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Metal 101
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Metal 101


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  • 1. Metal 101 Stuff I think you should care about By Keidra
  • 2. First off: I am not an expert • Listened to metal for 20 years • Wrote about heavy music for beer money sometimes • Wrote an essay about listening to heavy metal that people still seem to care about • Actually waited in line for Dave Mustaine’s autograph • I attempt to play it badly sometimes • Probably going to Maryland Deathfest next year • Go to if you want it broken down
  • 3. With that… what is metal? • It starts with the blues, or at least blues rock, which the Brits did best: Black Sabbath, essentially the heaviest blues band EVAR
  • 4. What else? • Riffs, not chords dominate • Rhythm and Precision • Distortion • Dissonant tonality “The Devil Chord/Interval” • Downtuned guitars
  • 5. But…there’s more! Punk and hardcore influence metal a lot, too! New Wave of British Heavy Metal
  • 6. 80’s Thrash Metal: The Big 4 and Friends
  • 7. Subgenres • Thrash metal (The Big 4 and friends) • Glam Metal (Motley Crue and such – is this really metal? I am not going there) • Death Metal (Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse) • Prog/Power Metal (Dream Theatre, Nightwish, DragonForce, Queensryche)
  • 8. More Subgenres • Black Metal** (Dimmu Borgir, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Skeletonwitch) • Doom/Stoner Metal and friends (St. Vitus, Trouble, Eyehategod, Kyuss, Down) • Metalcore (Converge, DEP, Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die) • Grindcore and stuff (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer) • Tons of hybrid shit (symphonic metal, post-metal, viking metal, avant garde metal)
  • 9. • Not all Black Metal is racist National Socialist Black Metal is the subgenre thematically aligned with the Nazi party. Though there is sometimes uncomfortable overlap with some subgenres. **Important to Note
  • 10. Also Important to Note • EVERYONE WILL ARGUE ABOUT WHAT SUBGENRE THEIR FAVORITE BAND ACTUALLY IS AND WHY IT IS THE BEST • Who’s right? YOU. Everyone else is totally wrong.
  • 11. Pros and Cons • Pros: Diversity! There’s something for everyone! Kinda. • Cons: Way too much to keep up with if you have a job and other hobbies. Lots of bullshit posturing about “false metal”
  • 12. Where to start? Your own tastes • Do you like groove? Maybe Doom metal • Do you like melody? Maybe Symphonic metal • Fan of hardcore? Some non-sucky metalcore bands may be for you • Fan of shit like Rush? You will love prog metal • Fan of shit like Frank Zappa ? Try avant garde metal
  • 13. Education! Should you want to actually know more
  • 14. Reading! Sound of the Beast – Ian Christe
  • 15. Reading! Heavy Metal: The Music and Its Culture – Deena Weinstein
  • 16. Reading! Decibel Magazine
  • 17. Blogs! Metal
  • 18. And that’s it