Writing the Book on Investor Relations and Social Media


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Social Media Week presentation "Writing the Book on Investor Relations and Social Media" delivered at KCSA Strategic Communications on February 16, 2012.

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Writing the Book on Investor Relations and Social Media

  1. 1. Writing the Book on Investor Relations and Social Media Welcome to KCSA Strategic Communications! Breakfast is being served in the conference room. Please help yourself. Once you find a seat, please use your iPhone, iPad,Droid, Blackberry, PDA or whatever your social media device of choice is to take a quick poll at http://www.facebook.com/KCSAStrategic (The results will be available shortly) Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Who We Are Jeff Corbin Chi-Chi Millaway Chief Executive Officer and Social Media Director Managing Partner Jeff brings more than a decade of integrated Chi-Chi is a communications strategist with investor relations, public relations and marketing extensive experience creating and implementing experience to help clients grow their businesses. social media campaigns in conjunction with public relations, investor relations and brand marketing Most notably, Jeff has developed financial efforts. communications programs for the American Stock Exchange and dozens of Israeli companies who She is also experienced in consumer and business- have their primary listings on the NYSE and to-business public and investor relations in the NASDAQ. internet, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, technology and education sectors for both U.S. and He has also lectured on the topic of building Chinese companies. relationships with Wall Street as well as internationally on the subject of Wall Streets Chi-Chi holds a master’s degree in public relations perception of foreign companies and what they and corporate communication from New York must do in order to attract U.S. investors. Jeff is University, a master’s degree in education from the author of the book, Investor Relations: The Art Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in of Communicating Value - Four Basic Steps to a English from the University of Michigan. She has Successful IR Program & Creating the Ultimate also served as the Social Media Chair for the Communications Platform. Jeff has a bachelor’s Public Relations Society of America New York degree in government from Cornell University and chapter. a law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.2 #smwIR
  3. 3. KCSA Strategic Communications Independent corporate INDEPENDENT AGENCY 42 YEARS communications firm specializing in the integration of public relations, investor relations OFFICES New York | Boston | Chicago | Tel Aviv OLD and marketing services 35+ EMPLOYEESTOP 5 TOP 25IR/FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT PR FIRM AWARD WINNING CREATIVE & MARKETINGCOMMUNICATIONS FIRM IN THE COUNTRY GROUP corporate image,EXPERTISE IN brand building and product/service marketing3 #smwIR
  4. 4. Agenda1. Steps to successful IR programs2. Evolution of the Internet, IR and social media3. Survey results, IR challenges4. Social media channels and best practices5. Discussion of best practices for incorporating social media into an IR program4 #smwIR
  5. 5. Four Steps to Successful IR Programs 1 2 3 45 #smwIR
  6. 6. Evolution of the Internet, IR and Disclosure ) io n i ce y nc e ed at ory ts le y ot rox a ts ch liz st rs x N -p id ET star un cia et s ine bu -O es (e gu and rks er rn w l le es u s N la m inte ne on FD bb an d iss ces A s o PA ing is m t n g u b te C c NR log netw AR ann L Co the rs Fi oke Re he b r Sa ac SE d A FI b l pl AO of br T en an on cia so e is es b id ail w lo g nch is we es e n ld eb a & id n us tes so em or e lau di a lin s w w pe d di am ov i m lop rst pag rm ed gl e iki che e re pr ce o y s To ve Fi eb Te in oo W un l m nst C n a n e o G ia i SE ida mp d w c la oc ma S 0 gu co 2. of6 #smwIR
  7. 7. IR and Social7 #smwIR
  8. 8. Evolution of Social Media8 #smwIR
  9. 9. IR Challenges9 #smwIR
  10. 10. Social Media as a Solution • Amplify your message • Correct misinformation, rumors, guilt by association • Target the investor that’s impossible to reach • Reach more retail investors • Share news that you would not issue in a press release • Attract media attention10 #smwIR
  11. 11. Social Media Channels11 #smwIR
  12. 12. Twitter • Opportunity: Build a following of relevant financial media, traders, analysts and industry influencers • IR ROI: Increase the investment community’s conversation about your stock Best Practices • Use the $[Ticker] tag and cross link to Stocktwits • Tweet about analyst/investor days and annual meetings • Enhance quarterly reporting • Live tweet earnings and ask shareholders to submit questions for Q&A • Manage compliance statements and archiving (arkovi, cmp.ly, socialware, etc.)12 #smwIR
  13. 13. LinkedIn • Opportunity: Build your reputation as an industry expert • IR ROI: Improve positioning and expand your investor network Best Practices • Create groups, events and polls around IR activity • Lead discussion in groups and through Answers • Organize contacts into downloadable investor database • Incorporate keywords to improve SEO • Promote with detailed products, services and banners • Use modules to cross-promote social content • Create a targeted investor page13 #smwIR
  14. 14. SlideShare • Opportunity: Disseminate content to a highly professional audience • IR ROI: Increase brand exposure and understanding of the Company story Best Practices • Branded channel with corporate and investor presentations • Regularly share presentations for analyst days, conferences calls, etc. • Host investor calls with Zipcast meetings • Create webinars with Slidecast • Embed YouTube videos in presentations14 #smwIR
  15. 15. Facebook • Opportunity: Showcase investor and corporate information in a multimedia format • IR ROI: Improve your relationship with potential investors and brand advocates Best Practices • Custom channel with website branding elements • Daily engagement with original industry content, polls, contests, etc. • Post guidelines for social media usage and compliance • Unique investor relations tab with feeds to earnings releases, stock charts, etc.15 #smwIR
  16. 16. YouTube • Opportunity: Expand your digital footprint • IR ROI: Improve your SEO to reach a higher search engine ranking and be more easily found by investors Best Practices • Take advantage of SEO opportunities by tagging all videos with keywords – consider adding CC transcripts • Cross-link to and promote across other social channels • Shorten videos and add annotations for higher engagement16 #smwIR
  17. 17. Blog • Opportunity: Build your position as a thought leader in the industry • IR ROI: Increase coverage of the company and build your leadership position in the minds of investors Best Practices • Pitch company content and experts to financial and industry bloggers • Develop a focused bi-monthly corporate blog with clear messaging • Optimize with blogrolls and keyword tags17 #smwIR
  18. 18. Everything’s Connected18 #smwIR
  19. 19. The Future of IR and Social Media • Companies will start to write IR social media policies • The SEC will issue new regulation • More companies using social media for IR = recognition as a communications vehicle • Companies will build investor networks • Example: DellShares community • IR will go mobile • Investors want direct access to customized real-time company information (apps)19 #smwIR
  20. 20. Social Media Policy 1. Define a clear social communication hierarchy within the company to establish who is responsible for handling each aspect of a company’s social media effort. 2. Make recommendations on how employees should and should not use their personal social media accounts for talking about their company. 3. Create a system for approving content. This can include content review by IR, legal, PR, and marketing team members, as needed. 4. Outline expectations for the nature and frequency of posts. Content and consistency are critical to success in social media. 5. Create guiding principles for acceptable content and conduct. 6. Set clear guidelines for tone. Any content that is predictive or that fails to remain objective may be in violation of financial compliance. 7. Build in rules for archiving. Access to previous content is critical if compliance questions or concerns are raised. 8. Implement a plan to provide disclaimers. 9. Establish rules for links to third-party content. A link is an unofficial endorsement of that content. 10. Outline the response and consequences if the social media policy is violated.20 #smwIR
  21. 21. The Time is Now! • Let’s discuss!A link to the presentation and webcast will be available at http://www.kcsa.comPlease post any additional questions to the LinkedIn group.21 #smwIR
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