Cleaning pointers & tasks


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This powerpoint will help you gain the knowledge you will need to succeed in the challenge presented to you on Friday

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Cleaning pointers & tasks

  2. 2. General Cleaning• Gather equipment in a bucket• Pretreat tough spots• Be conservative with products• Wipe carefully
  3. 3. Washing Dishes• By hand – Scrape food, remove grease – Use hot water – Wash in this order - glasses, silverware, plates, serving dishes, cookware – Rinse in hot water – Air dry
  4. 4. Kitchen Areas•Counters & tables •Sink –Wash daily with –Use glass cleaner on clean soapy water faucets, then buff –Use all purpose –Hard water? Lime cleaner to cut grease Away removes mineral deposits –Use old toothbrush•Garbage Disposal around edges and •Every 2 weeks faucet •Fill with ice and run without water •Run for 2 minutes •Removes food particles
  5. 5. Stove•Stove Top •Oven –Wipe cook top soon –Wipe continuous after use, soapy water clean with soapy or all-purpose cleaner water if cooking –Clean surrounds spillover frequently with non- –Check manual to scratch cleaner see if remove racks –Soak dirty to clean knobs, drip pans, –Non self-cleaning and burner rings should be cleaned in soapy water with specially –Clean hood filter in formulated cleaner dishwasher
  6. 6. Refrigerator• Promptly wipe spills, drips, and sticky spots• Wash out drawers• Once a year, completely wipe out with cleaner• Then wipe with vinegar to prevent mildew• Place open box of baking soda in fridge for odors
  7. 7. Freezer• Free-standing freezer defrost every 6 months-whenever large amount frost• Remove all products and put in cooler• Put 3 – 4 pans hot water on shelves, close door, let sit• Remove ice and water• Wash with soapy water• Dry
  8. 8. Floors• Wash kitchen floors every 1 to 2 weeks• Sweep floor every few days• Vinyl floors should be cleaned with product recommended by manufacturer• DO NOT use ammonia on on-wax floors• Sponge mop, but twice yearly scrub on hands and knees with brush
  9. 9. Bedrooms• Clean top down, side to side• Pick up clothes and clutter• Get cobwebs and dust from ceiling corners, tops of woodwork, and light fixtures• Dust windows and blinds• Once a year wash light fixtures and windows• Once a year move furniture and vacuum• Dust surfaces and clean floors
  10. 10. Bathroom• Put bath mats and rug in hall• Spray shower tiles, tub and doors with cleaner, leave on few minutes to dissolve grime• Move items on vanity to one side, clean top and sink, move to other side, clean• Spray mirror and faucets with window cleaner, wipe• Wipe down shower walls and tub• Work way around room dusting and wiping off fingerprints• Wipe outside of toilet with all-purpose cleaner• Clean toilet bowl with brush and cleaner
  11. 11. Daily Cleaning Tasks• pick up clutter• wash dishes• clean kitchen sink• put away dishes• clean the kitchen counter• sweep the kitchen floor• make bed• put away clothes
  12. 12. Weekly Cleaning Tasks• Dust• vacuum carpets• plan meals• shop for groceries• mop the kitchen floor• take the trash out• prepare trash for recycling• clean the toilets• Clean the showers/tubs• mop the bathroom floor• Do the laundry
  13. 13. Monthly Cleaning Tasks• clean the windows• clean the oven• Clean the refrigerator• clean the kitchen cupboards• mend clothes• clean out the clothes closets• pay bills• do home repairs• get car repairs done• Do dry-cleaning