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ASL basics
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  • 1. Villanova ASL Club!
  • 2. Meetings • Meetings will be held on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of every month at 9pm • Focus on practicing signing, learning about Deaf culture, and other activities • Some cool things from last year: advocacy week, movie night, signing a song with Minor Problem
  • 3. Club Mission • This club is focused on language and learning about Deaf culture • The American Sign Language Club is a group of students dedicated to learning ASL and appreciating Deaf culture • Deaf versus deaf ▫ Deaf refers to a self defined cultural group; not viewed as a disability ▫ deaf refers to the condition of not being able to hear
  • 4. A Brief History of ASL • Deaf education was introduced to America in 1814 • Galladuet and Clerc formed a school together in America; later in 1864 the first University for the deaf opened • Sign language was used in America before the first school was set up, but it was not nearly as popularized
  • 5. Different Types of Sign Language • SEE (signing exact English) – the goal of this is to exactly replicate English vocabulary and grammar ▫ often modifies ASL handshapes to incorporate the handshape used for the first letter of the English word that the SEE sign represents • Pidgin – a combination of English and ASL; a pidgin is a language which develops naturally when people who do not know each other's language wish to communicate with each other • Signed languages of other countries – there are different types of signed language from all over the world; ASL is just one of many types
  • 6. Deaf Etiquette Appropriate Terms Poor Terms • Deaf • Hard of hearing • Deaf-mute • Hearing impaired
  • 7. Some Signs About Hearing Status Hearing Deaf Hard of Hearing
  • 8. ASL Alphabet
  • 9. Common Greetings • Hello • Goodbye
  • 10. More Common Greetings • My name is • How are you? • http://www.aslpro.com/cgi- bin/aslpro/phrases.cgi
  • 11. Useful Little Words • Good • Bad
  • 12. More Useful Little Words • Fine • Happy
  • 13. And Some More Useful Little Words • Please • Thank you
  • 14. Last Slide of Some Useful Little Words • Yes • No