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Assignment two (slides) mktg 3504-2

  1. 1. Positive Publicity Nicole Platek, Martha Taylor, CJ Riculan, David Tamin and Kayla Smith Group 6
  2. 2. Sparkling Ice
  3. 3. Agenda ● Creative Brief ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Target Audience Competition Objective Single-Minded Proposition Supporting Evidence Tone of voice Mandatories ● Creative Campaign ○ ○ Big Idea Executions
  4. 4. Meet Stephanie ● ● ● ● ● ● Stephanie is a 22 year old student and young professional. During her busy life, she balances an active, healthy lifestyle while succeeding professionally and maintaining a booming social schedule. Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon Her main concern is to stay healthy in an affordable way. Stephanie previously drank Sparkling ice competitor, LaCroix but switched to Sparkling Ice because it is a new alternative to more pricy beverages. “Sparkling Ice is a great healthy alternative to soda that can keep up with my active lifestyle. It is the easiest and best brand to pick up when you’re on the go”
  5. 5. More about the Target Audience “I drink Sparkling Ice as a healthy alternative to soda...after running around all day, I don’t feel guilty always having a bottle on hand” “I like sparkling Ice because its carbonation and flavor satisfies me throughout my long days” “The Sparkling Ice bottle is just so easy to carry around all day long” “Sparkling Ice is good for any occasion and any time of the day..I always have a bottle with me
  6. 6. Competitors Vitaminwater and Fruit Water 0-120 Calories, Vitamins and Supplements, Multiple Flavors
  7. 7. Competitors LaCroix Sparkling Water 0 Calories, 0 Sweeteners, 0 Sodium, Multiple Flavors
  8. 8. Competitors Water & Sparkling Water
  9. 9. Objectives ● ● Overarching objective: Build brand awareness for Sparkling ICE using billboards, print ads, and social media featuring a young, active consumer ○ Build associations with the young, busy demographic We want our customer to not only have a taste preference toward Sparkling ICE -- but an emotional ● connection as well ○ Brand loyalty Emphasize that a zero-calorie beverage can be just as tasty as a beverage that is high in calories
  10. 10. Single Minded Proposition (SMP) “Zero calories has never tasted this good”
  11. 11. Supporting Evidence “Bold flavor. Zero calories. Perfectly possible.” ● ● Calorie-free Great-tasting/naturally flavored Substantial Growth ● ● ● minimal advertising CEO: “something that’s like biting into a fresh peach, not like Jolly Ranchers,” “Word of Mouth”
  12. 12. Tone of Voice Direct ● ● Emphasize SparklingIce Project Convenience
  13. 13. Tone of Voice Casual ● ● ● Use in any situation Always time for it Different environments
  14. 14. Mandatories ● ● ● Must include brand name and actual product Advertising centered around “traveling” On-the-go lifestyle representation
  15. 15. Advertising Campaign Our “Big Idea:”... Sparkling Ice: your best travel companion
  16. 16. Advertising Campaign: commercial
  17. 17. Advertising Campaign (print) Sparkling Ice Print ads ran in ● ● ● Your best travel companion Women’s magazines Travel and tourism magazines Emphasis on Spring, Summer and Fall months (mildtemperature time periods)
  18. 18. Advertising Campaign (print) Sparkling Ice your best travel companion
  19. 19. Advertising Campaign: (billboard) Take a left! u’ll The tastiest GPS yo meet… ever Sparkling Ice: your best travel companion
  20. 20. Advertising Campaign: social media Pinterest site ● Pinning Sparkling Ice ○ Target Audience: ■ Most popular users are the 25-34 year old woman ○ 43% of users prefer to associate with brands on Pinterest while 23% prefer Facebook ● Boards that remind the consumer of Sparkling Ice in every situation ○
  21. 21. Advertising Campaign: social media Sparkling Ice: your best travel companion wants to know where you take your sparkling ice. Take a picture on Instagram or send a tweet showing us how and where you take your favorite drink. Tag us in your post and #Icetravels. If you get yourself “trending” or your photo is on the popular page of Instagram, you can win a free vacation to the destination of your choice.
  22. 22. Advertising Campaign: social media
  23. 23. Advertising Campaign: Guerilla Where could Sparkling Ice take you? Where could Sparkling Ice take you? ● A bus stop “digital” vending machine ● When you choose your flavor (ex: pineapple) that flavor takes you, and your outstretched arm holding a Sparkling Ice bottle to the related destination (ex: pineapple flavor would take you to a tropical location) ● Allows consumers to remind themselves about how great Sparkling Ice is and how convenient it is as well
  24. 24. Questions?