Photo/video views
      • # Mentions (people referring to you elsewhere on Facebook, Twitter, blogs)
      • Traffic to website (pageviews/unique visitors)
  • 9. Step 3: Select the tool that fit your needs
    • Pick tools based on
    • What metrics you wish to track (impressions? clicks? fans? conversation?)
    • Your company’s level of investment (free or paid?)
    • Staff needs (more than one staff member devoted to social media?)
    • No single tool will have everything you need!
  • 10. Step 3: Select the channel/tools that fit your needs Tools For Newbies Twitter Search Google Alerts Google Blog Search Social Free Tools PeopleBrowzr TweetDeck/Hootsuite (very sophisticated, twitter-only ) Paid Tools Radian6 Sysomos Rapleaf ScoutLabs Reputation Defender Buzzient
  • 11. Step 4: Listen to the social media conversation
    • Listen
    • Participate
    • Respond
  • 12. Step 5:Measure social media across all media channels (e-mail, print, web)
    • Identify up specific campaigns to measure social media impact on your website
    • Use URL shorteners like to measure clicks from print/e-mail.etc
    • Overlay and analyze your print/web/social/offlineconversion information – it all works together!
  • 13. Takeaways
    • Before you start, consider what you want social media to accomplish for company
    • Define expectations and results before selecting tools/platforms
    • Listen to your audience - before and after jumping in
    • Pick tools based on your companies needs
    • Connect/overlay your marketing efforts and analyze overall results
  • 14. Thanks! [email_address] @kdc @thewebfarmers