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  • 1. Earthquakes Jordanna Kalkhof & Ebony Johnson
  • 2. Stress is force that changes the shape or volume of Rock! There is stress between the two plates of the Earth.
  • 3. A fault is an example of pulling the crust making a line or crack across an area Tension is like silly putty, it pulls the crust of the Earth which stretches and makes the middle thinner.
  • 4. If you look at the wall of rock you can see how it is folded over many times. This action is because of compression. Compression is when rock is squeezed till it folds or breaks. Looking at the picture you can tell that it was folded by compression.
  • 5. This an example of shearing because the rock is pulling or breaking apart. Shearing is similar to stress. This is because shearing also changes rocks shape but, it also can cause the rock to break or slip apart
  • 6. When you think of faults, you think of giant cracks in the Earth’s Crust. If you do think of that you just described a Normal Fault . Lithosphere
  • 7. These faults are the same as normal faults but the blocks of rock move in opposite directions. These faults are called Reverse Faults .
  • 8. This is a hanging wall that lies above a fault. The red line marks equivalent layers on opposite side of the fault. The rock between The red lines is where the footwall is located.
  • 9. Strike-Slip Faults are when rocks on either side of the fault slip past each other in opposite directions.
  • 10. Seen in the diagram Anticlines are when there is a fold in rock Binds upward like an arch. Also seen in the diagram Synclines are when there is a fold in rock that binds downward to form a Valleys.
  • 11. Plateaus are large areas of land elevated high above sea-level. Plateau
  • 12. Earthquakes Are Dangerous! You should know what to do if an Earthquake ever happens so watch this video to see what to do in a funny way! Click Here
  • 13. Resources
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    • Clip art