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  • A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including (but not limited to) books, television programs, films, and comic strips. Typically separated into het, slash, and general genres. Often used to play out AU scenarios and/or various romantic pairings not found in the original work. Distributed via mailing lists, blogs, and zines. Heavily archived online
  • 1960.
  • Throughout 90’s individual fan hosted internet archives were developed to collect and host the old and new fanfics. Fanfiction 1998
  • Canon, au, crossover, hp twilight, star wars, lost, boondock saints naruto
  • Pairings crack romance/comedy slash yaoi mirror lemon romance/drama hurt/comfort
  • Pairings crack romance/comedy slash yaoi mirror lemon romance/drama hurt/comfort
  • A story might start out normal and quickly turn into a porn plot without noticeUnless you really want to know, don’t search for it.Be Cautious!!! If you thought about it there’s a fanfic for it!
  • Bad fanfiction: Common IdentifiersBad spelling, overused trope, high school setting, college setting, first person, next generation, mary sues, oc, crossovers, timetravel
  • Beta-reading, commenting, community support, good commenters bad commenters, flames, original author supportI just wrote and deleted a long note on the utter arrogance of telling your readers you are not interested in useful feedback and growth as a writer, yet still begging for reviews. It has been replaced by this short comment. The A/N is very off-putting and dashes any actual interest in the following story itself. Please note: not one word about style or grammar was said here
  • seen as gaps or excesses in the unfolding of the story: that is, they introduce potential plots which can not be fully told or extra details which hint at more than can be revealed. Readers, thus, have a strong incentive to continue to elaborate on these story elements, working them over through their speculations, until they take on a life of their own. Fan fiction can be seen as an unauthorized expansion of these media franchises into new directions which reflect the reader's desire to "fill in the gaps" they have discovered in the commercially produced material.
  • Fanfiction

    1. 1. Fanfiction is…
    2. 2. History
    3. 3. History
    4. 4. What yourinterest?
    5. 5. Canon XFive Series Ten Movies
    6. 6. Alternate Universe
    7. 7. Mirror Universe
    8. 8. Mirror Universe Bad GoodGood Bad
    9. 9. It may start out innocent…
    10. 10. Good and Bad Fanfics
    11. 11. My Immortal
    12. 12. My ImmortalLiterally The WorstFanfic ever written
    13. 13. Mortal Instruments
    14. 14. CreditsAll licensed commercial material suchas Star Trek, Harry Potter, StarWars, House, AdventureTime, Pokemon, and The MortalInstruments Trilogy belong to theirrespective creators and owners. NoProfit was made from the PowerPointexcept for intellectual enrichment
    15. 15. CreditsSlide 1: Image by Chris “shutterhacks”*Slide 2: Fanart by Matthew SheeanSlide 3: Image by Bogdan SudituSlide 7: Image by ¡¡¡!!! *Slide 10: Image by Eugene ZemlyanskiySlide 11: Fanart by Jenny ScoutSlide 12: Images by idealisms*Slide 13: Fanart by Deviously Annoying*Slide 16: Fanart by foxfur *Slide 18: Image by romaryka *Slide 19Image by William Warby*Real name not given