A new kind of war


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A new kind of war

  1. 1. A New Kind of War Military Changes
  2. 2. Trench WarfareTrench Warfare – type of fighting during World War I inwhich both sides dug trenches protected by mines and barbedwire Cross-section of a front-line trench
  3. 3. British trench, France, July 1916(during the Battle of the Somme)
  4. 4. French soldiers firing over their own dead
  5. 5. An aerialphotograph of theopposing trenchesand no-mans landin Artois, France,July 22, 1917.German trenchesare at the right andbottom, Britishtrenches are at thetop left. Thevertical line to theleft of centreindicates thecourse of a pre-warroad.
  6. 6. Trench RatsMany men killed in the trenches were buried almost wherethey fell. These corpses, as well as the food scraps that litteredthe trenches, attracted rats.Quotes from soldiers fighting in the trenches:"The rats were huge. They were so big they would eat awounded man if he couldnt defend himself.""I saw some rats running from under the dead mensgreatcoats, enormous rats, fat with human flesh. My heartpounded as we edged towards one of the bodies. His helmethad rolled off. The man displayed a grimacing face, strippedof flesh; the skull bare, the eyes devoured and from theyawning mouth leapt a rat."
  7. 7. Officers walking through a flooded communication trench.
  8. 8. A photograph of a man suffering from trench foot.
  9. 9. Soldiers digging trenches while protected against gas attacks
  10. 10. British Vickers machine gun crew, western front, World War I.
  11. 11. Western Front – over 400 miles of trenches across Belgium and France· Most offensesresulted inheavycasualties butgained littleterritory.
  12. 12. Military Casualties in World War I: 1914-1918Germany 1,935,000 United States 116,516Russia 1,700,000 Bulgaria 87,495France 1,368,000 Belgium 45,550Austria-Hungary 1,200,000 Serbia 45,000British Empire 942,135 Greece 23,098Ottoman Empire 725,000 Portugal 8,145Italy 680,000 Montenegro 3,000Romania 300,000 Japan 1,344
  13. 13. British and German troopsstand together during theChristmas Truce of 1914-15.
  14. 14. Christmas Truce 1914One of the most remarkable incidents in history was theimpromptu truce that took place on the Western Front onChristmas Day 1914. Beginning late on Christmas Eve, theentrenched British and German troops began serenading eachother with songs and carols. By the next day a full truce wason, with soldiers and officers from both sides fraternizing andexchanging gifts. There was even an international soccermatch played with teams comprised of warring soldiers. OnDecember 26, 1914 the First World War started again. Howsad. Ninety-four years later, in 2008, soldiers from the sameopposing regiments reenacted the famous Christmas Truce inthe same location. (video – 3:06)