Prc handbook text use of blackboard in nie


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Prc handbook text use of blackboard in nie

  1. 1. Use of Blackboard in NIEAccess GeNIEus (Blackboard) via Teachers’ PortalGeNIEus (a.k.a Blackboard) is NIE’s chosen web-based LearningManagement System (LMS). You can access the courses that you areenrolled in at "My Course" panel.To access GeNIEus, you will need to login to Teachers’ Portal usingyour NIE Portal username and password.How do I access GeNIEus via Teachers’ Portal? 1. Launch your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc) 2. Key in the following web address 3. Enter the username and password 4. click “Login” button
  2. 2. 5. To access Blackboard courses, click “GeNIEus”First time when you login to Teacher’s PortalYou have to enter your email address, confirm it by entering the emailaddress again.Click “Submit to NIE Portal” when done.
  3. 3. How do I update my particulars?You have to login to Teacher’s Portal to update your particulars.Click on the “Change Profile” link found on the top right hand corner ofthe page.Note: It will only update the GeNIEus (Blackboard) on the following day.How to allow instructors to send urgent alert / message to me?Select the check box if you allow your course instructors to send SMSmessages to you via GeNIEus (Blackboard)
  4. 4. Technical HelpIf you need assistance, you may approach contact ACIS Service Desk.Hotline: 6790-3033Email: operating hoursMon-Thurs: 8:30am-5:30pmFri: 8:30am-5:00pmWalk-in:Mon-Thurs:8:45am-5:30pmFri: 8:45am-5:00pmOpening Hours: Monday to Thursday (8:45am to 5:30pm)Friday(8:45am to 5:00pm)Saturday,Sunday & Public Holidays: ClosedAddress: Student Hub (UiD), Level 11 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616 StudentHub
  5. 5. User GuidesYou can access the Blackboard guide by logging in to GeNIEus(Blackboard).Go to Info for Student, then select Guides for Student.Alternatively, visit “GeNIEus” button and select “Student Guides”.
  6. 6. Below are the common features found in a typical Blackboard courses:Home PageHome page is the notification dashboard to your course where you can aglimpse of what are the activities going on in your course.Staff InformationStaff Information is the section to view the lecturers/tutors details (officelocation, phone number, email address, consultation hours, etc) if theinformation is made available to you.Course InformationCourse information is the section to find course details such asschedule, course objectives and assignment criteria if the information ismade available to you.Note: Course Information does not appear if no content is being uploadedCourse DocumentsCourse Documents is the area where instructors upload learningmaterials. The learning materials will take the format of MS Worddocument, MS PowerPoint slides or PDF files.Note: Course Document does not appear if no content is being uploaded.
  7. 7. AssignmentAssignment is the area where student submit assignment. If you do notsee the Assignment menu, it means the instructor has not set-up aplaceholder for you to submit assignment. Assignment menu will onlyappear after the instructor has created the assignment placeholder.Discussion ForumDiscussion Forum is the primary asynchronous communication tool inGeNIEus. It allows threaded discussions to take place.WikiStudent can work individually or in group to jointly create a collaborativewiki website with multi-media content within the course. Instructors mightalso give you the rights to critique each others work.BlogInstructors can create group or personal blog in which you can gatherinformation and reflect on course-related topics and assignments. Inaddition, you can review and comment on your peers postings if therights are given.