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The backchannel
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The backchannel



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  • 1. How Audiences Are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever
  • 2. Cliff Atkinson
    • Received his B.A. in English from Baylor University
    • Captain in the U.S. Air Force
    • Independent consultant to leading attorneys and Fortune 500 companies.
    • Amazon.com selected Cliff’s book Beyond Bullet Points as a "Best Book of 2007
    • Cliff currently serves as president of BBP Media, LLC, in Los Angeles.
  • 3. The Backchannel
    • Line of communication created by people in an audience to connect with others inside or outside the room, with or without the knowledge of the speaker at the front of the room.
    • Ex: internet distractions
  • 4. The Backchannel (cont)
    • It can spring out of anywhere
    • Can be originated by a few audience members
    • Allows for feedback for the presenter
    • Audience members wants to communicate while the presenter is speaking
      • Ex: use Smartphone, laptop, Twitter
  • 5. What I Learned
    • Provides feedback to the presenter
      • Hash tags on twitter, blog, text, email , comments, questions
    • When people are angry they turn against communication
    • Twitter: backchannel tool because it is
      • Free
      • Easy to use
      • Fast
      • Photos
      • Ongoing relationships even after the meeting has ended
  • 6. What I Learned (cont)
    • Feedback is not always positive, leading to disasters between audience and presenter
    • Audience who is not participating in the backchannel can feel left out, not part of the “in crowd”
  • 7. Surprising Information
    • How much detail he went into about twitter
      • “ Some educators have been experimenting with using Twitter and other social media technologies to introduce a backchannel to the classroom, a practice that has generated intense criticism from those who see it as a threat to traditional lecture formats and established pedagogy. “-Cliff Atkinson
  • 8. I Want to Know More About..
    • Why Twitter was chosen as the main backchannel tool
    • How the backchannel will shape our future
  • 9. Recommendations
    • Yes
    • Could have been a lot shorter
    • Information could have been condensed
    • Like that there were pictures
  • 10.