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Walking the marketing talk: where customer perceptions clash with your reality
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Walking the marketing talk: where customer perceptions clash with your reality


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  • Creating a perception or an expectationEvents management: Delivering that expectation or perception
  • Creating a perception or an expectationEvents management: Delivering that expectation or perception
  • Educated (by media +)Knows their rights: and expects themLots of choiceIs mobileHomogenious goods and products (or minimally differentiated)Lives in a world of remoteness; chaosLooking for MORE than the productLooking for difference between vendorsCompanies need to provide MORE than the product to differentiateIs time poorWants to be looked afterCan broadcast their disappointment to massive audiences
  • Traditionally: Push marketingCokeSelling: ImageSelling: The feelingSelling: RealityEverywhere: physical presence; advertising, promotingNo “public” customer service required ie arms length via an intermediaryPrice: always competitivePacked neatly in a can or a bottleThey have a product and create a demand (Push marketing)Public gets bad service? Blame the shop they bought it fromWYSIWYG
  • The “environment” or atmosphere in which the service is delivered2. Buildings3. Furnishings/décor4. Layout5. Goods associated with the service e.g. carrier bags, tickets, brochuresExternal / internalSame as brochureCleanlinessStyleLightsAcousticsSmellAVDecorationEmployee appearanceFlexible
  • Process is) . . . The actual procedures, mechanisms, and flow of activities by which the service is delivered – this service delivery and operating systems. Zeithaml et al (2008). The manner in which the service is delivered2. Degree of customer contact3. Quality control standards4. Quality assurance5. Payment methods(degree of convenience)6. Queuing systems for customers7. Waiting times
  • The attitudes of staff2. Training of staff3. Internal relations4. The observable behavior of staff5. The level of service-mindedness in the organization6. The consistency of appearance of staff7. The accessibility of people8. Customer-customer contactsMGT LBX: leading by example
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing & Events Management: P’s from the same podThe marketing doesn’t stop at the ticket sale© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 2. WHAT IS AN EVENT?a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importancea planned public or social occasion or activity© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 3. What is marketing?You CREATING1. Wants!2. Promises!3. Expectations!4. Assumptions5. Dreams!© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 4. What is EventsManagement?You Delivering1. Wants?2. Promises?3. Expectations?4. Dreams?Snapshots from hell© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 5. The Credibility Gap© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 6. Talk to the hand*MarketingSalesOperations (F&B)The AccountantHave conflictingPrioritiesNeedsAgendasLanguageTime lines*Talk to the hand: Arnold Schwarzenegger -Terminator 2What causes the credibility gap?© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 7. Why is this so?Lost in translationMarketingSalesOperations (F&B)The AccountantOftenFail to communicateHave different perceptions ofsuccess & failureMeasure things differentlyOperate silosAssumeThink they are the critical paththrough the businessHave the wrong people runningthemDifferent world views© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 8. What about me?????……the moderncustomer! (with lots of CHOICE)© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 9. The common misconception: whatabout what the customer wants?© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 10. Traditional 4 Ps Product based marketingProduct Place Price Promotion© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 11. Adding the “Service Ps”PeoplePhysicalProcess© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 12. The Mechanics of the 7 PsProduct Price Place Promotion People Process PhysicalMenusPackagesQualityServicesAvailabilityImageVarietyFlexibilityStrategyDiscountPaymentperiodCredit termsPaymentmethodsDepositsLocationTransportAccessSizeFlexibilityAdvertsPersonalsellingSales promosPRCorp IDChannels (egsocial media)AttributesStandardsCan theydeliver aspromised?Are youtreating it asa „core‟service?TimelyRepeatableDesignDecorationAcousticsAVFlexibilityWhere does the marketing stop andthe “Event” start?© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 13. TimeThe 7 Ps Gantt chartProduct Price Place Promotion People Process Physical1) Marketing the event: Creating2) Selling the event: Promises, building the Perception, & CommitmentDay of Event3) The expectation andassumptions are setAt the Event4) Delivering &ConfirmingStatic DynamicDynamicCredibilityGapPeople Process Physical© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 14. Minimising the Credibility Gap1. Acknowledge: Your competitionare specialists – if you can‟t dobetter don‟t enter.2. Treat as “core” NOT a“secondary” service3. Never embellish the brochure4. Specialise with people: one sizedoes not fit all5. Construct an event flowchart withmilestones and support checklistsfrom go to woe for every event6. Agree on interdepartmental KPIs© Geoff Meston
    • 15. 3P DynamicsPhysicalPeopleProcess© Geoff Meston 2013Dynamic forces acting on your 3 P‟sEg.,BreakdownsActs of GodSicknessLack of planningPoor trainingAccidents
    • 16. Physical© Geoff Meston 2013www.onestylishbride.comV VisualA AudioT TouchT TasteS Smell
    • 17. PROCESSMake it a “core” service…the customer thinks it is“Blueprint” it for repeatabilityBuild in flexibilityDefine some KEY phrases for staffMeasurableMake your business “ Easy to do business with”Get feedback© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 18. People / CultureTo suit the occasion, it‟seasier to customise downthan smarten up© Geoff Meston 2013To get buy in:1. Management LBX2. Specialist staff3. Train silver service4. Codify standards5. Set KPIs6. Menu tasting each event7. Differentiate by uniform8. Rigid compliance
    • 19. Summary: On the day of the eventCustomersDon‟t give a damn about:• your processes• how hard you tried• how good the last eventwas• what your brochure lookslikeYouMust remember• the Customer‟s VATTS areyour Grail• You have one shot to makethe 3 Ps work• you are „marketing‟ toevery person in the eventcrowd• You must never promisewhat you can‟t deliver© Geoff Meston 2013
    • 20. © Geoff Meston 2013Meeting the expectation