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  • Charles Austin Bates(1866-?)Copywriter/Entrepreneur, New YorkOn learning copywriters could earn as much as $10,000 a year, this brash print-shop owner from Indianapolis placed copywriter-for-hire ads in Printer's Ink, attracted clients, moved to New York and began earning $20,000 a year as a copywriter and PI columnist. His copy credo: Show price; use simple English; never overestimate the consumer's IQ; be truthful. At his agency, he set up one of the first art departments. Eventually, Bates became his own client as he marketed his own patent medicine.
  • Earnest Elmo Calkins (March 15, 1868 – October 4, 1964)[1] was an American advertising executive who co-founded the Calkins and Holden advertising agency. He pioneered the use of art in advertising, of fictional characters, the soft sell, and the idea of "consumer engineering". He has been called the "Dean of Advertising Men".
  • Old  new
  • World Advertising History

    2. 2. Primitive stage
    3. 3. Printing press & movable type 1447 by Johannes Gutenberg
    4. 4. Théophraste Renaudot (1586-1653) French doctor & journalist. Created in 1631 the first French newspaper called La Gazette. Invented the personal ad.
    5. 5. 1st Industrial Revolution (Hands to machines) 1760 – 1820/1840
    6. 6. 2nd Industrial Revolution (Steam power) 1840 - 1870
    7. 7. The first agency in British: Tayler & Newton By William Tayler in 1786 in London’s Warwick Square Sales representative for printers
    8. 8. The first agency in USA: By Volney B. Palmer in 1842 in Philadelphia
    9. 9. A&F Pears. Work by Thomas J. Barratt (1841–1914)
    10. 10. The first media directory (more than 5000 newspaper in US) By George P. Rowell in 1869 in Boston
    11. 11. The first fixed commission: 12.5 % Established by Francis Wayland Ayer, founder of N.W. Ayer & Son
    12. 12. John Emory Powers (1837 – 1919) The 1st Copywriter, earning US$100/day in 1890s
    13. 13. Earnest Elmo Calkins (1868 – 1964) Pioneer the use of art, the soft sell.
    14. 14. Calkins & Holden commissioned illustrator Joseph Christian Leyendecker
    15. 15. Theodore MacManus (1872 – 1940) American advertising man, founder of MacManus agency in 1911, pioneer of soft selling copywriting, for Cadillac
    16. 16. Claude C. Hopkins (1866-1932) “Dramatized salesmanship”, believing in research “Scientific Advertising”, “My Life in Advertising” Schlitz steam-cleaned case: “pre-emptive claim” Worked for Lasker for US$1000/wk, later US$185k/yr in 1907
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Albert Lasker (1880-1952), father of modern advertising 1912 bought out Lord & Thomas (founded in 1881 in Chicago). Created 10 CW dept and closely monitored campaign efficiency
    19. 19. Rational stage
    20. 20. J. Walter Thompson (1847-1928) Brought his boss agency with US$1300 Create AE role, expand to England
    21. 21. Stanley Resor (1879-1964, AS), led the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) advertising firm in the mid-20th century. He was 1st degree holder in ad industry. “Sophistication.” 1600/Helen3.3.jpg 9483/Stanley-Resor Helen Lansdowne Resor (1886-1964, CW), the first woman in writing & planning national advertising (1920s), the first woman to present an advertising campaign to Procter & Gamble’s board of directors. lansdowne-resor1886-1964part-1.html Resor
    22. 22. Bruce Fairchild Barton (1886 – 1967), author of “The Man Nobody Knows” Join new start-up with Alex Osborn & Roy Durstine in 1918 to form BDO. The three men were involved in WWI sloganeering. Merged with George Batten Company in 1928 to form BBDO.
    23. 23. 1927 Radio ads started
    24. 24. 24 Oct 1929 Market crashed Great Depression started
    25. 25. 1931 photos were adpoted
    26. 26. Raymond Rubicam (1892 – 1978, CW), an American advertising pioneer who co-established the Young & Rubicam (Y&R) advertising agency with John Orr Young. Y&R was 1st agency to employ university professor (George Gallup) for research. “Research-based creativity”.
    27. 27. Marion Harper Jr. (1916-1989, RS). Manager of McCann Erickson, which was a merger McCann (spun-off as dept fr Standard Oil) and Erikson in 1902. “Total Marketing”. “Motivational Research”.
    28. 28. COCA-COLA "I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING" 1972 Launch Christmas Hilltop Commercial 1978 Christmas
    29. 29. Rosser Reeves (1910-1984, CW), follower of Claude Hopkins' theory "Scientific Advertising”. “USP”.
    30. 30. Emerson Foote (1906-1992), Fairfax Cone (1903-1977) and Don Belding (1897-1969), co-founder of Foote, Cone & Belding. They bought Lord & Thomas from Albert Lasker after he retired in 1942.
    31. 31. Clairol "Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure” /1923047666.html age/3923325233.html
    32. 32. PEPSODENT "YOU'LL WONDER WHERE THE YELLOW WENT WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH PEPSODENT” An early TV advertising slogan for Pepsodent toothpaste, in use in the USA and UK from the late 1940s to 1960s.
    33. 33. TWA "UP, UP AND AWAY WITH TWA” A light piece of sunshine pop most famously sung by the Fifth Dimension
    34. 34. Commercial TV started in 1941 BBDO’s head Ben Duffy was keen on it. Total US spending on TV rose from US$12M in 1949 to US$158M in 3 years.
    35. 35. Creative revolution
    36. 36. David Ogilvy (1911-1999, CW), widely hailed as "The Father of Advertising.“, In 1962, Time called him "the most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry." Combining Claude Hopkins, JWT and Y&R.
    37. 37. Hathaway shirts in 1951 hathaway-shirt/
    38. 38. Rolls Royce in 1957
    39. 39. Commander Whitehead of Schweppes
    40. 40. Leo Burnett (1892-1971, CW), an advertising executive and was among the most 'creative' men in the advertising business. He was heavily involved in the Creative Revolution in the 1960s. Set up in 1935, soared after 1949 after P&G and Kellogg called. Disdain expansionist strategy.
    41. 41. Leo Burnett’s iconic work that kick started a career spanning decades and dozens of multi-national agencies: The Marlboro Man, The Jolly Green Giant and Tony the Tiger. -day-in-the-life-at-the-leo-burnett-agency/
    43. 43. drinking-and-leisurely-lunch-outings-a-new- approach-to-getting-creative/
    44. 44. William Bernbach (1911-1982, CW), one of the three founders in 1949 of the international advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB). 1st to put AD & CW in a team.
    45. 45. Other Figures (DDB) James Edwin "Ned" Doyle (1902–1989), co-founder of DDB http://www.madisonboom .com/2011/08/09/ddb- founders-ned-doyle-mac- dane-bill-bernbach/ Robert “Bob” Gage (1921- 2000), an influential art director http://www.lahistoriadela ta-36/bob-gage Helmut Krone (1925– 1996), a pioneer of modern advertising ki/Helmut_Krone Julian Koenig (1921- ), widely considered one of the greatest copywriters in the history of advertising. He was inducted into The One Club Creative Hall of Fame in 1966. an_Koenig George Lois (1931- ) http://www.wisconsinhist ?id=83073
    46. 46. Ohrbach's - "bring in your wife"
    47. 47. Levy's Bakery “you don't have to be a Jewish“(1961) http://www.dailykos. com/story/2010/03/ 20/848254/--You- Don-t-Have-to-be- Jewish
    48. 48. Polaroid revolution/attachment/polaroid
    49. 49. Chivas Regal
    50. 50. Avis "No. 2" 12
    51. 51. Volkswagen "Think small"
    52. 52.
    53. 53. George Lois (1931- , AD), an American art director, designer, and author. Lois is perhaps best known for over 92 covers he designed for Esquire magazine from 1962 to 1972. Threatened to jump out of the window for Goodman’s Matzo. Claimed PKL (set up in 1960) as the second most creative agency but it was 1st to go public in 1962.
    55. 55. Carl Ally (1924-1999, AS), an American advertising executive who founded Ally & Gargano, which broke out from PKL in 1962. Difference-Overnight
    56. 56. Hertz "We're going to tell you why"
    57. 57. Volvo “Drive it like you hate it” famous-drive-it-like-you-hate-it-ad-reimagined-video
    58. 58. Ed McCabe (1910-1984, CW), founded Scali McCabe Sloves in 1967.
    59. 59. Perdue “It takes a tough man to make tender chicken“ (Video)
    60. 60. Mary Wells Lawrence (1928- , CW), founding president of Wells Rich Greene (set up in 1967). She was the first female CEO of a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the first woman executive of an advertising firm. Trained to be an actress. “TV as a form of theatre”. “Hire youngster with a gift for cinematic use of TV”.
    61. 61. Other figures (Wells Rich Greene) Stewart Greene and Dick Rich (front), co-founders of Wells Rich Greene in 1966
    62. 62. ALKA-SELTZER AS LIFE STYLE PRODUCT Plop plop, fizz fizz - Alka-Seltzer(1960s) I can't believe I ate the whole thing(1972)
    63. 63. BRANIFF AIRLINES Braniff Airways "End of The Plain Plane“
    64. 64. I LOVE NY ml#newyork
    65. 65. Continuing in UK
    66. 66. Colin Millward (1925- 2004), the former Collett Dickenson Pearce creative director and a key figure in the revolution that transformed UK advertising in the 60s John Pearce (1913- 1981, AS), a co-founder of Collett Dickenson Pearce (CDP set up in 1960). Sir Alan William Parker (1944- ), spent his early part of career as a copywriter and director of television commercials. Then he turns out into a renovated film director. CDP was 1st British agency to team up CW & AD. AS was only salesman. No research. Targeted at Magazine
    67. 67. Other figures (Collett Dickenson Pearce) Charles Saatchi (1943- ), co- founder of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. atchi Tony Brignull ,former head of copywriting at Collett Dickenson Pearce. ny-brignull Sir Ridley Scott (1937- ), an famous English film director and producer.. tt Sir Frank Lowe (1940- ), a pioneer of the advertising agency and founder of Tesco's ad agency The Red Brick Road. Lord David Puttnam (1941- ), a British film producer and educator. nam
    68. 68. Benson & Hedges
    69. 69. HAMLET CIGARS "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet" is one of the best remembered British advertising campaigns for a tobacco product.
    72. 72. CINZANO
    73. 73. John Webster (1935-2006), former creative director of a British advertising agency -- Boase Massimi Pollitt (BMP). Good at TV characters. Stanley Pollitt (19??-1979), co- founder of a British advertising agency -- Boase Massimi Pollitt (BMP) in 1968. “Father of Account Planning”, combining marketing, media & research, put aside with AS.
    74. 74. CRESTA "IT'S FROTHY MAN" The bear's widely quoted catch phrase "It's frothy man!" summed up the difference between Cresta and more traditionally fizzy soft drinks.
    78. 78. Lee Clow (1943- , AD), the Chairman and Global Director of TBWAWorldwide. Advertising Age referred to him as "advertising's art director guru". Jay Chiat (1931-2002), an American advertising designer. Set up Chiat/Day in California in 1968. “A quest for ads that jolt”. “We are pirate, not navy”.
    79. 79. Other Figure (Chiat/Day) Guy Day (1930-2010), was an American advertising executive who cofounded Chiat/Day with Jay Chiat in 1968.
    81. 81. HIJACKING THE 1984 LOS ANGELES OLYMPICS FOR NIKE WITH OVERSIZED POSTERS (Converse the official sponsor for US$4M)
    83. 83. Charles Saatchi (1943- ) and Lord Maurice Saatchi (1946- ), co-founder of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in 1970. Ambitious expansion plan. Acquiring agencies to be world no.3. Buying 4th bank in British but failed.,_Baron_Saatchi
    84. 84. Other Figures (Saatchi & Saatchi) Bill Muirhead (1943- ), founding directors of M&C Saatchi -- an international advertising agency network. file.php?id=59&region=Directors &offices_id=&region_id= Jeremy Sinclair, was a founding director of M&C Saatchi and in 1970 was one of the founders of Saatchi & Saatchi. my_Sinclair Lord Timothy Bell (1941- ), a British advertising and public relations executive, best known for his advisory role in Margaret Thatcher's three successful general election campaigns. file.php?id=59&region=Directors &offices_id=&region_id= Sir Martin Sorrell (1945- ), an English businessman and the chief executive officer of WPP Group. Martin_Sorrell Sir John Hegarty (1910-1984), co- founder of British a based global advertising agency -- Bartle Bogle Hegarty tle_Bogle_Hegarty
    85. 85. Antismoking "The tar and discharge that collects in the lungs of an average smoker" &kv=148270&t=objects
    86. 86. HEC "Would you be more careful if it was you that got pregnant?" more-careful-poster-brooking-alan/#
    87. 87. Margaret Thatcher's election campaign "Labour isn't working" in 1979't_Working
    89. 89. Sir John Hegarty (1910-1984), co-founder of British a based global advertising agency -- Bartle Bogle Hegarty
    90. 90. Other Figures (Bartle Bogle Hegarty) John Bartle (AP) and Nigel Bogle (AS), co-founders of BBH
    91. 91. LEVI'S "LAUNDERETTE" 2nd wave of work for the brand
    92. 92. AUDI "VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK" One of the most recognized German catchphrases in British popular culture, 'vorsprung durch Technik' (progress through technology).
    95. 95. David Abbott (1938- , CW), a British advertising executive who founded Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.
    96. 96. Sainsbury's letters.html Sainsbury's 'celebrity recipes‘
    97. 97. BRITISH TELECOM "IT'S GOOD TO TALK" Bob Hoskins persuading Britons on behalf of BT that “it's good to talk”.
    98. 98. The Economist campaign/ economist-poster-brown-ron/
    99. 99. YELLOW PAGES "J.R. HARTLEY" J. R. Hartley is the name of a fictional character in a popular advertisement promoting the Yellow Pages which was first shown in 1983. The advertisement shows an elderly man (actor Norman Lumsden) asking in several second- hand bookshops for "Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley".
    100. 100. Bill Muirhead (1943- ) and David Kershaw (1946- ), founding directors of M&C Saatchi -- an international advertising agency network.
    101. 101. French development
    102. 102. Maurice Levy (1942- ), a leading French businessman currently the chief executive officer of Publicis. Marcel Bleustein (1906-1996), a ground-breaking French advertising magnate best known as the founder of Publicis Groupe, currently the third largest communications group worldwide.
    103. 103. Jacques Séguéla (1934- ), co-founder of the advertising agency Euro RSCG in 1970 "English Ads: come from the head and touch the heart: intellectual; French Ads: come from the heart and touch the head: romantic, emotional and sensual; US Ads: come from the head and touch the wallet”
    104. 104. Citroen seguela-%C2%AB-papa-de-la-publicite-%C2%BB/
    105. 105. 1981 and 1988 election campaign for Mitterrand 1981 advertising, quoting “quiet strength”, The result is the least successful! In 1988 advertising use “Generation Mitterrand” to attract the Generation Y
    106. 106. Philippe Michel ( -1993), founder of CLM / BBDO. philippe-michel-etait-toujours-vivant
    107. 107. Kookai "feminine yet independent, bitchy yet seductive" michel-etait-toujours-vivant
    108. 108. Poster series for billboard contractor Avenir in 1981 Myriam "I'll take off the top" Late August 1981, a pretty young woman smiling in a bikini on a beach, smiling appears on the walls of Paris and several provincial cities. The poster reads: "On September 2, I removed the top." Nothing else, no brand or logo, which could explain the strangeness of this billboard. Passersby are fairly intrigued. On September 2, the same poster is everywhere, except in the model is now topless. The text has also changed: "On September 4, I remove the bottom." Emoi general, the media seized on the case, everyone has their own prognosis that represent the next poster ... The morning of September 4 is expected in a stifling suspense. And September 4, ... The young woman displays effectively removes low! Photography is always taken in the same setting, but this time, the model is back. Beside the young woman, the advertising slogan finally appears: "Future, the display that keeps its promises."
    109. 109. Bill Tragos, Claude Bonnange , Uli Wiesendanger and Paulo Ajroldi, All ex-Y&R and the retired founders of the world wide advertising agency, TBWA.
    110. 110. Absolut vodka "Absolut perfection" with a halo Research: 1. An arrogant name 2. Urine bottle 3. Invisible logo
    111. 111. APPLE COMPUTER "THINK DIFFERENT" "Think different" was an advertising slogan for Apple Inc (formerly Apple Computer Inc) in 1997 created by the Los Angeles office of advertising agency TBWAChiatDay. It was used in a television commercial, several print advertisements and a number of TV promos for Apple products.
    112. 112. Media Spins Off
    113. 113. After 1993 when "The Sapin Law" was introduced, it became the media consultant rather than trader. It is now part of the British Communications group Aegis.
    114. 114. Gilbert Gross (1931- ), founders of Carat Espace.
    115. 115. CIA (Chris Ingram & Associates) Set up his own company after responsible for merging 7 media dept in KMP group. Bought by WPP in 2001 with 435M pounds.
    116. 116. Chris Ingram , founder of Chris Ingram Associates (CIA) in 1976.
    117. 117. Zenith Ray Morgan set his company and sold to Saatchis in 1988. Renamed afterward as Zenith.
    118. 118. Consolidation incorporated
    119. 119. BBDO, DDB, Needham Harper, TBWA, OMD, PHD
    120. 120. Acquired JWT in 1987 with US$566M, OM in 1989 with US$860M; Merged JWT & OM media dept in 1997 to create Mindshare; Bought Y&R in 2000 with US$4.7B, Grey in 2005 with US$1.75B. In 2006, billings over US$50B, revenue US$11B, staff around 97,000, offices 2,000 in 100 countries.
    121. 121. Interpublic (IPG) Start acquiring small agency in 1954; Bought Lowe Group and Lintas International in 1980s, FCB in 2001 with US$1.2B. Staff 43,000, country 130, income US$6B
    122. 122. Acuquired a French network in 1993, Hal P. Riney later, and then Fallon McElligott, Saatchi in 2000 with US$1.9B, Leo Burnett in 2002 with US$3B. Now income US$5B.
    123. 123. Acquired Euro RSCG, Now income US$8B
    124. 124. The alternatives
    125. 125. Set up in 1999 by 4 executives from Dentsu.
    127. 127. FUJI XEROX "SALESMAN"
    129. 129. Set up in 1999.
    130. 130. Set up in 1999
    131. 131. Mother Set up in 1996
    132. 132. SUPER NOODLES
    133. 133. Steve Henry (1910-1984), a founder and creative director of Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury (set up in 1987), the legendary advertising agency voted Campaign's Agency of the Decade in 2000.
    135. 135. Goodby, Silverstein & Partner Set up in 1983
    137. 137. Fallon McElligott Rice Set up in 1981
    138. 138. Crispin, Porter & Bogusky Set up in 1965
    139. 139. "TRUTH" CAMPAIGN
    140. 140. MINI COOPER
    141. 141. BURGER KING "THE SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN" The Subservient Chicken is an advertising program created to promote international fast food restaurant chain Burger King's TenderCrisp chicken sandwich and their "Have it Your Way" campaign -chicken.html
    142. 142. Dotcom boom and bust
    143. 143. OUTPOST.COM
    144. 144. The agency of the future
    145. 145. Naked Communication Set up in 2000
    146. 146. Will Collin, Jon Wilkins and John Harlow co-founders of Naked Communication. “Communications agnostic.” 2009/media-agency-year-special-report-naked/134908/
    147. 147. “Creates intellectual property that it then licenses to clients in return for a share of revenue” Set up in 2004
    148. 148. Virgin America, Anomaly /airlift-virgin-america-2-10240005/ /airlift-virgin-america-3- 10240105/resizes/2000/
    149. 149. “Idea generator” Set up in 2006
    150. 150. “Handle everything, with perfect coherent branding, on a global basis.” Set up in 2006
    151. 151. Conclusion
    152. 152. CHANGES
    153. 153. Evolution of media
    154. 154. • Printing press & movable type • Newspaper • Radio • Television • Web
    155. 155. Evolution of marketing
    156. 156. ??? Competitor Orientation 竞争导向 Customer Orientation 客户导向 Sales Orientation 销售导向 1900 1930 1950 1970 1990 2000 Production Orientation 生产导向 Strategic Marketing Concept 策略性营销概念 Marketing’s Past and Present Orientation
    157. 157. • Production era • Distribution era • Product era • Positioning era • Personalization era
    158. 158. Evolution of advertising
    159. 159. • Media era • Creative revolution • Conglomeration • Digital advertising
    160. 160. Themes of advertising history
    161. 161. • A passive industry – Clients lead. Agencies follow. – New technology generates new era
    162. 162. • The ever lasting tug-of-war – Logic vs creativity – International vs local – Conglomeration vs hot shops – Manufacturers vs consumers
    163. 163. Move on to HK ad history