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6 Political Activism Paper & Letter
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6 Political Activism Paper & Letter


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  • 1. Political Activism Paper & Letter<br />NURS 471 – Community Health Nursing II<br />Purpose of Assignment<br />The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student the opportunity to complete an in-depth analysis of a health issue in order to serve as an advocate for community health nursing and consumers. Students are expected to present a sound logical argument regarding the issue.<br />Student Approach to Assignment<br />Sexual education is a subject that I have gained passion for during nursing school. I believe that an honest and truly comprehensive education is the key to well-adjusted teenagers who avoid the sexual and life risk factors and that can protect themselves appropriately when they chose not to avoid these factors. A letter was written to the legislature to advocate for the revised bill to be passed.<br />Reason for Inclusion of this Assignment in the Portfolio<br />The legislature was debating a change in a bill about sexual education in school. The changes included requiring information to be accurate and medically supported. I believe this is a change that is necessary to protect Virginia’s youth from possible life-long mistakes such as sexually-transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies. The following program objectives are highlighted in this paper and letter:<br />Professionalism<br />Understands the effect of legal and regulatory processes on nursing practice and health care delivery, as well as limits to one’s own scope of practice<br />I looked through the legislative website to search for current bill and upon finding one that was both health-related and important to me, I chose it to write about. Healthcare delivery begins with our legislators and law makers as they pass the regulations that we must follow. By researching and writing a letter to my representatives, I made my supported opinions known in the hopes that they will see the importance of the bill and support it as well. Unfortunately, I am only able to advocate to a certain extent and after that it is the responsibility of the legislators to pass or fail the bill.<br />Advocates for professional standards of practice using organizational and political processes<br />I believe that as nurses, we have a duty to educate our patients and communities. By advocating for truthful and medically-accurate teachings in our schools, it allows nurses and school nurses to teach the students properly about their growing sexuality. Ensuring proper and comprehensive education will lead to more healthy future generations.<br />