Pharmacy: Is there an app for you


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Presentation at the Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists 45th Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

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Pharmacy: Is there an app for you

  1. PHARMACYIs there an app for you? Kevin A. Clauson, PharmD
  2. Objectives• Define basic terminology for mobile health (mHealth) and applications (apps)• Review highest utility mobile phone apps for pharmacy• Discuss apps that can be used with or recommended for patients
  3. mHealth is the use of mobile devices andglobal networksto deliver health services and information
  4. Access to web-based resourcesHow SmartPhones Are Changing Healthcare for Consumers and Providers 2010
  5. Remote Monitoring
  6. International Journal of Electronic Healthcare 2007;3(3):303-16.
  7. mHealthSecurity &Privacy
  8. JAMA 2009;302(11):1159-60.Honk if you love Jesus if you’re ready Text to meet Him!
  9. JAMA 2009;302(11):1159-60.Texting increases crash risk by 23.2 times!
  10. What is the difference between a“feature phone” and a…
  11. ”smartphone”
  12. mHealth Deviceso iPhoneo Androido Blackberryo Windowso iPad/TabletPCo USBo Fitbito Etc.
  13. Smartphone OS Share 2% 3% 9% 38% Android iPhone 21% BlackBerry Windows HP webOS Other 27%Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights 2011
  14. Applications (apps)Native app Web appDevice-specific Software in browser-software designed rendered languageto run on its (i.e., surfing the webOS/firmware (e.g., from your phone);download Angry needs internetBirds from App connectivity to workStore onto iPhone) “App” voted 2010 Word of the Year (ADA)
  15. Pharmacy Apps Drug References
  16. • Epocrates Rx (FREE)• Pro ($99)• Essentials ($199)• Available for all platforms below
  17. Pharmacotherapy 2007 ;27(12):1651-8.
  18. Lexi-Comp*• Lexi-Drugs ($75)• Clinical Suite ($175)• Complete ($285)*all prices for one-year subscription
  19. iPadInterface
  20. • Full drug, dx state & protocol suite• Linked CME/CE• FREE
  21. • No native app for HP webOS (e.g., TouchPad)• Web app is eMed• App is actually optimized browser for Medscape content• Needs internet connection to use!
  22. • Micromedex Drug Information – Native app only for iOS (Apple) [FREE]• Web browsing/install for other platforms – Clinical Xpert – mobileMicromedex – Micromedex Mobile 2.0• FREE for institutional subscribers (& DI/iOS)
  23. Clinical Pharmacology No native app for any platform/OSWeb browsing ONLY via login
  24. Pharmacy Apps Calculators
  25. • MedCalc (FREE)• MedCalc Pro ($4.99)• Over 200 formulas/scores• Support for English, Spanish, French, and German
  26. Pharmacy Apps A Few Words about EHRs and PHRs…
  27. Pharmacy Apps Professional & Productivity
  28. • All questions structured to elicit yes/no OR numerical answers• Spanish, Haitian Creole, Chinese (Cantonese/ Mandarin)• FREE
  29. Skype & oovoo
  30. • (Digital) peripheral brain• Articles, web clipping, photos, images, etc.• FREE
  31. Pharmacy Apps Patient-targeted
  32. 82% of American adults owns a cell phone* Owns *Range: 57% (65+) to 90% (18-29) Does not ownPew Cell Phones and American Adults 2010
  33. Pew Internet Mobile Access 2010 87% of blacks and Hispanics own a cell phone**Compared to 80% of whites
  34. Pew Internet Mobile Access 2010 Hispanics use their phone to go online and to text more frequently than any other group**English-speaking Hispanics
  35. Consumers want to use health apps To keep track of health information 48.5 To help manage 58.4 disease or drug To gain information 91.1 0 20 40 60 80 100 PercentSource: Consumer Health Information Corporation, April 2011 (n=395)
  36. Consumers would most prefer to receive a medication reminder via: Phone call 1.3 Buzzing drug 2.5 vial Email 15.2 Phone alarm 19.5 App 20.3 Text 41.1 message/SMS 0 20 40 60 80 100 PercentSource: Consumer Health Information Corporation, April 2011 (n=395)
  37. LocalFlavor
  38. Text BABY to 511411Envia BEBE al 511411para EspañolFlorida Department of Health
  39. Recommended Resources iMedical
  40. Summary Points• mHealth may help extend pharmacy services, drive change to the practice model, and reach underserved populations• Many opportunities for pharmacy exist in mHealth, but we have to seek them out• Apps offer a low entry point for clinical utility and a way to engage with patients
  41. Images• • content/uploads/Windows-Phone-7.png• •• content/uploads/2010/03/fitbit.gif• • bug_senior_citizen_cell_phone.jpg /wallpaper-for-android-mobile.html• • tein_ipod.jpg Wallpapers/white-apple-logo-wallpaper/• • ne-4.html content/uploads/2011/06/blackberry- logo.jpg •• ews/0000015324/incredible-s-screen.jpg • content/uploads/2011/04/hp-logo.jpg• content/uploads/2011/04/Blackberry- 8800.jpg •
  42. Images• • 3/blackberry-medical-apps-epocrates-• essentials-app-review/ html •• mp/id313401238?mt=8 RxCalc/ •• medical/313401238-lexicomp-app/ rounds-reports-and-mobile-computing- support-the-role-of-the-clinical- • pharmacist•!/mobilehealth/statu • s/77747332367646721• • om.bim.pubmed&feature=search_result 1-02-05_194939.png• • e.html• • PM-AboutCPM.html
  43. Images• • ne-apps.aspx• mobile-midyear- • 2010/id405949252?mt=8 content/uploads/2010/09/ibgstar- strip.png• ublic/images/1page_img1.jpg • content/uploads/2010/09/iphone-• ibgstar.png• • /id424174431?mt=8 os/ •• ges/en/news_room/news_room/news_ro om97.php• • fl/links/mobile• • xt4baby/text4baby.html• -orlando-gps-map/id339963201?mt=8 •••
  44. Expanded slide deck can be found at: