Geeks are Awesome in the Philippines!


Published on talk for the Nimbus Conference hosted by Ateneo de Manila University.

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  • I'm KenI'm the Evangelist at WebGeekI spread the good news about “WebGeek and of course Tech Scene in the Philippines!
  • REMEMBER TO HAVE A STORY HERE.In the early 90s, Silicon Valley wasn’t
  • Mention: WebGeek, DevCon, Smart DevNetand more
  • The word “hacker” has an unfairly negative connotation from being portrayed in the media as people who break into computers. In reality, hacking just means building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can be done. Like most things, it can be used for good or bad, but the vast majority of hackers I’ve met tend to be idealistic people who want to have a positive impact on the world.The Hacker Way is an approach to building that involves continuous improvement and iteration. Hackers believe that something can always be better, and that nothing is ever complete. They just have to go fix it — often in the face of people who say it’s impossible or are content with the status quo.
  • Inspire them to take action to be a part of the tech ecosystem To build apps and hacksTo join or build startups
  • absence of a information hub for local community gatherings and eventslack of a localized forum for tech enthusiast and IT professionals
  •  WebGeek is an online venue for tech enthusiast, professionals and students wherein they can share ideas and collaborate with each other. Apart from that WebGeek also covers in our site the fast growing technology scene with a focus here in the Philippines. Events are regularly organized by WebGeek in order to promote local talent, initiatives and ecosystem. Connecting the local tech practitioners to foreign companies that do exciting stuff is also an agenda at WebGeek events.
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  • We been mentionsSG EntrepreneursTheNextWeb
  • We also organizes events and meetups, promotes startups, articles and other tech events.
  • Start collaborating with other webgeeks and together we can make the web that is much more awesome!
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  • Geeks are Awesome in the Philippines!

    1. 1. Geeks the Philippines. In are Awesome!
    2. 2. Talent (?)
    3. 3. Geeks that you probably should know.
    4. 4. LOL. JK. :D
    5. 5. Awesome Community
    6. 6. Awesome events
    7. 7. Awesome events• Add Image here• Hackathon• Meetups• (Mention: DevCup, Startup Weekend etc)• - Add image here! Ikaw na bahala haha
    8. 8. Girl geeks???
    9. 9. Filipino Hacker’s Culture• We love code!• We love to build apps and startups• Solving problems• Collaboration
    10. 10. Access to funding and mentorship
    11. 11. Startup blah blah yada yada.
    12. 12. “Move fast and break things” -Zuck
    13. 13. So you’re a geek?If you a geek and you want to connect withothers geeks?You want to check upcoming tech events andnews?
    14. 14. We want to solve that problem!
    15. 15. Founded by: Geeks below 23 years old
    16. 16. We’re kinda a big thing.
    17. 17. Community portal for geeks!
    18. 18. We build a geek community and promotes the tech scene in the Philippines
    19. 19. Our Hackathon “WebGeek DevCup”
    20. 20. Join us!
    21. 21. We are a community• We need geeks like you!• We need volunteers• Contributing writers• Start collaborating with other webgeeks and together we can make the web that is much more awesome!• Email us:
    22. 22. One more thing!
    23. 23. We have mobile
    24. 24. WebGeek on Facebook app!
    25. 25. STICKERS. WOAH.
    26. 26. KTHXBYE.
    27. 27. Thank you! us: