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Cell phones as instructional tools
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Cell phones as instructional tools


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Cell phones as Instructional Tools - TCEA 2012

Cell phones as Instructional Tools - TCEA 2012

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  • 1. Cell Phones in the Classroom Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed. TCEA - 2012
  • 2. Research
    • ChaCha 242242
    • Google 466453
    • Text a friend/parent and share results
    1. Send a message to 242242 2. Ask, “What is the DEN network for teachers?”
  • 3.
    • Call in and create blog posts using cell phone to create phonecasts or oral book reviews
    • Cross post to Blogger or other blogging platforms
    • Great for foreign language students! `
  • 4. Wiffiti
    • Most Innovative Thing You Have Seen, Heard or Learned at TCEA 2012
      • text 87884
      • start your message with @wif90324 and list your most innovative thing from TCEA 2012
  • 5.
    • Allows you to post pictures, text, photos, quotes, links, etc. to a personal website from a cell phone.
    • Students can call in or send in from an email address.
  • 6.
    • Send pictures or videos into a public or private slideshow feed
    • Teacher creates account and gets an email address that students send pictures to
    • Great for field trips, class projects, extra curricular activities, etc.
    • Send to:
  • 7.
    • Instant video recording and sharing
    • Easy to upload and share videos live or post for others to view later
    • Set up account and start recording!
  • 8.
    • Class polling option
    • Multiple choice options only
    • Immediate responses
    • No limit of responses
    • Free!
  • 9. Did you attend the keynote presentation this morning?
    • Yes, I sure did
    • No, I did not
    • No, I slept in
    • What, there was a keynote presentation this morning?
    1. 2. Enter code 29719 3. Select your answer.
  • 10. Class Polling
    • Text the Mob (
    • PollEverywhere (
  • 11. Class Polling
    • Poll
  • 12. Tweetcall
    • Call 888 number to post your tweets
        • 1-888-TWEETCALL
        • Before using Tweetcall, login to establish a PIN with your account for security purposes.
  • 13.
    • Requires a cell phone and a computer to create a digital audio storybook.
    • Set up account. Students use cell phones to record audio portions.
    • Use browsers to add in the images.
  • 14.
    • Group contacts and send announcements or messages to your groups at one time.
    • Great for homework or test reminders!
  • 15.
    • Group texting that is secure and private
    • You can poll your groups with no member limit
    • No downloads, free and students can take notes and quickly send to a group
    • Join groups based on topics, hashtags, keywords, etc.
  • 16. QR Codes
    • Scan or generate codes associated with any URL
    • Showcase student work, announce campus events, or share classroom/school newsletters
    • I-nigma for qr codes -
    • for Microsoft tags
  • 17.
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog:
    Contact Information