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The Viera Legacy Ch 1
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The Viera Legacy Ch 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The Viera Legacy
    Generation 1: Many, many Clichés
  • 2. Hello, yes this is another legacy. Meet Santana Viera. She is a lovely new resident of Sunset Valley. She is a natural cook, brave, family oriented over emotional and has a good sense of humor. Her dream is to raise five children…“And how am I supposed to do that?”
    Well the general procedure is to…
    “Yes duh! I know that! I mean…”
  • 3. “Look what you have given me to work with!?!”
    Well… It’s not like you have money growing out of your ears, this is the best I could do. “Well, NORMAL people usually begin with a house they can afford with furniture...”
    This is a Legacy dear, rough starts is the first standardCliché.
    “Well screw that! I’m getting a Job. See you, whoever you are at the Little Corsican Bistro!”
    Cliché#2 Check!
  • 4. Random: “So I’m like, a genius and it’s great you can get so much done.”
    “Wow. Hey Whoever, check out madam modest over there!”
    ‘Whoever?’ what about the usually ‘voice’ clique names? And it’s rude to stare!
    “You’re name is Whoever. I’m not doing yourClichécounting crap! I’m and individual!
    *Sigh* If that helps you sleep at night.Cliché#3 0 >.<
  • 5. And so the rest of Santana’s day was filled withclichés. Cliché#4 Skilling- Check!Cliché#5 Foraging- Check!Cliché#6 fail spouse hunting- Check!
  • 6. And thus ends Santana’s first day.
    Cliché #4 | Viera 1
    “Fan-flipping-tastic! Shut-up so I can sleep!”
  • 7. Cliché #7 Being cheap by growing your own food- Check!
    “Oh for the love of fridges! Will you go away?”
    “Damnit! What about when I die?”
    I won’t annoy you then. Your dead.
  • 8. And yet another day of clichés. Reading newspapers, more foraging, more fail spouse hunting…
  • 9. …And of course, there is now shower. So a quick stop to use the facilities at the Gym and then to work.
    “You will be commenting constantly on this boring crap? Who the heck will read this?”
    Yes and I don’t know. Now move your patootie!
  • 10. The Cliché Days continued, punctuated by promotions, and the occasional opportunity.
  • 11. “Yes! I am THE woman to be delt with! I am now a Line Chef! And also very sleepy. And I’m going home to a single bed and I’m not getting any younger.. and…and..”
    Alright! Gees, missy it’s past your bed..
    “Don’t patronise me!”
    Ok then, no need to get snappy! You haven’t been all that serious about it. So quit crying and get moving!
  • 12. On that note of mild and cliché suspense I shall close this chapter with an amusing picture of Santana trying to cook hot dogs. The next chapter will be up soon! Thanks for reading and I just hope and pray that I can make it to generation 2 :S