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  1. 1. ‘INVISIBLE’ByMon AmourMegan Dengate (n8881138)Emily Beaty (n8009317)Marie Louise Kelly (n8608105)Hannah King (n8859949)
  2. 2. Brand Concept• Women who feel „invisible‟ will always be noticed• Feel loved and worth something
  3. 3. Brand Concept• Want to portray the message that with this perfume, women willnever feel worthless again
  4. 4. Target Audience• Target Audience= different groups:• Adults• Teenagers• Children• Men• Women• Etc• To market to these effectively, must become familiar with eachgroup‟s habits, behaviours, likes and dislikes etc.• An advertisement should be customised in a particular way toensure that the target audience‟s particular characteristics areappealed to.
  5. 5. „Invisible‟ Target Audience• Our advertisement for „Invisible‟ perfume effectively communicateswith its target audience.• Focussed specifically on several categories:• Gender• Social class• Age
  6. 6. Gender• Women‟s perfume= women are the target audience
  7. 7. Social Class• This perfume is aimed at a particular class of woman.• Filmed in luxurious Paris, with Adriana Lima and her busy femaleassistant.• This shows a particular type of social class: young fashion forwardprofessionals.• Paris and a world famous model like Adriana Lima= luxury, wealth=reflects higher price range and calibre of customer• The perfume will be featured exclusively in Department stores likeDavid Jones and Myer• Therefore, the perfume is targeted at women who work, havemoney, sophistication and style.
  8. 8. Age• Focussing on women between the ages of 20 and 30 years old.• Women would need to be very financially stable and sophisticated tobuy this perfume.• 18-19 year olds- just finished school, on a tight budget. Over 30s-don‟t relate to Adriana Lima, family orientated.• Also appeals to those in the age bracket who hold insecurities, seenby the young female assistant who feels invisible and inferior next toAdriana Lima.• Through this perfume women can become uplifted and gain theconfidence to wear their hair down and strut their stuff.• Adriana Lima appeals specifically to the age bracket of 20-30 yearold women= is hard working, well-known and luxurious= the calibreof customer that we are trying to target.
  9. 9. Overall• Target audience of young working females between the agesof 20 and 30 years old are communicated to effectivelythrough this advertisement• Made to feel like they need this perfume, because it willmake them luxurious, confident and beautiful.• This is a branding technique, where the emphasis is not somuch on the actual „quality‟ or „smell‟ of the perfume, butrather on the emotional and „intangible‟ value (Harrington,Week 6 Lecture).
  10. 10. Communication• Communication is defined as “the process of the transmission ofmessages between a sender and a receiver and how throughcultural knowledge, experience and background these messagesare encoded and decoded through various channels of media”(Fisk, 1990: 1).
  11. 11. Signs• Signs are a unit of meaning or a structural element that producesmeaning‟s.– Clothing– Comparison of jobs– Cultural knowledge and background
  12. 12. Textual Relations and Framing• Surrounding texts influence the reader‟s responses to any text(Thwaites. T, Davis. L, Warwick. M).• Circumtextual framing– Diverse and varied experiences of the audience– Background and cultural knowledge