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Cell phones as instructional tools - The Learning Webinar
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Cell phones as instructional tools - The Learning Webinar


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This slidedeck was for an online tutoring and professional development services provider called The Learning presented on June 6th, 2013.

This slidedeck was for an online tutoring and professional development services provider called The Learning presented on June 6th, 2013.

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  • 1. Cell Phones asCell Phones asInstructionalInstructionalToolsToolsKimberly Caise, NBCT, M.Ed.The Learning
  • 2. What does ‘using cellphones as instructionaltools’ look like?
  • 3. Research• ChaCha 242242• Google 466453• Text a friend/parent and share results1. Send a message to 2422422. Ask what is “The”?
  • 4.• Call in and create blog posts using acell phone to create phonecasts ororal book reviews• Cross post to Blogger or otherblogging platforms• Great for foreign language students!
  • 5. @LocaModa• Favorite thing to do with your cellphone• text to 87884• start your message with@loca81751• type your favorite thing todo with your cell phone•
  • 6.• Send pictures or videosinto a public or privateslideshow feed• Teacher creates account and getsan email address that students sendpictures to• Great for field trips, class projects,extra curricular activities, etc.• Embed in a variety of blogs andwebsites
  • 7. • Text to:• Picture file types -Limited to 10MB JPG, GIF, BMP andPNG• Video file types -AVI, MOV, WMV, 3G2, and 3G•
  • 8. Tumblr• P
  • 9. audioBoo• Record, save and share audio files• Accessible on many mobile devices• Free account is limited to 3 minutesper Boo• Follow and subscribe to otheraudioBoo-ers’ channels• Link your Boo to many onlineplatforms
  • 10.•Multiple choice options only•Class polling option•Immediate responses•No limit of responses•Generates a QR codefor each poll•Free!
  • 11. Do you use pollingin your classroomwith students?A Yes, I doB No, I do notC No, I do notwhat ‘polling’ is.1. http://vot.rs2. Enter code 23 78 933. Select your answer.
  • 12.• Instant video recording andsharing• Easy to upload and sharevideos live or post forothers to view later• Set up account and startrecording!
  • 13.• Group texting that is secure andprivate• You can poll your groupswith no member limit• No downloads, free andstudents can take notes andquickly send to a group• Join groups based on topics,hashtags, keywords, etc.
  • 14.• Join via special URL -• Text 23559• Start messagewith @LLtutors• Type message to sendto group
  • 15.• Requires a cell phone and acomputer to create a digital audiostorybook.• Set up account. Students use cellphones to record audio portions.• Use browsers to add in the images.•
  • 16.• Group contacts and sendannouncements ormessages to your groupsat one time.• Phone numbers are keptprivate• Great for homework or testreminders!• Join group using a code aftercalling phone number
  • 17. Animoto• Create musical slideshows usinguploaded photos from a computer orcell phone.• Videos can be viewed on a cellphone.• Teachers’ account can createunlimited videos, no time limit anddownload the videos for offline usefor free
  • 18.
  • 19. Voicethread• Free personal accountor $79/year or $15/monthfor 50 student accounts• Comment using computermicrophone, cell phone or text• Take and upload images usingcell phone•
  • 20. QR Codes• Scan or generate codes associatedwith any URL• Showcase student work, announcecampus events, or shareclassroom/school newsletters• I-nigma for qr code -• Microsoft tags -
  • 21. QR StuffQR Code ScavengerHunt Creator
  • 22. StudyBoost• Study tool using polls orquizzes on cell phones• Send announcements andstudy tips as a text message• Current networks availableto interactivity study with:@GoogleChat,@FacebookChat, @YahooMessenger, #SMS andJabber
  • 23. “The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires.”- William Arthur Ward
  • 24. •Email:•Website: http://thelearningliaisons.comContact Information
  • 25. Images••