WPAHS NOOK Book Club On A eReader


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This slideshow was presented at the Chicago Public Schools Leadership Technology Conference in July of 2012. This presentation focused on year one integration of eReaders at Chicago's Wendell Phillips Academy High School.

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WPAHS NOOK Book Club On A eReader

  1. 1. Wendell Phillips High School NOOK Book Club on an E-ReaderPresented by K.C. Boyd, Library Media SpecialistAUSL Wendell Phillips Academy High School Chicago Public Schools Leadership Technology Summit Whitney Young High School July 24, 2012 *All student images featured in this presentation are property of Wendell Phillips Academy High School/Academy of Urban School Leadership/Chicago Public Schools *Web images courtesy of Google.com
  2. 2. Second generation CPS EducatorLibrarian Elementary School High School CPS Department of LibrariesAdjunct Professor of Library Information Media Studiesand Reading at Chicago State UniversityLocal, state and national presenter of Street Literaturefor teens and adultsI’m a blogger! http://missdomino.blogspot.com/ http://theaudaciouslibrarian.blogspot.com/
  3. 3. AUSL Wendell Phillips Library Media Center
  4. 4. AUSL Wendell Phillips Library Media Center
  5. 5. CPS Department of Libraries VITAL Grant - High School
  6. 6. Customer ServicePrepared for school inventoryCPS friendlyCost – Simple TouchNo internet access on the deviceDownloads only take place on the school’s Wi-Fi network2 year warranty program
  7. 7. Barcode-Barcode-BarcodeUse the provided grouping sequenceConnect to the school’s WiFi NetworkPurchase sillicone coversCharge devices at the schoolTurn off the WiFi to preserve the battery
  8. 8. Have a orientation session with the studentsDiscuss how the devices should be treatedDiscourage students from cleaning thedevicesHave iClean and microfiber cloths ready foruseUse the videos on Barnesandnoble.com as anadditional resource
  9. 9. Create a NOOK use permission slip - student/parent/guardian is responsible for the damaged or stolen device - include permission to read adult content - include permission to use images on social mediaDiscuss when and where devices should be used - i.e. in class - i.e. on public transportationDiscuss when students should bring devices toschool
  10. 10. Try to have a ‘themed’snack for the meeting
  11. 11. Charge battery prior to returning defectivedevicesSelect one book a month for discussionStudents requested eReaders for graduationand birthday presents(this worked well for me – Communicate withBook club members through text messaging.
  12. 12. The students read the selected booksvery fastClassroom behavior improvedUse free books for your avid readersParents/family members read thebooks too
  13. 13. Reading class LOVED using theNOOKsStudents enjoyed using the builtin dictionary and notes sectionThe students created a friendly‘competition’ between classesGreat team teaching activitybetween Library Media Specialistand Reading Teacher
  14. 14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5wdSyRPDqw
  15. 15. View this presentation at: http://www.slideshare.net/kcboyd1/K.C. Boyd, Library Media SpecialistAUSL Wendell Phillips Academy High SchoolEmail kcboyd1@gmail.comBlogs http://missdomino.blogspot.com http://theaudaciouslibrarian.blogspot.com Twitter @kc_boyd Google @kcboyd Pinterest @boydkc Facebook @kcboyd