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UDL Tools



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Udl technology tools for support webinar Udl technology tools for support webinar Presentation Transcript

  • UDL Technology Tools for Support Webinar Karen Brooks 2/8/11
  • What is UDL? http://www.cast.org/udl/index.html
    • It is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.
    • UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs.
  • MORE MORE MORE View slide
  • UDL at a Glance Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDvKnY0g6e4 View slide
  • Principle 1 http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=129130
  • Principle 2 http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=129130
  • Principle 3 http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=129130
  • Resources from School District http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=129046
  • UDL Book Builder http://bookbuilder.cast.org/
  • Gives access to: Thank you for registering with CAST's UDL Book Builder and CAST's UDL Curriculum Self-Check. You may now access the following sites:   UDL Book Builder -- http:// bookbuilder.cast.org   UDL Curriculum Self-Check -- http:// udlselfcheck.cast.org
  • Starting a Book
  • Creating
  • The Public Library
  • Downloading Books
  • Opening the File
  • More UDL Tools http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/tools/
  • Google Scribe http://scribe.googlelabs.com/
  • UDL Tech ToolKit http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/
  • Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/ideas/tes/
  • UDL Stuff Wiki http://udl-stuff.wikispaces.com/Tools+and+Resources
  • Must Know Web 2.0 Supports UDL
    • Vocaroo
    • Animoto
    • Toondo
    • PhotoStory3
    • Zoho
    • Google Scribe
    • Glogster
    • Wordle/Tagul/Tagexdo
    • Prezi
    • iTunesU
    • Voki
    • VoiceThread
    • PhotoPeach
    • Storybird
    • Zimmertwins
    • Goanimate
    • Blabberize
    • Yakitome
    • Diigo/Delicious
    • Twiducate
  • Internet Inquiry ToolKit http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/tk_introduction.cfm?tk_id=81
  • Tools Needed for Internet Inquiry http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/tk_procedures.cfm?tk_id=81
    • What equipment do I need in order to teach Internet inquiry?
      • One multimedia computer with fast, reliable Internet access for every student or pair of students
      • LCD projector and screen or TV monitor for teacher demonstrations and student presentations
      • At least one reliable printer (color is optimal) for producing student work
    • Internet browser software, e.g.,
      • Internet Explorer
      • Netscape
    • Text-to-speech tool for students with decoding difficulties, e.g.,
      • CAST eReader (PC & Mac)
      • Natural Voice Reader (PC freeware)
      • HearIt (Mac freeware)
    • Software for creating inquiry projects, e.g.,
      • Microsoft Word (word processing)
      • Microsoft Publisher (desktop publishing)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint (slide shows)
      • Inspiration (concept maps & timelines)
      • Dreamweaver (Web pages)
  • SEEC Tool Kit http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/tk_introduction.cfm?tk_id=141
  • Planning for All Learners ToolKit http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/tk_introduction.cfm?tk_id=21
  • Digital Content In the Classroom Toolkit http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/tk_introduction.cfm?tk_id=41
  • More UDL Tools http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/
  • UDL Tool Finder http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/hiat/toolfinder/
  • More UDL Tools http://www.paec.org/fdlrstech/handouts/fetc08/udl.doc
    • Resources
    • Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age . an online book on UDL by David Rose and Anne Meyer . http:// www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/ideas/tes /
    • UDL Toolkits . online resources from CAST, a primary research center on Universal Design for Learning . http:// www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits /
    • Using Flexible Technology to meet the needs of Diverse Students . an online knowledge brief on how some standard, readily available technologies can be used to tailor instruction to meet individual student needs . http://www.wested.org/cs/we/view/rs/763
    • Digital Text
    • ReadingBar (Win) . adds text-to-speech to Internet Explorer so web pages can be read aloud and saved to audio . it also includes a magnification feature to enlarge text and graphics . http:// www.readplease.com
    • Natural Reader (Win) . a free text-to-speech utility that can be used with any text that can be selected, including web pages, word processors, and many Acrobat pdf files . http:// www.naturalreaders.com
    • GhostReader (Mac) . a free text-to-speech and text to audio tool . http:// www.convenienceware.com/ghostreader.php
    • TIP - Use “Speech” in the Mac OSX system preferences to read text aloud.
  • Continued
    • Memory Tools
    • Evernote (Win) . free information management software that includes customizable categories and search features . http:// www.evernote.com /
    • NoteBook (Mac) . inexpensive information management software based on a notebook metaphor . http:// www.circusponies.com /
    • OmniOutliner (MacX) . one of the best text-based outliners available . http:// www.omnigroup.com/applications/omnioutliner /
    • Assignment Calculator (Internet) . students can input starting and ending dates for writing a paper and this tool will create a calendar of activities to help them stay on track . http://www.lib.umn.edu/help/calculator/
    • ADDED http://www.zoho.com – Zoho Notebook – free notebook that can be broken down into periods and even records audio.
  • Continued
    • Graphics / Videos
    • Because of the popularity of online graphics and video, providing access to digital graphics and video tools can quickly infuse technology into the classroom. Teachers can give a classroom presentation and then have it saved to video and uploaded to the Internet in only a few minutes (flexibility in representation). Students can create video reports (flexibility in expression). And all students can choose a method of content engagement that best fits their individual needs.
    • Flip . an inexpensive video camera that is user friendly and includes built-in software to email videos or publish them online to YouTube or AOLvideo . http:// www.theflip.com/index_flip.shtml
    • Jing Project (Win . Mac) . currently a free set of software tools and online video hosting space . you can record images on a computer and record what you are doing on a computer as a video, then email it or upload it so others can view . http:// www.jingproject.com /
    • CamStudio (Win) . free open source screen recording software to record to an avi file any computer activity . http:// camstudio.org /
    • SnapzProX (Mac) . extensive set of screen recording to video tools . http:// www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox /
    • Camtasia (Win) . excellent set of screen recording to video tools with extensive choices for final video format . http:// www.techsmith.com /
  • Continued
    • Internet Tools
    • Internet based tools provide a great starting point to design UDL in the classroom. For example, have you considered letting struggling readers search by images instead of text? Several search engines offer this feature. To help visually organize text, view the cached web pages. All the search terms will be highlighted. Add text to speech tools and students can hear the information on the web pages read aloud. The entire Internet becomes a talking book!
    • Google . be sure to look at the special search features, such as news.google.com and scholar.google.com . http:// www.google.com /
    • schoolr . one-stop shop for searches, thesaurus, translators, and conversion tools . http:// www.schoolr.com /
    • SCIRUS . searches only science articles and information . http:// www.scirus.com/srsapp /
    • netTrekker d.i. . a search engine with built-in text-to-speech and readability levels . http:// ntdi.nettrekker.com /
    • Script-O . a free online quiz making service . add text-to-speech tools and students will have audio support on their quiz along with audio support to check their responses . http:// www.readingmatrix.com/quizmaker/index.php
    • Read . Write . Think . online resource of highly interactive lessons and engaging student materials from the international reading association . http:// www.readwritethink.org /
    • vRoom . a free distance learning tool that gives up to three users at a time interactive audio, video, virtual whiteboard, and application sharing . students can use a vRoom to collaborate on projects together . students who are homebound can use vRoom to “join” a classroom in real time . http:// www.elluminate.com /vroom/
  • UDL Strategy Tutor
    • UDL Strategy Tutor - Strategy Tutor is a web-based tool designed to support students and teachers doing reading and research on the internet. Strategy Tutor helps students read, research, collect and understand information better and more efficiently. For teachers, Strategy Tutor provides a way to easily create web-based lessons embedded with research-based, highly effective learning strategy and vocabulary supports. http://cst.cast.org/cst/auth -login
  • UDL Strategy Tutor
  • UDL Editions of Books http://udleditions.cast.org/
  • UDL Resources
    • Implementation Examples http://www.udlcenter.org/implementation/examples
    • UDL on Diigo - http://www.diigo.com/list/udlcenter/Guidelines-Examples-and-Resources
    • UDL Tech Toolkit - http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/
    • School District Resources - http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=122710
    • The Role of Technology in UDL - http://www.udlcenter.org/sites/udlcenter.org/files/notech_final2.pdf
    • Parents Guide to UDL - http://www.ncld.org/images/stories/Publications/AdvocacyBriefs/ParentGuide-UDL/ParentsGuidetoUDL.pdf
    • Planning Process to UDL - http://www1.pgcps.org/UDL/index.aspx?id=131696
    • Diigo Video Tutorial - http://www.diigo.com/learn_more
    • UDL Tool Kits - http://www.udlcenter.org/implementation/classroomresources/toolkits
    • UDL Implementation Videos - http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/hiat/udl/
  • Thanks for Attending
    • Karen Brooks
    • [email_address]
    • http://www.karenbrooksucboces.blogspot.com
    • http://www.karenbrooks.wikispaces.com
    • http://www.publishingintheclassroom.yolasite.com